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    Nov 23, 2011
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    4,575. Nov 28, 2012 12:51 PM (in response to az2mn)
    50 and over, 5k and beyond - what are your challenges?

    I am new to this blog and to running.  I have been running a little over a year now and last weekend I completed the Renegade 5K run in 28:30, which was a new PR for me and 1st in my age division.  I have completed a total of 22 races this year including  5K/10K/11K, 4 mile races and the Dirty 6 Terrain Mud Run during this year.  Below are the upcoming races I am registered for.  I am targeting a 1/2 marathon in 2013.  I will be registering for races for New Year's Eve/Day also.

    5K Tempe AZ Run from the Cops

    15K Hot Chocolate Run Phoenix

    12K's of Christmas - Gilbert AZ

  • rcuriel Pro 178 posts since
    Mar 2, 2011

    urun - interesting article.  I guess it puts me near the danger point.  And causality hasn't been shown, just a link.  We also don't know if there is mortality compression happening (quality of life is increased with rapid decline just before death).  I prefer mortality compression and all indications are that exercise helps achieve that.


    AZ - good luck getting the training runs in.  Weather is mostly a psychological barrier. I try to take it as a challenge, but here in the Bay Area it's pretty mild...


    Marie, good to hear the training is back on track.  Keep it up!


    Debra, Awsome!  Congrats!  On to more PRs!


    Dan, This site is pretty flakey.  What browser to you use?  Hope it isn't IE.  These days I'd use chrome or firefox - even on a Mac.


    Bill, You're back!  Good to hear from you.  Where would we be w/o sibling rivalry?  I have a way to go to catch my brother...and now it looks like I shouldn't.  What do the know anyway...


    WDRich, Nice run.  My wife and I flip it - she does the 1/2s and I do the 5/10Ks (and occasionally a 1/2).  My son splits his time running with us.


    Captjer, To start a thread you need to get into a discussion group (can't be done from within a thread).  At the top of the page should be a link to "Up to Threads in Newbie Cafe (New Runners)" - if you click on that, on the right, under "Actions", will be "Start a Thread".  Click it to begin a new thread.


    Wife, Son and I did a "Turkey Trot" last Thursday.  Son did 5K,  I did the 10K and wife did the 1/2.  It was a clear crisp beautiful day with temps around 45F at the start.  There were lots of races in the area, but this one had one of the few 1/2s and was run at Hellyer Park in south San Jose.  Course is fairly flat and was an out and back for all three distances.  The races were relatively small, ~40 in the 5K, ~30 in the 10K and ~75 in the 1/2.  Son finished 4th overall, I got 5th and wife finished 1st in her AG.  Figured I would finish 2nd in my AG (50-59), but the gentleman who finished 3rd turned out to be 60.

    Time wasn't as fast as last 10K, but respectable 47:16 (would have been closer to 47, but were discussing things way in the back when the race started).

    Bad news is I appear to have injured a tendon in my front left leg (big tendon going down the front of the foot, right where it attaches to the shin, about 3 inches above the foot).  Good news is no sign of a stress fracture.  No running until at least Friday


    Run strong!



  • Captjer Rookie 2 posts since
    Feb 19, 2012

    Thank you for your help Ray. Obviously I've never blogged. I figured it was time to get into a group to maybe pick up some pointers to aid in my progress, or lack of I should say.

  • Billsr Pro 159 posts since
    May 23, 2009

    Ray-Congrats to you and your wife and son in the recent races. Pretty neat to run with family members.

    Urun- Interesting article. I think a lot of things we do fall into that risk/reward catagory and running is certainly one of them. The article fails to acknowledge the positive health benefits one derives from higher level exercise. In my case asthma, severe nasal allergies, and constant sinus headaches have been greatly reduced.  I train at between 7:30-7:45 per mile so I definately fit the group they are keying in on and I will certainly admit to being overly competitive.

    Captjer-Glad you have joined the thread.


  • WDWRich Amateur 17 posts since
    Feb 1, 2012

    Hi Ray.  It's great when the family can participate together!  In May, my wife, daughter, and hopefully our 10yo granddaughter will all be doing a 5k together.  Next September, I plan on running the Disneyland HM with our daughter.



    08/19/2012 AFC 5K 28:29

    09/01/2012 Disneyland 5K 27:08

    11/22/2012 Thank you 10K 58:17

    01/06/2013 Resolution 15K 1:30:17

    03/10/2013 San Diego HM (registered)

    09/01/2013 Disneyland HM (registered)

  • NancyLFreeman Legend 243 posts since
    Feb 17, 2010

    az2mn, the Bay of Fundy Marathon is up on the Canadian border; it starts in the little town of Lubec in Maine and crosses the border onto Campobello Island, New Brunswick!  I'm really looking forward to it because Ive never been to New England before.  In fact just a few nights ago I dreamt I was running this race, except it kept going through all these unusual places like the middle of a haunted house.  And then I got to meet the Queen!


