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disneygirl125 Rookie 4 posts since
Jul 18, 2012
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Jul 18, 2012 6:18 PM

w1d1...does it really get easier??

Today was my first day of starting this. I'm 35, overweight, probably around 215 pounds (I cover my eyes when I get weighed) and 5'4". I never liked running. I was one of the ones in school that would be walking while everyone else was running. I always admired those that ran marathons, thinking I could never do it. Well when I saw the couch to 5k it changed my mind. I insist that i'm going to do it, and i'm going to do a 5k soon after the 9 weeks.

On to today. Wow, it was tough!!! I am out out of shape. I have no problem with walking. When I jogged, which was at a snails pace mind you...I was very out of breath. I didn't think i'd make it through the first session. I pushed through and did it though. Does it really get easier? Will I eventually feel like i'm not losing my breath?? Also I did it on in inside track because it's just too hot out here right now. Is that going to effect me in anyway when I change to running outdoors?

  • Zeke351 Amateur 15 posts since
    Jul 14, 2012
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    1. Jul 18, 2012 9:01 PM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??



    I can honestly say that YES it does get easier!  I am on W4D2 and I am 60 lbs overweight, if I can do it anyone can.


    • Just take it slow and follow the program at your pace.  If you can't run the entire time walk a little, repeat days if you have to. 
    • Make sure you get good shoes!  They made a huge difference for me. 
    • Take your rest days (or 2) in between, your body needs them.
    • You will get and aleve, advil, etc, will become your very good friends.
    • On those days you REALLY don't feel like going...go anyway.  You will feel amazing afterwards.
    • Remember you are already doing more then all the other people out there that have "thought about it"!


    Good Luck,




  • 2LulaSue Amateur 7 posts since
    Jul 6, 2012
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    2. Jul 18, 2012 9:38 PM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Congrats on your first run!  Yes, it does get easier.  I just finished W3D1 tonight.  While it's not easy, it is easier. W2D2 was the big one for me - I could really tell my endurance was getting better at that point.  I still don't like running, but I really think that's a throwback to my very serious wish that I could be fit and healthy while sitting on the couch.  LOL    As for running on a track vs. running outside - The biggest difference will be that there are hills on regular streets (even small ones).  Drive the route you want to take and see where the inclines are and adjust as needed (I like tracking my mileage with my car anyway since the GPS isn't accurate around my town).  I like being outside.  It's been so hot that I've been subbing with an elliptical in my basement (rural area, no gyms around).  I was really nervous about moving back outside, but it went ok.  I like seeing the town, and contrary to my belief, no one laughed or pointed at the lady with the giant butt, huffing and puffing down the road, thinking she's going to run a 5k.  I got genuine smiles and waves hello.  And there was no pointing! 


    Jogging is jogging - big steps or little ones, fast ones or slow ones.  it's still jogging.  Be proud of yourself, and don't give up.  If I could just give you one major hint - Don't over do it  Definitely give yourself at least a day between jogs at the beginning, and definitely before jumping up a step.  I did W2D3 last night, and W3D1 tonight and I'm pretty sore.  Don't give up on this.  It's a cheap way to get into shape, and actually pretty peaceful,  And Remember - it's your program.  If you need to repeat a day or a week - do it!  Believe in yourself and celebrate your milestones!  Get on this forum and brag about it or give encouragement to someone else. 

  • NCHulk Legend 247 posts since
    Oct 26, 2010
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    3. Jul 19, 2012 8:49 AM (in response to 2LulaSue)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Hi Disney,  First of all - GREAT JOB! You have already done the hard part and got moving.  You have already gotten some great advice.  So let me just add a little that I have found out.  Go slow. Don't get too excited and push things. You'll end up getting frustrated.  I did many repeats of certain days. I would redo until I felt comfortable with it, then move on.  Take your walk breaks and rest days.  This is a building process, but you need time to recover too.  Your body is going to start to argue and protest. But when you show it that you aren't going to stop, it will catch on.


    I started two years ago. I've lost 105 lbs and my wife and I are currently training to run our second half marathon together.  So I know you can do it!  I can't wait to hear about it.


    "It does not get easier... you get stronger"

    "Once I decided quitting wasn't an option, the rest was easy." - Michele


  • FBruno69 Amateur 9 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    4. Jul 19, 2012 10:35 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Hi disneygirl125,


    It will get easier!

    A couple of years ago I almost completed the entire program, but than had a small lesion and let my lazyness stop me from restarting afterwards.

