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Jul 10, 2012 8:28 AM

Hot 9 year Old Tournament Action

I was working the greeting table for my 4 hour scheduled session the other night as our 3 week Tournament has been in full motion. This coming Sunday, it will end. It was 9:35 PM and a Manager was coming over to place his score and pitch count in the book at our table. Here is what transpired.


Manager, "Who can I protest to about a play at the plate during my game?"

Me, "Did you notify the Umpire of your game that you would protest the call after it occurred?"

Manager, "No, I'm telling you now."

Me, "The rules are simple, all protest must be made immediatley and then after the 2 umpires confer, they will call us over to discuss and rule. What was the problem?"

Manager, "A boy ran into my catcher and did not slide, he must slide, right?"  (OH, God.......)


A woman, very pretty and very nicely dressed straight up interupts us.


Woman, "Are you in charge?"

Me, "Yes Maam, as soon as I am done here I will answer any questi"..

Woman, "I want to lodge a complaint, the umpire refused to give me his name."

Me, "Why did you need his name, Maam" "Coach, write the pitch counts in, and we will talk about the Must Slide rule you mentioned in a minute."

Woman, "I want his name, I asked him for it and he refused to give it to me." "That is very unprofessional." "In business we do.."

Me, "MAAM, why do you need his name?" "What did he do?"

Woman, (And I am not making this up) "He allowed my son to be run over by another bigger boy!"

Me," Wait, Coach, is this the mother of the boy who was attempting to score?"


Manager, "Yup."

Me, "Really Coach, you are going to stand there and ignore her?"

Woman, "Excuse me, please give me his name, I want to report him."

Me, Maam, calm down, was your son hurt during the play, Coach?"

Manager, "no, but the kid didn't slide."

Me, "did he attempt to avoid the collision?"

Woman, "Please give me his name, or get me someone here that will."


Me, standing up now. "Coach, there is no must slide rule in Little League, you should know that, and Maam, you need to let your coach here take this and let it be." "I will not be giving any umpires name out when the people telling me the facts are wrong. I will be happy to report that you didn't know the rules and not knowing the rules complained about a particular play that obviously impacted a particular persons son, only. No one was hurt, the umpire made his call and in his judgement he decided there was no deliberate intent on the collision."  "Coach, look up 7.08 when you get home, read it carefully."

Woman, "Who is your boss?"

Me, (Now getting annoyed) "I am the board member in charge tonight, Maam, and I also happen to be the Umpire in Charge of this league. So my decision stands." "Coach, please control your spectators."

Woman, "You haven't heard the last of this!"

Manager, "Sorry buddy, thanks.."


That was Sunday night, and nothing heard yet. Waiting for the lawsuit. 


I would have rather been behind the plate.  At least on the field I can toss a manager.  Momma grizzlies are tough. 

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

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    1. Jul 10, 2012 5:58 PM (in response to NELL_blue)
    Re: Hot 9 year Old Tournament Action



    We in our district, for years, run a post-season 9, 10, 11, & 12's  (four age levels).. district run tournament; in conjunction with raising money for the benefit of the "Jimmy Fund'-----kids with cancer being treated by theBoston Dana-Farber Institute.We average raising $20,000 each year. BTW----that Fund being a favorite of Ted Wiliams, and other notables going back that many years---and continuing.


    With that said:

    1)----players on these teams are players NOT selected/rostered on Williamsport T-teams. Given the non-selectees an opportunity to extend their seaonal play; and for a good cause.


    2)---age level champion teams are recognized.


    3)---these kids, managers/coaches, in fact all league and district personnel, take (playing) these games very seriously.

           Regular season rules apply.


    4)---the Chain of Command STOPS at district level. Meaning  Regional and Williamsport are "out of the loop."


    So, more to your post re protests and Rulerman 4.19. This is how we handle protests; with the approval of league presidents or their designated rep at meetings dealing with this post-season play.


    By approval of all league reps, and ongoing for many years,  a District Protest Committee is named, with me as Chairman, plus two other District Officers.


    Each year I, as Chairman, lay out in writing, to all presidents and managers of these age level teams, as to the manner in which a protest will be "accepted" for consideration and ultimate decision.


    The protesting manager, if he/she has NOT complied with Rule 4.19 prior to filing his/her protest  with the  Protest Committee, they all understand per my written caveat, , the subject protest will be "dismissed." [BTW all of us are available for immediate contact and decision via conference call... with no undue delay of game]---


    The "dismissal" of a protest is not on us, but on the manager who chooses to "role the dice" and opts not to read the rule, and follow proper procedure BEFORE calling the PC.


    In all the years I have been Chair of the PC...and issued the written up-front caveat, I have only had to "dismiss" two(2) attempted protests.  In both cases the managers admitted to have messed up by not even having a rulebook in their possession.


    [Point:  maybe you, or the powers that run your tournament, can try something similar, or the same. It appears from your OP, something is needed]


    BTW---any calls to me by a disgruntled parent, was "cut short" with my refering them to call or talk to a league president.



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    2. Jul 11, 2012 5:16 AM (in response to NELL_blue)
    Re: Hot 9 year Old Tournament Action

    It comes with the territory.

    I've been the TD for more tournaments than I can count/remember.

    Things like this come up all the time and you deal with them as you see fit.

    Can't tell you how many times parents have come over to complain about how one of the umpires "favored" the other team and that's why they lost.

    Dealing with that crap is part of the job.

    That said, I have never had anyone ask me for the name of an umpire and I agree with you, no way am I providing them with a name.


    I only have one real comment about your post, you said "Coach, please control your spectators" - you can't hold the coach responsible for the spectators.

    What happens outside the fences is not the manager/coach responsibility, it's the responsibility of the BOD Member on Duty.

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    3. Jul 11, 2012 6:19 AM (in response to Lou_B)
    Re: Hot 9 year Old Tournament Action



    With what Lou wrote......


    Several years ago a new rule was entered into the 9.00 series.....that being 9.01 (f).


    Reads....."Umpires may order both teams into their dugouts and suspend play until such time as LEAGUE OFFICIALS DEAL WITH UNRULY SPECTATORS.  Failure of league officials to adequately handle an unruly spectator can result in

    the game being suspended until a later date."     caps mine!


    Then we have Rule 3.18......"The LOCAL LEAGUE shall provide proper protection sufficient to preserve order and to prevent spectators from entering the field. Either team can refuse to play until the field is cleared."    caps mine!


    Then, per an incident at one of our parks four years ago, a gentleman refused to stop "creating problems" at a game. I was the TD at the game.  After two warnings to the offender, police were called.

    Sergeant warned the offender he could stay, but only out beyond the center field fence and  providing he behaved himself. If not, and police were called again, the offender would be taken to the station and charged with "disorderly conduct, disturbing a public assembly."   End of problem!



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