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  • Ogr44 Legend 316 posts since
    May 24, 2008
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    4,620. Dec 19, 2012 6:35 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    My last run was this past monday - 5.3K in 43 min.  not too bad as I was hit by the flu saterday and spend most of sat and sun laying around.  had recovered enough to get out monday evening.  tuesday was Karate and Christmas party and today was moving piano.  Hope to get out tomorrow as my weather will not be too bad.


    Old Coyote:  I did manage couple three waddles mostly on the bike trails around boulder - not counting the 2 miles I did in Breckinridge - big difference noted between 1600 and 2900 meters!   (my base is at 100M) More power to everyone who is running at altitude  -- maybe thats were the runners high comes from?


    aiming toward PR in 4 mile on 31st   I'd like to end the year on a up note

    races in 2013 - Always trying to keep moving

    31 Dec 2012: Fairfax 4 miler: 49:34

    10 Feb 2013 Run your heart 2013 35:30

    Please check out this site:

  • Debm2011 Legend 361 posts since
    Jun 12, 2011
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    4,621. Dec 19, 2012 9:48 PM (in response to Ogr44)
    My last run was yours?

    Jeff - cute pup!  happy to hear the feet are feeling better.


    OldCoyote - amazing that you expect to hit1200 miles for the year, but I'm also pleased you're taking  a rest day - you have definitely earned it.


    OshCa - take care of that back!


    NHLA - Happy Annivesary!!


    jmsab - I think I'd rather have snow than rain at this point.  We had 3 days of rain/sleet - ick


    Dan - good luck getting your mojo back - just start your training early


    JerryRunner78 - nice comeback run.  slow and steady . ..


    Chell - welcome back and congrats on the running anniversary!  You are making great progress. 


    az - awesome race!  Loved your report - I felt like I was right there with you.


    Snerb - Sounds like paleo is agreeing with you!


    maureen - welcome!  You should be so proud of yourself.  Keep up the good work and just  keep checking in here. 


    MelodyLea - you are on fire this week!  Another strong run. 


    Ogr44 - good luck with the 4 miler on 12/31


    Strong 5 miles today!  Had to burn off last night's office Christmas party.  

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    4,622. Dec 20, 2012 6:27 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Tried something different on the TM yesterday. Was aiming for about 7 or 8 miles, but while I was running the first couple, I turned it up a little and made myself a deal. I'd run 3, maybe 4, 3-mile repeats, at 10k pace, with a couple-minutes walk in between, instead of the 8 continuous miles at a slower pace. I'd read something like this a couple months ago, but probably not exactly like it. I was going by memory, which in my case, is going bye. So I did the first three in good times, a little faster each time, with the third run about 20:20. The fourth one, though, started getting to my quads, so I lowered the incline and turned the speed down after the first mile, and finished it in 23:00. Total time for the four runs (12 miles) was 1:28:26,   7:22 pace.


    My marathoner friend just posted on Facebook a picture of her raffle drawing prize from last April's Boston Marathon Expo. The package was delivered to her house the other day:  A huge case of Energy Bars (about 27 pounds, I think), a new Garmin watch, and a certificate for a nutrition-plan discussion session with a food expert from the Energy Bar company.


    Chell..... Excellent, excellent work!!! You cut your time in half, or, another way to look at it (which I personally like), you doubled your speed!!! You're twice as fast as you were last year!!

    Az2Mn...2nd in AG, prizes, and a total of 10.1 miles - All VERY GOOD!!!!!!

    Jerry 78..... Way to get back at it, but listen to the ol' body.

    JustrunDan.... With the snow and winter becoming more of a reality, the TM may become your best friend. It does in my training.

    Maureen0131...... You are an inspiration for many. I'm glad your knee pain is just "losing pains." Three 5ks is something to be very proud of. If you aren't working on NY's Day, and you can find a race that day, it's a good psychological booster, to be able to say you ran your fastest 5k of the year!  Good luck in your continued successes.

    DebM and Melody... "Strong" and "Great" runs.  Good feelings to have, no doubt.

    Coyote... I've been meaning to ask -- did you get a new job?


    There's some big, round, white thing in the sky today. I can't remember what they call it, but it hasn't been there for a while.

    Run like there's no tomorrow, Mayans!!

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    4,623. Dec 20, 2012 11:01 AM (in response to jmsab23)
    My last run was yours?

    jmsab23 and JustrunDan:  As with most runners who do not like TM running, I have found a guide that makes the most out of running on a TM.  The 'even stephen' training program is specifically for TM if you don't have much time and/or when part of your work is travelling and staying in hotels, and/or weather conditions doesn't allow for trail running. I found the article in one of the running magazines and made copies of it which I keep in different bags.  You have run different race distances like I have so you know your race pace and effort pace.  I like the 'even stephen' training guide when I have to run on a TM so I don't get bored and start to fade, it keeps me focused. It's similar to intervals, and you jog in between. I do it at least once but I have gotten to a point where I do it twice for about a total of 12 miles (depending on your speed) but more than that, I need to run my trails. On my trails, I tend to follow the philosophy of Galloway with some modifications to the run-walk one minute-run depending on the distance planned. I implement it in my races, especially HMs and FMs and found that I have kept up with the runners who have run continuously compared to my taking walk breaks.  I know it has improved my strong finish when runners are losing energy in the end. Most importantly, it has definitely lessened muscle fatigue and stress resulting in less recovery times, a lifesaver as I have gotten more 'seasoned.'


