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Dec 14, 2007
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Feb 23, 2007 8:32 AM

Long Run Nick reveals "The Secret" to Being a Lifetime Runner

If Oprah can do 2 shows within a few weeks about the current New York Times #1 bestseller "The Secret", I don't feel it is overkill for me to once again pontificate on the formula that will greatly enhance the probability of Newbies and runners in general to want to/and have the ability to be lifetime runners.

THE SECRET: Slow downtake days offvisualize running 10/20/30 years from nowdon't take yourself too seriouslyit is ok to run and walk or walk and runrest days are sacreddon't fall prey to too much/toosoon/toofasthave running become play, it can be fun.<br /><br />Note: Over the years people have asked me why they rarely see runners smiling while they run. My response: "We don't want to get bug stains on our teeth, and, it is very difficult to smile when you have a Ben-Gay Suppository implanted."<br /><br />I continue to read numerous posts from Newbies who are strugglingdo too muchget discouraged and stop running. It makes me sad that a simple solutionEZ to implement is not taken. If running is painfulsomething is wrong. If you have been sedentary for years don't expect to gain fitness in days or weeks. Relaxget in a habit of at least going for a walk. Not power walking. Gentle walkingstopping to admire naturerelax. As time progresses add a few moments of gentle jogging. If you do this for several months your body will crave it. Same as your teeth crave to be brushed and flossed.

Goals are wonderfulkeep them realistic: Instead of getting into running to run a 5/10K, a 1/2 marathon or a marathon within the shortest period of time/ set some goals for races 5 years from now and beyond. As I have mentioned before, most ignore the EZ approach and become Charter members of the World's largest Running club: "I use to run....but club"<br /><br />If you really take it EZ, running will become meditative and Ipods will be left at home while you run. With all the info of TV/Internet/Cell phones etc you can find a quiet place in your mind by just walking/running gently and tuning in to YOU.<br /><br />Yeow!! I can go on, can't I? For those who don't know about mesuffice it to say I was a pack a day smoker who quit smoking and decided to get in shape 31 years ago. I am 63 and have run over 63,000 milesmostly injury free /competed in over 400 races from 1 mile to 50 miles and recently completed my first marathon in 21 years 3 weeks ago. Ran my first marathon 30 years ago. My passion for running is a constant and increases with age. I have never felt burned outwell OK at the end of several marathonsdeath would have been a welcome interlude. I attribute it mostly to slowing down and enjoying the journey. It may work for you. Again, thanks for letting me get on my soapbox. It does my soul a lot of good. Rememberthere is no finish line and live with an attitude of gratitude. Nick

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