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  • MelodyLea Legend 329 posts since
    Oct 4, 2011
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    4,305. Nov 9, 2012 8:28 AM (in response to az2mn)
    My last run was yours?

    I ran a decent 5 miles this morning on a bright, beautiful and COLD New England morning. The temps were around 22-25ish, but I dressed well and had my wool balaclava on (face mask thingie) The balaclava really helps to minimize irritation on my lungs in the cold. I also tried to warm up my quads a bit extra before the run because they always seem unresponsive in the cold. It wasn't the strongest run, I think I am still building back up from that killer cold a few weeks ago. I sure missed running with my little dog!! Poor pooch (she is recovering from surgery).



    Old Coyote I gave my little dog the hugs you sent. Sounds like a sweet little run and I'm glad we could talk you into resting. I agree, running in the snow (and sub zero temps) is such a mental boost!


    mkayc You are a crack up!! LOL Love this~> "... lost and found. "Think I left my shirt here last week." What color was it?" Oh, white...or maybe black." All I have is a red one." "That's the one!"


    Debm2011 Thanks, re: my pup. I'm glad you got out and loosened up those tired 1/2 marathoner, you!


    Francessmom I know just what you mean about "Any change in routine really throws me off" I feel the same. I call it my Princess and the Pea Syndrome. Like, a shoelace too tight, or carrying keys...I start to focus on that instead of my running form!


    Luv2Run213 Rest up!


    jmsab23 Thanks re: my pup/running pal. That's kind of funny about the new treadmill! I can picture it in my mind, you being surprised at every turn that the TM throws. Good on you for completing it though!


    az1414 Welcome back! What a crazy schedule but so impressive that you have kept up your running. Take care of that cough!!

    My Fine Art Website

    Age: 53

    1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

    Best 5K time: 31 minutes

    Best 10K time: 1:12

    First 1/2 Marathon: 2:43

    Raised $4491 for animal charity through running

    For 2013:

    Memorial Day 5/26 10K- I hope to raise $3000 for animal charity in my "Run For The Critters"

    Maine Marathon 9/29- I hope to finish 2:30

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    Feb 23, 2012
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    4,306. Nov 10, 2012 9:42 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    6.4 miles 54 min. nice weather.

  • Old Coyote Legend 256 posts since
    Apr 9, 2011
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    4,307. Nov 10, 2012 12:01 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    jmsab - 7 minute miles? Zoinks!

    Melody - I have a fleece balaclafacewarmer thingie.

    Az1414 - It's likely that the constantly changing climate is irritating your respiratory system and making you prone to infection. I don't know what the treatment is.


    I did a club race today, 6.6 miles on trails south of Denver. I was unfamiliar with the course, the weather couldn't decide what to do, so I took all my gear. Good thing. When I left the house it was shorts and singlet weather. Then I ran into breeze and light rain on the drive. Gusty wind and overcast at the start area. Finally wore shorts, long sleeve top, vest, hat and sunglasses. Perfect choice, I could have added gloves but didn't need them. I started slow, got warmed up for a mile or so. Stopped to tighten my shoe, and got passed by a dozen or so. Passed those 12 within about a half mile and then started picking runners off one by one. It was fun. The course was an fine crushed gravel path and hardpack single track along the first slopes of the Rockies, where the prairie switches to mountain. Not too steep, but good hills for a workout.

    The race was advertised as 7 miles, and I saw no mile markers after 4. I'd have surged sooner if i'd known the course. As it was, I kicked it up ~15 sec/mile for the last 3/4 mile. Didn't pass anyone; there was a woman ahead of me but I'm not THAT GUY who sprints at the end of a club race.


    THAT GUY was behind me, however. Heard his heavy footfalls and breathing behind me; glanced back and estimated him to be in my age group. I yelled "Oh, no way! You're in my division!" and kicked it over. Turned out he's 11 years younger than me and I still beat him by 12 seconds . Ended up with a 56:12 finish. I mentioned that it seemed like a short course, and another runner pointed out that the "official" distance was really 6.6, and his Garmin said 6.5. So that means I ran an 8:31-8:39 pace on a trail 10K while recovering from a marathon. Wow. Amazing how strong a lot of slow miles makes you.


    It was a fun day. The best way to train for racing is to race, and my goal for the race was to practice race strategy. So it was a success. Hope everyone's weekend goes well!

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    4,308. Nov 10, 2012 2:40 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    Hi there. It's been a while since I've been on this thread.  I ran the 10mile race in the Chicago's Perfect 10 today.  Time 1:37:21, almost 9 minutes faster than my Soldier Field 10 time.