    Maureen:  welcome and impressive on your 5k runs!!

    Melody:  WAY TO GO on staying motivated during winter conditions!!

    DebM: are you planning on a race soon?

    OC:  hope the new year brings good news!

    Trail runner

  • chell730 Expert 40 posts since
    Aug 11, 2012
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    4,624. Dec 20, 2012 12:17 PM (in response to az2mn)
    My last run was yours?

    No running for me today. I'll be running tomorrow! I just wanted to share that I am sooo excited about 2013.  A friend of mine and I are planning to run 1000 miles a piece next year!! I've started on my race schedule and am shocked! I've got 2-5ks, 1-7k, 1-10k, 2 half marathons and a marathon scheduled already.  I am sure that I'll be doing a few other 5k's (Pretty sure I'll be doing a 5k in June in honor of my grandmother and probably another 2 in the fall and another 10k.)  I'm soooo excited. I can't wait for 2013. 


    "Your story is your power, not your shame." ~Ryan Blair~

    Started 12/19/2011- Nike program

    Nike+ chell622

    Soles for Education 5k- 36:29

    Armed Forces 5k- 36:14

    Christie Clinic Illinois half Marathon 4/27/2013

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    4,625. Dec 20, 2012 12:28 PM (in response to chell730)
    My last run was yours?

    I've been having trouble all week accessing this site. I finally was able to read this page today but can't get back pages to open. I will keep trying because I want to read how everyone has been doing.

    I ran Tuesday and my run was lousy. The weather was actually warm - about 55 and partly sunny. To me it felt like 85! I only made it 2 miles and had to walk back. I just felt wiped out. Worked out at Y yesterday - treadmill, stair climber, rowing machine, weigjhts - with DH. Ran again today. It was cold 41 but sunny. I ran 3.87 in 29 minutes! Pace of 7.31! This is my fastest time ever. I wasn't even trying to run fast. I have no watch, I just go by the local digital clock on my start/stop corner. Instead of glancing to see my time, I run how I feel. I try to run faster against any headwind, downhills, across streets and even uphill. Apparently whatever I am doing is working.

    Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

    6/11/2011 - Warrior Dash Pennsylvania - 52:26

    6/24/2011 - CBA 5K - 27:11

    8/7/2011 - Danskin Sherox Triathlon Philadelphia - 1:54:16

    11/5/2011 - Penn Homecoming 5K - 28:46

    11/13/11 - Media Mud Stain 5 mile - 53:39

    05/06/2012 - Broad Street Run 10 Mile - 1:36:11

    06/03/12 - See Chicks Run 10 K - 54:23

    06/26/12 - CBA 5 K - 26:28

    09/16/12 - Rock & Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia - 2:03:07

  • CKLindsay Expert 49 posts since
    Mar 3, 2011
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    4,626. Dec 20, 2012 2:07 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    It's been awhile, I'm warming up in Starbucks and waiting for some updates to download on my computer. You've all been very busy. I'm kinda jealous. just to turn the tables: It's a chilly 79*f here and very windy, I'm wishing I brought my hoodie with me. :-)

    Francessmom: you were so far ahead of me in Philly! Good job. I'm hoping to hit it again this year (I've already registered but my work schedule might not line up.)

    I've been lazy. Last week I just swam. I didn't know how far I went because I was doing laps between buoys working on my breathing and form. Yesterday I should have swam again but I decided I needed to finally get my Christmas presents finished and wrapped. I put four boxes in the mail this morning (cost me $60!) at least they should get them by New Year's! I've just been exhausted with work. I had 3 long days followed by 2 early mornings. Today is my shortest day and I have to be back to work in 3 hours. Hopefully my downloads are finished by then.

    We had a christmas bar-b-que tuesday and I pigged out on lobster and cookies... I was so happy to hit my goal weight on weight watcher's last week and then I forgot to weigh myself this morning. oops.

    I have a hard time finding the will power to run when all I want to do is sleep on my off time. And if I want to get anything done I have to choose between squeezing in a workout or running errands. It helps that I walk everywhere. Except today because I had to ride the shuttle. Can't walk 3 miles carrying 4 boxes of presents in the wind. I'll see if I have enough time to walk back once my comp is updated.

    I wish I could get online more often you are all such good motivation. If only the e-mail updates still worked.


    Happy holiday's ya'll!

