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Oct 11, 2012 2:49 PM

Ankle issue...

In the last week my left ankle bone has been tender, and it's noticeable sore when i walk.  I haven't stopped running, i've just ran less.  After a few days it goes away, but the day i run, and the day after it is sore.  It's sore from the bone, down to the side of my foot.  I have used ibuprofen, and am currently wearing an ankle brace.  I have a half marathon next weekend and would like to run it.  Will moist heat and ice help it?  It's not bruised, ,or swollen.  I'm not a new runner, i've been actively running for 5yrs.  I say active in at least 20-40 miles a week give or take the training I need for the race i'm doing. 

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    1. Oct 19, 2012 11:10 AM (in response to christine94)
    Ankle issue...

    Your event is probably this weekend, so my apologies for the late reply - but you may have peroneal tendonitis (I've had it).  The peroneal tendon runs down from your calf muscle, around the outside of your ankle bone and connects with the metatarsal bones. To me it felt like I had hurt the ankle bone itself, but it progressed to the point where it hurt from the side of my foot all the way up to my lower calf.  The only way I was able to resolve it was lots of ice (10 min repeating several times a day), massaging the ankle area, and reducing my mileage drastically.  It took about a week to heal enough for short 3-4 mile runs, as long as I iced it immediately afterwards. But it was about a month before I was healed enough to increase my distance.  Good luck, hope the HM is good to you!

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    2. Oct 20, 2012 7:23 AM (in response to christine94)
    Ankle issue...

    Athletes tend to overuse ice due to its numbing effect, but it can improve circulation if used wisely. I prefer alternating it with heat in non-acute stages of an injury to keep immune activity and beneficial inflammation active.


    If you must run this race (I wish you would reschedule), have your peroneal (fibularis) muscles and rear-calf plantarflexors trigger-pointed before the race. It will hurt, but probably less than running without. Tension in these muscles puts unrelenting pressure on the tendon sheath below the malleolus, but produces the same pain even when actual tendonitis is not present. The symptoms are very similar, and you have noticed it flares up during/after use, rather than all the time.

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