    Just don't forget to listen to your body and do not give up...



    I started again yesterday, and had to stop because I forgot to previously take my asthma medicin!

    If something happens that you must stop, do stop, but restart in the next scheduled day paying attention to whatever prevented you to finish your previous workout. (tomorrow I must remember to take my medicin before going out the door)

    Frederico Bruno

    Vou de Bicicleta .eu

    C25K - Starting 2012.07.18

    Starting weight: 90,3 kg

    Goal weight: <80kg by year end

    Goal Race: 10k, October 14th - 2ª Corrida do Sporting

  • allmylove Expert 51 posts since
    Apr 24, 2011
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    5. Jul 19, 2012 11:26 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Yes, I am testimant to the fact that it does get easier.  It really does take a long time though it seems.  This time last year I was starting c25k, close to 80-100lbs overweight.  I've lost close to 50lbs and am near 200 now (5'10").  In a few weeks, you'll start noticing a difference in your muscles too, like feeling a little more trim and being able to see those leaner muscles flex, I remember that having me really excited because I was in my supply room at work and was bending over to reach something, put my hand on my calf and almost yelled that I could feel my muscle lol.  Although I was really pretty slow I did see eventual improvement in my endurance, and in my muscle tone. 


    I went on and finished a 5k walk/run in October.  Also have done some other 5k's since then, and am now feeling up to training for a marathon coming up in October.  I might be the heaviest one there, and most likely one of the slowest, but I will finish.  And looking at last year's scores, I won't be the only one.  That really helps knowing that you arn't the only one out there who isn't runninga sub-8 min mile (I think I'm still around a 13-14 min mile).  There are alot of us!


    Right now, as far as the running indoor issue, don't worry about it.  I think at this point, getting your body used to the intervals is important, eventually you'll feel up to getting out on the road.

  • Angel2492 Rookie 7 posts since
    Jul 18, 2012
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    6. Jul 19, 2012 11:40 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Great job on your first run! I can tell you that yes, it does get easier. I tried doing C25K around this time last year, but didn't finish because I was pregnant. I remember my first day- I thought I was going to die. Haha. But when I started again this time around it wasn't so bad. I think your body just has to get used to it. Right now I'm only on W1D2. We can be accountability buddies if you'd like. We can all use a little support. (:

  • CamaroZ28c Expert 45 posts since
    Jul 2, 2012
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    7. Jul 20, 2012 7:58 PM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    I don't want to sound like I disagree with everyone here because I don't, but I don't think it gets easier.  More like you become more able to handle it.  As is ramps up throughout the program you are going to have some awesome days and you will also have some days that really kick your butt.  The nice thing is that if you are trying, then you are succeeding!  So, to be realistic, you ARE going to be sore and tired an aweful lot during the next 8+ weeks, but you will be getting stronger, faster and healthier and that is SO worth it!  Good luck and hang in there!

    C25k completed 7/27/2012

    1st 5k: Alert Road Race 6/15/2013 - 34 minutes

  • TisforTiara Amateur 21 posts since
    Jun 5, 2012
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    8. Jul 21, 2012 1:18 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    I'm kind of on the fence here.  Yes, it gets easier to run 60 seconds, but the program pushes you, so I'm with Camaro on that - the first time you run 20 minutes (and you will, trust me, you'll do that and more) is as hard as the first time you run 60 seconds. 


    I think that mentally it gets easier - it's a huge step to go from "I'm not a runner" to "OK, let's see if I can run for 60 seconds".  Mentally, I think that's the tough one - once you've decided that you will run for 60 seconds, it's only a tiny step each time to 90 seconds, a couple of minutes, maybe five minutes, and before you know it, its 30 minutes.  And (I imagine, I'm only up to 25 minutes as yet) the first 30 minutes is as hard as the first 60 seconds.  But it's not any harder than that.


    You can do it.  You really can.  I'm over 50, I'm somewhere north of 200 pounds, I started at the beginning of June, and it was so hard just to do that 60 second run the first day, gasping for breath, my legs on fire and heavy as lead.  And I could not imagine ever being able to run for longer than that, but I ran for 25 minutes this morning - slowly, and with legs that just didn't want to co-operate with me, but I did it, and I know I'll do it again in a couple of days, and then again until I'm running 5k.