    Nadine, you must really like to race!  Which one(s) do you have in your sites for New Year's Eve/Day?  I was kind of eyeing the one in Papago Park, depending how late I'm out the night before.


    I just got discharged from PT for a two-week trial - if I start going back downhill, I can pick back up again w/o having to revisit my doctor.  Physically I'm feeling not perfect but worlds better than I was in August when I missed a day of work because my back wouldn't support me upright!  Still some soreness in my QLs & glutes, but I'm feeling much looser.  Meanwhile, my coach has decided it's time to work on my form again.  Tuck your tailbone under!  Make an "L" with your arms!  Try to strike mid-foot!  Lift your legs like you're running through tall grass!  Relax!


    Fiesta Bowl HM coming up this weekend - the original plan was to try and break the 2-hour mark but that's looking a bit doubtful at the moment.  I think I'll settle for not killing myself on this one!


    Smooth trails and following winds everyone,



    visit me at RunningUpThatHill, my blog on Wordpress!

    6/3/12 Maraton Rapa Nui 5:00:49 (PR)

    10/16/11 Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 5:10:25

    2/20/11 Lost Dutchman Marathon 5:29:50
    2/19/12 Lost Dutchman HM 2:10:08 (PR)
    11/22/12 Mesa Turkey Trot 10K 59:48 (PR)
    4/14/12 Phoenix Firefly 5K 28:41 (PR)
    12/2/12 Fiesta Bowl HM
    12/8/12 PHX Hot Chocolate 5K
    6/23/13 Bay of Fundy Marathon
    2/14 Tokyo Marathon
    11/14 Antarctic Ice Marathon
  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010

    Welcome Nadine!!

    I "commute" between northern MN and northern AZ so I may 'run' into you at some races during the 'winter' in PHX.

    More of a trail runner, I enjoy running in the desert mts of PHX during the 'winter' cooler months only. 

    I hope to run in the Women's 10 miler event in Fountain Hills, Dec. 16th. 

    I was hoping for a HM but don't feel ready until possibly the end of the year.

    I hope to hear more about your races.

    Trail runner

  • az2mn Legend 402 posts since
    Jan 20, 2010

    HI Nan:


    Will keep that in mind, I have yet to visit New England as well.


    Trail runner

  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011

    Ray-  I use Firefox; the problem seemed to happen when I had to change my password.  All better now.  Hope your leg is healing OK.


    Nan- Wow, when you dream you really dream big!  The Queen.  Excellent.


    AZ- looking at your 2012 that is an incredible schedule and amazing times considering all the traveling you've had to do, plus your move.  Great job!


    Mostly just sloooooow stuf on TM this week, then was able to get outside on a cloudy 45 degree day today.  Nice 5.2 miler, felt so good to be on the road and not on the TM.


    Run strong and safe friends.

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • urun2me Pro 194 posts since
    Jun 7, 2010

    I didn't post the WSJ article link to discourage distance running for us in the over 50 crowd. I just thought it gave me something to think about as I plan my running calendar and my effort level. If I can get good health benefits in the 20-25 mile per week range, I'm happy with it. Quality of miles just like quality of life is the name of the game.


    I had a nice run through parts of London today. I got out early so the streets were nearly empty. I had a stranger give me a high five for being an early morning jogger which was kind of funny! The morning was cool (32) but the sky was a beautiful blue. I don't know the city well but had mapped out a course in my mind the night before. Well, I missed the first turn and continued gingerly for the next mile or so until I was comfortable that I knew where I was and could make my way back to the hotel.


    I passed through the theatre district, saw Les Miserable, Singing in the Rain, and Mama Mia (so to speak). I passed through Picadilly Circus and on to St. James Park. The Royals were not on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, but I waved to them as I ran by. There were a few other runners out and about but the area was very quiet. I started my return trip, passing Trafalgar Square and up through Covent Garden. It was a nice quiet four miles. Later in the day my husband and I returned to St. James Park. The streets were packed with people!! Where had they all been at 8:00? I guess now I understand why I got a high five!


    I'm learning to love to run in 32 degree weather. I'm even rethinking retirement locations ;-)


    Have a good week all.

  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
    Jan 18, 2008

    Before you take the WSJ article too seriously, read this.


    One of the original studies says that "... [the benefits of endurance training] accrue in a dose-dependent fashion up to about an hour per day ... beyond which more endurance training does not yield further benefits."  Which does not mean that the benefits are lost.