    I'm stunned, because during the past two weeks, I've been distracted from regular running by other things I won't go into.  My training almost reverted to early 20th century marthon training - long walks.  No "100 Ups" though. :-)

    The 10 mile started from a wind blown Navy Pier, and went 5 miles South along the Lakefront Trail.  First mile was 12 minutes.  As the crowd thinned out, I guess I started to pick up my pace.  Between the sixth and seventh mile, I timed myself and...huh?...9:37?!?!  Were the mile markers set up correctly?   Was my watch defective?  Oh well.

    All I knew was that I wanted to main some sort of constnt pace until the 9th mile, when I was going to haull *** back to the Pier.  I guess that happened.

    I'm glad I did not overdress.  Race temp was in the mid fourties, so no long sleve shirt, and no tights for the legs, Lake wind be damned.

    My favorite saying on someone's headband: "Sweat is my Fat crying."

    The course

    10K race in Chicago's Perfect 10 back in November '11 1:03:26

    Soldier Field 10 5/26/2012 1:46:25

    Chicago Half Marathon 9/9/2012 2:17:53

    10 mile race in Chicago's Perfect 10 on 11/10/2012: 1:37:21

  • jmsab23 Legend 243 posts since
    Aug 19, 2011
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    4,309. Nov 10, 2012 6:39 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Degregorious..... "Sweat is my fat crying." I love it.

    Coyote...... "Balaclafacewarmer thingie." I can see it in the ad description. I love this, too.


    OK, now that I've stopped laughing: I didn't know if the weather would hold out for me this morning to travel 25 miles for the intended 5k, so yesterday I did some repeats on the TM. Two-mile warmup run, then 3 x 40-sec. at full speed, with jogs, then 4 x 6:00 (.9 miles) at 9 mph, with 4-min. jogs. Then a mile cooldown. Total was 8.5 miles, 1:16:20.

    This morning was cool, but had promise, so we drove to the race and was early enough to get a nice long-sleeved T-shirt, a bonus. I ran this one last year and was surprised at the competition in my age group (50-59). I was 21:00 flat last year, but about 6th in my AG. Today the field was a little smaller (about 110 or so), and I ran a good race - 21:08 (6:49 pace) - finishing 13th, but was still 4th in my AG. The big thing today was the 2nd-place overall runner -- 14 years old, and around 17:40.

    But it was a nice, cool race, despite the hill at the midpoint. It didn't bother me so much today, even though it's about 4/10 mile long. In fact, I passed three runners on it. That was my highlight of the day, knowing my severe allergy to hills. My other highlight today was that, once we got out onto the course, NO ONE passed me. NO ONE. I think I passed about 12 or so runners.

    Have nice days, runners, and remember to thank a vet. Or two, or as many as you see. And for any and all veterans on this thread, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

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    Feb 23, 2012
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    4,310. Nov 11, 2012 5:57 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    8 miles 1 hr 14 min & 6.4 miles 54 min. Got totally hit on last night. have to stop wearing tights to town.

  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011
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    4,311. Nov 11, 2012 1:14 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    5 miles in beautiful 62 degrees yesterday!  Wisconsin weather coming back tonight, after low 60's and rain today, it will be high teens by morning.  Treadmill here I come. 


    Run strong and safe this week friends!

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • Francessmom Pro 177 posts since
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    4,312. Nov 11, 2012 1:22 PM (in response to NHLA)
    My last run was yours?

    Thank you to all the Veterans out there and their families for all the sacrifices!

    Big plans today mostly because my 7y/o son was counting on a fun day.  We were to load up my husband's and son's bikes and drive (15 min) to Bellevue State Park in Delaware.  The park is awesome! It was originally a DuPont estate, but now features a former 1 1/8 mile horse race track (crushed stone and dirt) that is a multipurpose and fitness trail, lots of paved bike trails, a frisbee golf course, numerous play structures, stables, etc.  This past summer when I was training for a HM, this was my halfway point on my training runs because it had water fountains, restrooms, nice scenery and shade.  The state park system in Delaware is wonderful, probably because they charge each car a fee to enter.  We thought, incorrectly, that the fees were waived from Nov thru March.  When we pulled up to the gate, the sign said fees charged from March 1 thru Nov 30!  It was a honor system with an envelope and drop box, but we had seen rangers ticketing cars before.  After scrounging all the money we had (under floor mats, in the ashtray) we only came up with $5.60 of the $6 daily fee for out of  vehicles (we are from PA).  My son is very by-the-book and wouldn't let us partial pay, so we decided to drive to a neraby HS and park there and ride/run in to the park. When I got out of the car, I realized that one of the soft rubber earpieces had fallen off my brand new earbuds, probably when we were scrounging for money and I had stepped out of the car to look under the seats.  It was not in the car!  I decided to run with music in my left ear only.  The HS was about 0.8 miles from the horse track along sidewalk and paved trail.  I did 4 circuits of the track enjoying the pond in the center and watching my husband and son play frisbee golf.  I took a break and hung with them on the playground rock wall before running back to the car.  I did a total of about 6 miles in 57 minutes.  My knee felt great!  I seem to do much better on more forgiving surfaces.  After a quick lunch we haeded to the Y for family swim.  I am ready for a nap!

