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Jun 21, 2012 6:44 PM

Rapid Running Atlanta Half Marathon, 5K, Kids Fun Run Reviews

Share your experiences with the Rapid Running Atlanta Half Marathon, 5K, Kids Fun Run below Back to event details page.

  • BridgetteHeath Rookie 5 posts since
    Jan 17, 2010

    DO NOT TRUST RAPID RUNNING! They have just "postponed" the Buffalo Half Marathon (which, you will see, has disappeared off their website and 8 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT was to take place. They are refusing refunds, not to mention the hundreds of dollars everyone is out on hotel fees and airline fees. They have accepted no responsibility and will give NO REASON for the postponement. Our event was featured in Runner's World, which I took to be an indication of the company's repute - NOT SO. They have not even provided registered runners with a date for this postponement. To top it off, they postponed the half to the middle of full marathon season in this region. They have absolutely no professionalism or care for runners participating in their events.

  • DarinJohnson1 Rookie 6 posts since
    Dec 19, 2011

    RAPID RUNNING AND DAVID MASON ARE A SCAM!!!!. Just google either and read the articles in The Buffalo New

  • MandaBeth Rookie 5 posts since
    Nov 2, 2009

    Rapid Running is unethical. They didn't do their due diligence planning the Buffalo half-marathon, and decided to postpone 9 days before the event. Runners who trained for months?  Out of luck.  Plane tickets and hotels paid for? Too bad. A refund for the event we didn't put on? Nope, sorry. They even changed their refund policy AFTER the fiasco to justify keeping our money. The local running community stepped in and put the race on- WITHOUT GETTING ANY OF THE MONEY WE PAID TO RAPID RUNNING. Rapid Running is an embarassment to the US running community.

  • TheCranberryKid Rookie 4 posts since
    Sep 2, 2008

    Avoid David Mason and Rapid Running at all cost. They canceled the Rapid Running Buffalo Half Marathon 9 days before the event and then refused refunds. Total scam. DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS RACE!!!

  • DiegoDeLaCruz Rookie 3 posts since
    Apr 11, 2008

    DO NOT trust Rapid Running with a dime of your money.  Google Rapid Running and see for yourselves. DO NOT sign up for any even they advertise, EVER!!  They cancelled the Buffalo Half Marathon just 9 days before the race!!  So people coming in from out of town were screwed.  David Mason could care less!! He got his money. 

  • indigopet Pro 95 posts since
    Jan 23, 2011

    We ran the Rapid Running Wisconsin Dells races in June.  There is no "Rapid Running" except David Mason.  The race was advertised with an expo at Great Wolf Lodge.  It was a table set up in a honky tonk bar downtown Wisconsin Dells.  The race was advertised with an "awesome tech shirt".  "Awesome" is one of David Mason's overused words.  We received a cotton tshirt.  When we questioned him about it, he changed the website AS we were standing there asking him about it and then tried to argue with us that it always said that.  Except someone had sent me a screenshot of it 10 minutes beforehand. And it still said that on one of his facebook tabs AND on the active page.


    As we were talking to him, he kept trying to make himself a mere flunkie and kept mentioning how his "bosses" set up the webpage.


    When we asked him about course support, etc when picking up our packet, he got a huge attitude. He also told us that the police would not be enforcing the parking meters "until the last runner finished" which luckily we asked a cop about the morning of the race which was incorrect.  He just made it up to try to get us out of there.


    He called us "cheap runners" because we fortunately had entered with a schwaggle so we only paid $37 for what would have been overpriced at full price.


    The race was billed as chip-timed but it was gun-timed as there was no pad at the start. It was electronically timed though and the timing company guys were professional and nice.


    The "awesome" age group awards were tickets for an extra beer at the honky tonk bar.  This was even the award listed for those under 21. This also was edited the day before the race.


    He also wanted to charge $20 day-of-race if someone needed to pick up their packet then.  Since the race consisted of 32 5k runners and 149 half marathoners, it wouldn't have been difficult to hand out ALL the packets race morning.


    Race day morning, folks were congregating at the start location but there was no info table, no signs, just Mr Mason standing unidentified not talking to anyone.  About 20 minutes until race time I suggested he go talk to the people who were milling around (one of the police pointed him out) and his exact words were "Why?  It's not time to start yet".


    This is obviously a one-man operation run by a guy who cares not at all about his customer.

    PR: 5k - 31:45, 4 mile - 45:15, 8k - 53.52, 10k - 1:09:57, 10 mile - 1:54:07, 10NM - 2:19:11, HM - 2:39:17, Marathon - 6:04:12


  • hproske Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 9, 2008

    -100 stars.


    I drove all the way from Roswell, GA down to Hampton GA. Took half a day holiday off from work so that I could beat the traffic, PAID to stay in a hotel and arrived at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for packet pickup tonight (12/14/2012) ONLY to find out from the staff that there is NO such event. I used for my race organization and I TRUST that would verify such events. Having now wasted well over $100 and a lot of time and frustration, I'm now looking online to see all these SCAM and FRAUD claims. How the HELL could NOT do something about this sooner? At the very least THIS PAGE should be updated to have a big red mark saying SCAM so that I didn't bother driving all the way out to the race. I received absolutely NO emails from either or the infamous David Mason.


    I was so confused while driving around in the dark trying to find out why I couldn't find the packet pickup advertised so clearly here on the website.  I tried calling support desk and was routed through to the customer support supervisor "Mike" but it went straight to voicemail. I left a message and noone called me back. Next I called Big Peach Running Company in Atlanta to see if they could offer any advice and they were at least able to confirm that the race did not exist, and offered a sympathetic ear etc.


    I will no longer use as I can't trust the calibre of the events and organizers and I will stick to my local Big Peach Running Company, who also don't charge a processing fee.


    Note the ONLY reason I signed up for this race was because of Active's SCHWAGGLE deals emailed to my inbox. Guess those emails should go straight to spam from now on.


    INCREDIBLY frustrated with this whole experience!

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