    And one study author said "By 120 min [per day], the hazard ratio for all-cause mortality was around 0·55 [which is better than it was for 60 min per day], with even better hazard ratios for cardiovascular diseases... The adverse effects of strenuous exercise for incremental efforts for more than an hour a day did not seem to outweigh the benefits. We were not able to identify an upper limit of physical activity, either moderate or vigorous, above which more harm than good will occur in terms of long-term life expectancy benefits."




  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011

    Thanks lenzlaw, your post and the article in runner world make it clearer.  Too bad people fudge stuff like that to fit their ideas.


    urun- sounds like a beautiful place to run, especially when quiet at 8 AM.  Enjoy your time there!


    The weather is staying warmer, 45 again today, so I did some speed work for most of my 3.2 miles today.  Ran right after church so I could get home for the Packer game!  trying to get my stride rate up to close to 180, would run near that for a minute, then walk for a minute.  With time hopefully will be able to stretch the time at the faster turnover.  plan to try that once/week with the other days being slow base building.  That's the plan for now anyway.


    have a great week friends, run strong and safe.

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • girlintheorchard Pro 168 posts since
    Aug 2, 2010

    Dan~What a stretch of beautiful weather we've had, happy to read you have been able to enjoy it!  

    urun~Enjoy running and visiting London!  Alas!  Poor Kate down with morning sickness.  Perhaps you could run some soda crackers over to her at Kensington Palace.


    Lots of "junk" miles ran the last 5 days, but just happy to break up the phone calls with some exercise.  Crazy work schedule last week and I'm on a committee responsible for an event for 300 women held this past Sunday at my church.  Eleven months of planning for a 2 hour program!  Everything went very well, but I'm exhausted.  Yesterday, 5 mile hike along Lake Michigan to take advantage of our unseasonal 55-degree weather.  Today an easy 4 mile run on the bike path.  Just received a list of 2013 races to consider running.  I'd like to train for 4 HMs.  Two in spring, and two in autumn.  So many choices, love reading all the race descriptions!


    Run strong, friends!

  • mkayc Legend 582 posts since
    Jun 8, 2011

    Dan, "nice 5.2 miler" - Great! Your training plan sounds good. I may steal.

    Urun, great article! Thanks for posting that! "Waved to the Royals" Glad you're enjoying London! Great way to visit a place!

    Nancy, good grief that's some serious mud! Bay of Fundy sounds fun! Glad to hear you're healing. Good luck!!

    Nadine, welcome and great going on your race times!

    Debra, thank you! I hadn't compared my times from last year and this until you mentioned them. Great race times 31:45 and 29:25. those training runs and hikes paid off! Congrats on the PR!! Don't beat yourself up over the shoe laces; if it's not one thing ... Relay training sounds fun!

    Ray, agreed; I had many questions after reading the article. Sorry about your injury but race sounds like an awesome experience.

    Rich, glad you enjoyed the 10k in Sun Diego with your wife!

    Marie, fatastic progress training at 20 mi with a 10 mi hike!!!

    Az, good luck with your 10 mi. race training in Az. Can't imagine running in MN in winter cold.

    Capt.Jer, welcome!

    No runs here. Am nursing cold and planning trips to the gym for strength training. Hopefully I'll follow through.

    Strong and happy runs to all!!

    Mary Kay

    Running: Started 5/6/2011; Graduated C25k - 7/21/11; Graduated B210k - 11/24/11;

    PRs: 5k - 36:42; 8k - 1:10; 4.15 m - 53.41; 10k - 1:18; HM - 2:56:31

    I may be slow but I'm persistant.

    Goals: 5k under 30 min.; HM under 2 hr.; AG award in the USAF HM! and one full marathon.

    It won't be easy but it will be worth it!

  • girlintheorchard Pro 168 posts since
    Aug 2, 2010

    MaryKay~Feel better soon!  Your tag line reminds me of one of my favorite "reel" quotes, "It's suppose to be hard.  If it wasn't hard everybody would do it.  The hard is what makes it great."  Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks), A League of Their Own.


    Yesterday dropped my son off at school, and ran the path along the river down to the track.  Beautiful, peaceful and helped to mentally prepare for the 6 x 400 speed work planned.  My goal was to only glance at my Garmin at the 200 mark on my running lap to check my pace.  This is easier in theory than practice.  I had to fight checking it every 10 steps!  I would like to get to my pace by being cognizant of my effort and breathing patterns. This will take much more practice for me!  Ran a slow recovery mile to the cafe' for a bowl of oatmeal and coffee.  Enjoyed chatting with the Salvation Army bell ringer, and looking at all the lovely shop window displays on my walk back to the school parking lot.  What a great morning!


    Run strong, friends!


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