    No winter gear today - weather was 61 and sunny!

    Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

    6/11/2011 - Warrior Dash Pennsylvania - 52:26

    6/24/2011 - CBA 5K - 27:11

    8/7/2011 - Danskin Sherox Triathlon Philadelphia - 1:54:16

    11/5/2011 - Penn Homecoming 5K - 28:46

    11/13/11 - Media Mud Stain 5 mile - 53:39

    05/06/2012 - Broad Street Run 10 Mile - 1:36:11

    06/03/12 - See Chicks Run 10 K - 54:23

    06/26/12 - CBA 5 K - 26:28

    09/16/12 - Rock & Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia - 2:03:07

  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011
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    4,313. Nov 11, 2012 1:29 PM (in response to NHLA)
    My last run was yours?

    NHLA - "Got totally hit on last night." So that's a bad thing?

    JMSab - Great job on your trail race!! You might be a little unstoppable after beasting that hill!! Lookout! btw, NHLA named the bra.I just wear it.

    DeGregorius - Good race!

    OC, Great time on your race!! Speaking for myself, I would feel awful if I knew there was a man behind me who was holding himself back from a better finish just so he wouldn't appear to be trying to beat me. And I can tell you the younger guys have no trouble racing past me at the last minute. I'm there to get the best time I can and they owe it to themselves to do the same. They aren't stopping me.

    Mel, sorry your bud is laid up. Hope he gets better real soon! Your morning run sounded delightful!

    AZ, you are such a powerhouse!! I don't know how you do it all. Amazing!!

    Deb, have had my heater on weeks and am in an area that's supposed to be a lot warmer. I gave in after I had to wear my coat and pants to bed under the futon to stay warm. Old house. No insulation. Sandy was cold.

    FrancesMom, nice run! You're fast!!


    Training Wed, ran ~2 mi. Thurs and started hearing my wheeze, so I laid off Fri. Wanted to run long yesterday but only got in 5.5. Weather was beautiful, in the high sixties with some wind. I was thinking of Debra's run report when I noticed the headwind. I'm such a mush brain when I run. I was planning to write *I was running so fast the I could actually feel the wind resistance.* Then I got a clue. Ahhahaha! What a dreamer!! Even though it's still nice out, I'm sitting here on the laptop stil congested and coughing. This was kinda my last chance for a long run before Philly next Sunday. I'll try tomorrow if I feel better and the rain isn't too bad.

    Run strong and fearless out there!

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

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    4,314. Nov 11, 2012 3:05 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    mkayc - On a measured road course, where time has relevance, I would have maintained my pace and passed her; but on a trail, things are different. 5-1/2 miles is about the perfect distance to run a week out from a half, by the way. You'll do great!

    jmsab - Killer time. I have a goal of sub-24 by late winter.

    NHLA - I suppose I must ask the question: Who was hitting on you?

    francessmom - Good for your son. My boy was the same way, and now he's a park ranger

    degregorius - Great time in your 10 miler. I know what you mean about ral life interfering.

    justrundan - I confess, I almost went to the rec center today and ran on the TM because of the wind, but I'm glad I didn't.


    After car trouble this morning slowed me down, I ended up running about 1:30 this afternoon. 35 degrees, sunny, winds 7-15 mph. I hate wind. But I went out for recovery pace today. 5 miles in 58:42 (roughly the same time as my 6.6 mile "tempo run" yesterday). My legs were dead, but I could tell by mile 2 that I could tough it out, so I went the full loop. As I dropped into the valley the wind diminished, so It really wasn't as bad as I had feared. Or maybe I just need to get over the wind thing. It never killed me yet.


    I just realized that about 9:30 yesterday morning I hit the 1,000 mile mark for 2012.


    Happy Autumn, everyone

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    4,315. Nov 11, 2012 5:10 PM (in response to Old Coyote)
    My last run was yours?

    Finally, a strong 5 mile run! Seems like the first good strong run since my half marathon and the cold that hit me right after. It was so warm this morning (relatively) at 45 degrees. A super run indeed.



    Old Coyote Sounds like an awesome race!! Sweet. And 1,000 mile for 2012...whoot!



    degregorius Really nice, re: Chicago's Perfect 10! Congrats on such a super race.


    jmsab23 (6:49 pace) <~ Wow! And victory on the hill. Way to go.


