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Nov 27, 2012 4:37 PM

Irritating knee issue!

It's been long time since I've posted here, but I'm back with some questions. Just a tiny bit of background, I've been a runner for 10 years, however, only since 2010 have I been a runner of marathon distance. Since then, I have ran 7 marathons, 10 half marathons and several other races of various distances.I'm no pro and I'm not fast. (average 4:25 marathon/1:57 half.)  I have ran all this time pain and injury free.... until now.


Since the beginning of October I have had pain on the inside of my right knee. It seemed to start while in the midst of a string of 3 half marathons in 13 days. The first one went great.  I was in pain by mile 8 of the second one, and 6 days later I ran the last of the half marathons even though I was still feeling the discomfort. I know, stupid!! But I was already registered and I traveled with 3 of my friends to do the race... I was anxious going into it and I realize I should've bailed on that one. I ended up walking most of it after mile 6 and was in misery by the end of it. I got home, took 3 weeks off completely from running. My knee seemed to be getting better. I went out again after 3 weeks of complete rest. Ran slow, and only 3 miles, 3 times that week. I had very mild discomfort, but tolerable. The next week I ran a long run of 5 miles. Seemed ok. Well, this week, I did my normal 3-4 mile runs, 3 days, and then tried a 7 mile long run. The knee was in complete pain again after 2 miles.


I have no idea what to do. I am registered to run Goofy in Disney in January. My long training run should be at 15 miles right now and I can't even do 7. I've come to realize that I won't be able to complete Goofy, but I would still like to gut out the half,even if I walk it.


My question, does anyone know what could be wrong with my knee, without me having to go to the dr., as I have no insurance. The pain is on the inside, it hurts to the touch if I poke it a little, doesn't seem to be swollen or bruised, it is very unstable where it "gives out" on me, I have to walk up and down stairs keeping that knee straight or the pressure just hurts too bad. It's also very stiff and I can't kneel down without pain. Also, what can I do to make it better? It seems to get better, but then as soon as I run on it, it's like starting at square one agian. Has anyone ever had this, and how long before it felt better? I'm completely and thoroughly depressed that I can't run and even worse that I won't be trained to do Goofy!!


Thanks for any input. I know it's hard to say without a Dr's examination. It will be my last resort.

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    1. Dec 2, 2012 7:16 AM (in response to Crista317)
    Re: Irritating knee issue!

    I won't comment on the 3 Halfs because you already know the problem there. What I am going to talk about is your use of the word "knee" instead of "knees."


    Any time you have a problem on one side versus the other, it points to an imbalance in anatomy, biomechanics, terrain, footwear, etc. In other words, barring any direct or indirect injury from trauma, a one-sided injury means something is out of balance.


    In my case, an inside of the knee injury was eventually solved by a full-length gel insole in the shoe of the other (seemingly unaffected, but not unrelated) leg, to compensate for the fact that the leg was shorter. I then compensated in the "bad knee" side for excess twisting of the foot during the gait cycle, by placing a small pad underneath the ball of the foot, correcting a problem with a short 1st metatarsal (vs. the 2nd when measured for length).


    These two interventions helped to equalize the distribution of stress between the two knees, and reduced excess motion in the knee,.respectively. Afterwards, my recovery between runs was better able to keep up with the wear and tear of running.



    Your story may be different in substance, but no doubt is similar in essence. There is an imbalance you probably have to solve.


    Having said that, there are a few common sense points that need to be covered:


    -Are you running mainly on one side of a canted (leaning toward one side) road surface?

    -Do you work out on a track oval, mostly in one direction, leaning on the turns?

    -Have you sustained an injury to either leg in the past, responsible for pain or compensation injury later?

    -Are your shoes really symmetrical? I've had multiple pairs that were not. Rotate different pairs to avoid shoe-based running faults.

    -Have you had a video analysis done of your running form? It can point to biomechanical errors that focus pressure on one knee.


    Many people can get away with minor imbalances for years, but an aggressive change to their running schedule becomes the straw that breaks the camel's back. You may eventually recover to the point of no lingering pain, but consider this a wake-up call. All machinery reaches a breaking point when pushed beyond the limits of mechanical balance. The finer the balance, the more stress it can take. Unlike ordinary machines though, our body is constantly healing and adapting to normal abuse, but can still break down when the rate of repair falls behind the rate of wear and tear.

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