    And this morning was a hard day.  They're not all like that.  The last run I did was two sets of ten minutes, and I was flying (well, felt like I was, in reality, I was plodding away as usual), relaxed, enjoying the sensation of just getting out there and doing this.  You'll get hard days all the way through, but you'll get a lot of days where you just think "yes, I can do this.  I want to do this.  I'm a runner".  And you'll be right.

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    9. Jul 21, 2012 8:13 PM (in response to TisforTiara)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    TisforTiara, that was a terrific comment!!  I think it is just about perfect!  I've done C25K all through once before.  It definitely DOES get easier, and it does also get harder.  For me, some of the "mental" stuff is going to be a long term battle -- not the "am I a real runner?" thing so much as, "do I WANT to do this next mile ENOUGH?"  -- I tend to have trouble KEEPING running and staying consistent.  So, this time through, that's part of what I'm intent on working on.


    And knowing I'm ahead of those STILL sitting on the couch, really, really matters for me, on some days!!

    C25K Training begun (Treadmill) 6/1/10); restarted 7/11/12

    First run OUTDOORS - Club Fun Run 1.75 mile circuit time 26:06:72 on 7/29/10

    Proud C25K Grad, 8/7/10

    College Park Cares 5K Sponsored by Vecna Technologies, Inc. 9/25/10 44:04.4

    Fell off of the regular running routine, experienced the DC Derecho Disaster, and now aiming to get back on track!


    Jug Bay Run for Wildlife 5K 11/3/12

  • 300poundsandrunning Amateur 10 posts since
    Jul 22, 2012
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    10. Jul 22, 2012 8:00 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Hello Disneygirl,


    I am a 338lb man who is on week 4 day 2. On W1 D1 I felt so winded, my body was aching, and my moral was shot! I wanted give up and sit on the couch and eat my favorite pack of cookies. The next day I did w1 d1 again, it was still tough but I felt better about it. As the days go on you will see that your endurance is getting better little by little. One piece of advice I can give you is: When your mind starts to  play tricks on you and it's telling you to stop running.You got to have that one reason to keep running and have to hold on to that reason while you push through. When my run is getting tough (and being over 300lbs it get tough everytime I run) I repeat that one reason over and over to myself until I finish the run.


    I hope that helps!

    Check out my journey to losing weight and becoming a marathon runner:

  • KleinFireman Expert 45 posts since
    Dec 27, 2010
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    11. Jul 30, 2012 8:16 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    I agree with the posts on here. The program doesn't get easier, as that is the idea. But, you get physically and mentally stronger as you progress. Dont look at the big picture yet, as the later weeks can seem intimidating, take one day at a time and kick its butt. If you feel you can't handle the next week, do the same week again or as many times as you need. This is a guide and not a defintive plan. I did this straight through once before and felt amazing, but this time I am doing each week twice before moving on. You will to a point you can't wait to get to the next week to show yourself what you can do.


    Just stick with it and enjoy yourself.

    God created Firemen so Cops could have heroes too.

    Week 1 Done, bring on Week 2.

  • RunsWithLimp Rookie 3 posts since
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    12. Jul 30, 2012 3:22 PM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    Disneygirl, this is my second time around getting into shape, and one of the best things I learned the first time around is to think of your body as a motor.  When you hit the gas, the air intake is increased immediately.  I figured out that if you start to breathe a little harder the moment you speed up to a run, the less difficult it is to run.  You breathe a little harder because your motor needs more oxygen to do what you're asking of it.  In other words, breathing harder is natural and normal.

  • Lizz416 Rookie 1 posts since
    Aug 2, 2012
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    13. Aug 2, 2012 5:08 PM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    I did my first day this week, I am so proud of what I did I am making my husband go out with me tomorrow so I can work harder and show off! I didnt complete the full 20mins but I hope to tomorrow. It really does feel good to get out and run! I never thought I would be saying that. 28 years old 2 children 227 pounds. I put on my running clothes and I feel invincible! My first 5k is in september and I am going even if I walk it!

  • SuperTech14 Rookie 3 posts since
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    14. Aug 5, 2012 8:10 AM (in response to disneygirl125)
    w1d1...does it really get easier??

    I'm so glad I found this forum and this thread. I'm on W3 and the first two days kicked by butt. I was ready to give up, thinking I must just not be able to run. Then I read all these comments, and realized I was not alone in my thoughts and struggles. Did W3D3 yesterday and it went GREAT! What a great and encouraging group of people you all are! Thanks


    Started C25K July 14, 2012

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