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MRMADDOX2U Rookie 6 posts since
Jul 8, 2012
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Jul 9, 2012 9:14 PM

13.1 Miles

Greetings All...I am new to this site and new to distance running. I have been an athlete all my life but this new found love for distance running is like no other. I am training for my first 13.1 on 11 Aug 12; any advice..3 things I MUST KNOW?


Thanks in advance for the input.


6'2" 235lbs/37yrs old/Asics Gel-Neo33...No known injuries/medical conditions




  • Julie Ann Hackett Legend 226 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007
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    1. Jul 11, 2012 11:22 AM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    Congrats on your new challenge!  I would say make sure you're training smart and get in at least one 10 miler before the race.  Also try to find out what nutrition will be on the course and try it out on your training runs or plan to bring your own (drinks, gels, etc.).  Don't try anything new on race day.  Try to get to bed early the night of the race in case the pre-race jitters keep you from falling asleep right away.  Most of all have a great time and good luck!

  • Amanda Failla Rookie 4 posts since
    Feb 16, 2011
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    3. Jul 18, 2012 7:45 AM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    Congrats on the challenge! I would love to hear how it goes when you finish, as I too am starting the same challenge (except 5 years ago I could barley run a mile!) I am doing the Chicago Half on Sept. 9th.


    My training guide has been my best friend.. these hot, humid days in Nebraska are pretty awful for outdoor running though! Have you heard of gels/gummies to take while running? I have been suggested this by friends/patients in my office, etc. tried them once but have a few other options I may test out as I get up to logging more miles.


    Good Luck!

  • Amanda Failla Rookie 4 posts since
    Feb 16, 2011
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    4. Jul 18, 2012 7:47 AM (in response to Amanda Failla)
    13.1 Miles

    Whoops, didnt see those last posts! I am not a fan of the gels, but I have tasted the Cliff Blox (raspberry i think it was) and those werent too bad, just really chewy. I also just bought jelly beans and some healthier non gluten gel bites im going to try soon.

  • chrmjohns Rookie 1 posts since
    Jul 18, 2012
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    5. Jul 18, 2012 11:53 AM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    Congratulations on the endeavor!!!  I did my first one in June of this year and we are pretty similar in size 6'1" 245.  I work with a lot of marathoners and all them said the same as Julie did and to run at least 10-miles once.  I had a pretty solid base running 4-5 miles 3X a week and then long on the weekend and did 10-miles onetime before the race.  My opinion you want to do that a couple times if you have time. A 5K doesn't seem like much until it starts after finishing 10-miles.  Just one guys opinion, but for my next one in October I'm going to do 10-miles twice. Good luck.

  • daisykl Rookie 1 posts since
    Nov 14, 2010
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    6. Jul 18, 2012 5:40 PM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    Congrats on challenging yourself. I've completed 2 halfs - 1st one I trained smart, tried out a couple of different fuels and settled on Cliff blocks (but only try to chew 1/2 at a time). Second race I decided to fuel better before the race and traded in my 1/2 bowl of cereal for an english muffin with peanut butter. That was a big mistake - don't change up your morning meal on race day.

  • jazzyrun Rookie 2 posts since
    Mar 18, 2008
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    7. Jul 18, 2012 7:34 PM (in response to Amanda Failla)
    13.1 Miles

    Hi Amanda:


    Let us know how those gel/gummies work? I've seen them lately and wondered about them. The Chicago Half should be a blast. It is a big race and those are usually pretty fun because of the spectators. 


    BTW, I was reading this post and thought hmm, I know that name. Is your sister Michelle? If so, I went to highschool with her. Tell her Hi for me (Jasmine).

  • Amanda Failla Rookie 4 posts since
    Feb 16, 2011
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    8. Jul 19, 2012 6:51 AM (in response to jazzyrun)
    13.1 Miles

    Hi Jasmine! Yes, she's my sister! That's crazy, such a small world! She says hi too!!! I'm trying to talk her into doing a Disney half marathon with me in early 2013.

  • cocoaqt4me Rookie 1 posts since
    Apr 17, 2012
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    9. Jul 19, 2012 7:29 AM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    My favorite chew is shot blocks or the GU Chomps. You can find Shot Blocks by Cliff Bar at Target. Very yummy.  I personally have a hard time with the gels. They seem to be very sugar-y and difficult to get down without water chaser. Still looking forward to doing a half and working towards it. Feet are my problem, really bad feet. But I just try to carry on because I love running so much.