    NHLA "Got totally hit on last night" Whoohoo! Showing off those nice gams, are ya?


    justrundan Sounds like my run this warm!


    Francessmom What a wonderful family day and run for you!! Nice.


    mkayc Thanks Mary Kay, re: my running buddy/dog. One more week before she can join me. You should see the "sad dog face" she makes when I tell her to stay as I walk out the door to run. lol Hope that chest thing clears up!!

    My Fine Art Website

    Age: 53

    1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

    Best 5K time: 31 minutes

    Best 10K time: 1:12

    First 1/2 Marathon: 2:43

    Raised $4491 for animal charity through running

    For 2013:

    Memorial Day 5/26 10K- I hope to raise $3000 for animal charity in my "Run For The Critters"

    Maine Marathon 9/29- I hope to finish 2:30

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010
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    4,316. Nov 11, 2012 6:49 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Good 7 mile run here in northwestern MN ...easy run, 1:07:05 ~ About 23 degrees ~ yeah wore my balaclava thingy too, haha!  along with a bright orange hunter's cap ...... just to be safe from trigger happy hunters at this time around here haha! Had snow flurries &amp; been overcast all day &amp; most likely for next 6 months :(( brisk cold with slight breeze but a bit more wind last 2 miles. Temps pretty similiar to northern AZ when I left: it was sleeting! and at 7000+ ft elevation, snow expected in the mts from now on but we get to see the sun:)) feeling good &amp; recovering well ~ YAY!

    Trail runner

  • Webpro11 Legend 258 posts since
    Feb 27, 2011
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    4,317. Nov 11, 2012 8:05 PM (in response to az2mn)
    My last run was yours?

    Hi ALL, Glad the see most of you are recovered and running well. I wish I could be in that same group. I've developed some type of joint issue at my big toe. I'm getting ready to get a second opinion. First specialist wanted to do some surgery That could put me out of commission for around 6 weeks. I'm having an insert made so I'll have a little less joint movement when I run. Currently I'm just reading everybodies post and wishing I could run normal. Still planning on running the Rock N Roll HM in St Petersburg FL in Feb if all goes well. I'm going to try some run/walk intervals all week to test out the insert. Maybe next week I'll be back.

    RUN STRONG Friends

    2012 Races: Tony from Florida

    Jan.7,2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Orlando FL 02:09:14 PR

    Oct 7 2012 Chicago Marathon Chicago Illinois 05:17:43

    Feb 10, 2012 Rock N Roll Half Marathon St Petersburg FL

    2011 Races:

    Started running at 58 ( Nov 23rd 2010)

    Half Marathon Results

    Oct 31,2011 Fl Halloween Halfathron 02:18:22

    Sept 4, 2011 Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Virgina Beach Half Marathon 02:28:20

    April 30,2011 Country Music Half Marathon Nashville TN 02:56:02

  • JEFF CT Amateur 37 posts since
    Aug 6, 2012
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    4,318. Nov 11, 2012 11:30 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Hi All-


    Happy World Running Day 2012 !  - I couldnt believe all the people out today, but I guess that is what happens when its 63 degrees after dropping 3 inches of snow 2 days earlier.

    Had a pretty good run. Pushed from previous best distance for 8.24miles today. Need to get a bit thinner. Watched some videos on how to prepare sneakers for winter. Buying my first winters running gear. Will try to keep my total near 24 miles for this week. Got to build up smartly. Glad to see all the great posts on here.

    Trying to avoid injury.

    If I have to, I'll treadmill through the winter. Grateful for every day my route is safe to pass. Thanks for the ideas all.


    NHLA amazing distances. Good posts.



    Dont like the weather in New England? Wait a minute.

    2012 Aug 19, 2012 - Canton PTO LobsterLoop 5K 35:09 Oct 13, 2012 - ING Hartford 5K 31:34


    January 1, 2013 - 10K PR 59:08

    Sun Jan 27th 10am Penguin Plunge.

    Sun April 28, - Simsbury River Run (unable to register yet)

    Sun May 26, 2013 - Memorial Day Marathon (26.2 REGISTERED)

    Sun June 2 Amica Iron Horse 1/2 Marathon - (unable to register yet)

    Sun Aug 18? 2013 - Canton PTO Lobster Loop 5K (VOLUNTEER)

    Sat Sept 28 2013 - 5K Rugged Maniac (REGISTERED)

    Sat Oct 12, 2013 - 26.2 (plan is to beat May Time)

  • NHLA Legend 354 posts since
    Feb 23, 2012
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    4,319. Nov 12, 2012 5:40 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    8.3 miles 1 hr 12 min. 56 miles for the week.

    I actually got hit on by three different women. The first we have always had a connection.

    The second girl I took care of her X the other night. She has not seen him since.

    I think the third was just curious.


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