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5 Keys to Make Her Stand Out From the Crowd

Whether your athlete's next level is college, high school, travel or all stars like all parents you want her to stand out from the crowd; to be noticed and given the opportunity she deserves.


I have been an all star and travel coach evaluating players for over a decade and there is no question certain athletes stand out from the pack. I have also spoken to numerous high school and college softball coaches about what makes an athlete stand out for them.


Here are the 5 Keys to Make Your Athlete Stand Out from the Crowd:


1. Hustle - a given but not seen as often as you'd think. Nothing peaks a coach's interest more than maximum effort. When an athlete hesitates or holds back it is an indication that she does not trust herself or she's simply afraid--not endearing traits to a coach. And to a coach effort is always a choice, so if a player "chooses" not to give 100% in a game or tryout I watch I'm going to wonder if or when she will ever do it? Hustle demonstrates commitment to the team.


Here are specific things your athlete can do to demonstrate hustle:


a. Diving for balls...get dirty and make a play!

b. Sliding at every base

c. Running out every ball as hard as possible

d. Running the bases at full speed

e. Hustling on and off the field every time

f. Using her voice to call balls or help teammates on the field and in the dugout


2. Attitude - this may be a tough key to measure in a limited exposure scenario, which is why college coaches prefer to evaluate a prospect several times. As one top 10 coach told me, "We can teach them how to hit but we can't teach a good attitude." Again, attitude is a choice that like hustle is easy to notice.


Here are specific things your athlete can do to show she's got a great attitude:


a. Smile - it may seem simple but coaches love a kid who loves the game and shows it

b. Encourage teammates

c. Be vocal in the dugout


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