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Jul 5, 2012 9:20 PM

Trying To Switch To Small Forward?

I'm 15, 6'0 tall and weigh 153lbs. For my U17 high school team I played power forward but I would like to switch to small forward. I don't feel all that comfortable playing power forward because of the size differential between me and the older guys. I have a variety of workout equipment and also on my driveway I have a regulation glass backboard I can play on. What kind of exercises/drills should I do over the summer so that I can transition to small forward next year?





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    Jul 5, 2012
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    1. Jul 6, 2012 3:29 PM (in response to PH12)
    Trying To Switch To Small Forward?

    To be honest with you it all depends on your coach and what his game plan is and what kind of sets he runs and in order to really wanna switch just talk to your coach and see what he has to say and let him know whats good im sure hell give you a shot in the mean time


    as much as i think working out is good and well needed but its not gonna improve on your dribbling or your shooting or your rebounding but sence you have the stuff why not use it ok


    1.) streach(always streach before after drills or a workout and after trainning)

    2.) start by doing 10 full sprints from telephone pole to another

    3.) work on quads put 15lbs on each side and do squats do 5 sets of 10 and add a set every day

    4.) with the weights on your gonna do a squat and hold it and jump and land pack with your knees bent this increses your virtical leap do 5 sets of 10 and reember add 1 set everyday

    5.)do 100 sit ups and add 10 everyday

    6.) do 100 push ups if it helps do 10 sets of 10 and add 10 to each set everyday

    7.) do 5 sets of 10 doing curls

    8.) 5 sets of 10 for bench press remmber add a set everyday to increese the workout intensity


    1st start by working on your dribbling put a rag over you eyes and dribble in place remmber to switch hands and to go between the legs and behind the back to increese your ball handling this helps you keep yor head up in a game next bounce the ball against the backboard and catch the round do 100 on each side then do 50 lay ups on each side make sure you switch off start by useing your right then your left then switch to the other side and do your right to your left giving you the ability to finish with either hand next just work on your free throws try to make at least 20 in a row before moving on this works on your form after that just shoot around start down low then work towrds the mid range then work on the outside after your offense trainning is done just work on youur defense what you need to do is get into a defense position and d lateral movement and make sure you stay on your toes.


    hopefully it works like they have for me if you have any questions on workouts with a partner shoot me a message and ill help you out

  • JonsLewis Amateur 16 posts since
    Jul 5, 2012
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    3. Jul 10, 2012 6:12 AM (in response to PH12)
    Trying To Switch To Small Forward?

    it helps on your vertical leap and also your consistancy on rebounding helps you stay on your feet witch makes you alot more quicker in general u just have to stick with it

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