  • Gregory_X Rookie 7 posts since
    Mar 27, 2011
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    10. Jul 19, 2012 2:18 PM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    I did my first HM less than a year ago. I got as much input / advice as I could; and after the race, there was some of it I agreed with and some not. 


    First a disclaimer: I'm 6' / 150lbs / 44 years old - and my goal for my first HM was 1:30. YMMV, IOW.


    The advice I liked / that seemed to work:

    - added a 10-miler per week to my meager 20-mile total weeks

    - fuel was a non-issue with only 90 minutes on the course

    - water WAS an issue - drinking it mattered

    - the first 5-8 miles would / should feel pretty easy (like a tempo pace or less - NOT like a race pace)



    The advice I wish I'd had:

    - I wish I'd done a 15-miler or two in advance.

    -- Partly to know what the distance actually felt like at the end, when I was more gassed than I'd ever been.

    -- partly to test the "time on my feet" in a way that those 10-milers never did


    - I wish I'd done the 10-milers slower

    -- I've since learned that "time on my feet" is a factor. Running for the full time duration would have been more valuable than running it at the projected race-pace, as I did.


    - Gassed and bonked are two different things

    -- bonked is typically over two hours (fuel spent)

    -- gassed can come any time (legs heavy / mentally and emotionally stressed / etc)

    -- fuel is useful for bonked but worthless for gassed.



    I've since done what I learned above and it has made this distance one of my favorites. I do 2-hour runs occaisonally - without much regard to pace - to keep accustomed to the time on my feet. (I still get micro-spasms in my calves somewhere around 1:10... whether I'm doing 6-minute miles or 9-minute miles... go figure.) And I pay more attention to heat-training and water intake.


    Good luck!

    < run exclusively racing flats; 60-90 miles in 6-7 days per week; train on trails, roads, tracks >

    Results - at 46-years-old:

    8/2012 - Mile 4:47

    3/2014 - 5K 16:12

    11/2013 - 10K 34:55

    10/2013 - Half Marathon 1:19:22

    12/2013 - Marathon 2:52:05

    (I kinda feel silly posting this stuff - but I realize when I read posts that it helps me understand who's posting.)

  • DetroitSapphire Rookie 1 posts since
    Jul 19, 2012
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    12. Jul 19, 2012 10:32 PM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    I'm running a half marathon on aug 11th also. I don't have much advice as this is my first half marathon, but my dad was a runner and on long runs he used to take a peeled cutie. He did give me the advice to practice running With a orange slice tucked in my cheek. I'm gonna try it this weekend. Can't beat natures candy :)

    Good luck on your race!

  • ThanatosCV66 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jul 20, 2012
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    13. Jul 20, 2012 8:55 AM (in response to MRMADDOX2U)
    13.1 Miles

    Before I start, CONGRATS and have a really FUN run.  Enjoy the people, they are always welcoming and great!!!


    Having run two very hot HM's in under two hours I can agree with the article written by Jeff Gaudette for Active called Half Marathon Pacing Strategies.  He touches on the subject of using gels.  Herre is the link to the article, and the clip regarding gels:



    Using energy gels and other sources of carbohydrates is optional if you plan on finishing under two hours. The body can store close to two hours worth of glycogen in the muscles and liver. Therefore, you theoretically do not need energy gels if you plan on finishing under two hours. However, some runners may burn through energy slightly faster or draw confidence from having a gel (probably because energy gels stimulate the brain, allowing you to focus more). Find what works for you during your long runs in training and use the same strategy on race day.

  • NCHulk Legend 247 posts since
    Oct 26, 2010
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    14. Jul 20, 2012 9:50 AM (in response to ThanatosCV66)
    13.1 Miles

    Very interesting,  I'm going to have to take alot of these under consideration as well.  I ran my first HM last month and I have to say I wasn't as prepared as I should have been.  Up to that point my longest distance had been 8 miles.  I found out quickly that last 5 miles makes  a big difference. I have another coming up in November that I will be prepared for. 


    "It does not get easier... you get stronger"

    "Once I decided quitting wasn't an option, the rest was easy." - Michele


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