    2013 Races:

    the 8 Tuff Miles, St. John, USVI Feb 23 1:49:16 (PR)

    Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Edinburgh April

    Rock 'n' Roll Half Philly, PA Sept

    2012 Races:

    The 8 Tuff Miles, St. John, USVI Feb 25: 1:51:45

    Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Philly, PA Sept 16 2:46:05 (PR)

    Completed Race:

    2011 The 8 Tuff Miles, St. John, USVI 1:58:25

  • MelodyLea Legend 329 posts since
    Oct 4, 2011
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    4,627. Dec 20, 2012 4:28 PM (in response to CKLindsay)
    My last run was yours?

    A great 5 mile run this morning! What a spectacular day, crystal clear with deep blue sky. Wow. It was nice not to have a single ache or pain today, thanks to my super foam roller and Marathon Stick.



    Old Coyote Enjoy the snow clad rest!


    NHLA *High Fives* as you whiz past me! Zoom zoom


    Ogr44 So glad you are feeling better.


    Debm2011 **Low Fives** on our strong five mlie runs! Whoot.


    jmsab23 Nice TM workout! Your friends raffle drawing sounds so cool!!


    az2mn Great advice, thanks!!


    chell730 Wow, that's is a lot of racing! You go, girl.


    Francessmom "Pace of 7.31" <~ WOW! Awesome.


    CKLindsay **Waves** You'll get that motivation back after the holidays, I'm sure.

    My Fine Art Website

    Age: 53

    1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

    Best 5K time: 31 minutes

    Best 10K time: 1:12

    First 1/2 Marathon: 2:43

    Raised $4491 for animal charity through running

    For 2013:

    Memorial Day 5/26 10K- I hope to raise $3000 for animal charity in my "Run For The Critters"

    Maine Marathon 9/29- I hope to finish 2:30

  • Old Coyote Legend 256 posts since
    Apr 9, 2011
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    4,628. Dec 20, 2012 8:57 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Wow, so much going on! Welcome to JerryRunner78, Maureen, glad you're running pain free.

    AZ2MN - grats on the AG award. Ogr44 - Good luck in the 4 miler. Francessmom - Just run. CKLindsay - Hi!  jmsab - No job, good interview today, but nothing moving right now. Everybody else - I read your posts, I just got swamped by them


    About 6 miles tonight, in an hour, with a group on Green Mountain. I ran in my new screw shoes (say that 5x fast), probably didn't need them, but it was nice to have that security. The snow was drifted shin deep in spots and in others the ground was bare. I ran with a small hand held flashlight as well as my headlamp and the additional light source really gave dimension to the terrain. I never so much as kicked a rock tonight.


    As far as 1000 miles per year goes, that is 20 miles/week, which really will provide all the health benefits that 100 miles/ week would and none of the injuries. Most intelligent people would stop at that distance.


    Oh, well. Run free!

  • jmsab23 Legend 243 posts since
    Aug 19, 2011
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    4,629. Dec 21, 2012 5:21 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Did my core workout and added a couple attempts at some new stretches I saw on a workout video. Nope, can't do 'em. Not like they did on the video anyway. I can't get my arm down to the floor in my lunge position, and when I was done, my left knee hurt, just on the inside part of the kneecap. No idea how/when.... I never felt any sharp pain. But when I was all done, it hurt a little. Won't try that one again. Ran 4 miles after that, kind of shaking the knee and working it out. 29:57.

    For those who saw my post about my marathoner friend, she added another FB post yesterday: She got another delivery of two more large cases of PowerBars!! And some PowerBar gear, which I'm assuming means clothing.

    Coyote.... I've increased my weekly mileage to over 30 for the past four weeks and I'm feeling it lately. Kind of tired runs, not feeling as great as I was a couple weeks ago when I was happy about doing over 30. I think, in my case, anyway, you're right........ a little less would be better for me. This will be the last week in the 30s. I'll have a back-off week this week and see how it goes. Maybe Santa will bring me some energy.

    Francessmom.... I am also having a hard time logging into the site, but am getting in after three or four attempts.  Excellent time for your run!!!

    Chell..... Very busy young lady in 2013!!! Good luck with all your races!!

    Melody..... You've got that attitude thing going on, don't you? (A spectacular day with a great run, and my super foam roller...). I'm happy the Mayans didn't get me.


    Have nice days, runners.

  • Old Coyote Legend 256 posts since
    Apr 9, 2011
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    4,630. Dec 21, 2012 8:47 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    jmsab - I'm still shooting for 1200 miles, which means 4.1 miles/day, or basically 30 mpw. I would probably do better by running less days per week, more miles per day, but It's doing me some good in other ways to run daily. I'm just running easy, making sure I stay uninjured. After New Years Day (gotta run New Years Eve and Day) I'll change up my training, take a step back week or two.


    3.34 miles this morning, 31:34 overall including just missing the light out and back. I ran a slow warmup and then about 2.1 miles at tempo, followed by a slow cooldown. And it was cool; 25 degrees and a little breeze will cool your wicking fabrics quite well.


    I have a 5K on January 5th and one on the 13th. The one on the 13th is a tradition for me, and there's a club run 5K on the 5th I'll use to tune up.

  • chell730 Expert 40 posts since
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    4,631. Dec 21, 2012 10:59 AM (in response to Old Coyote)
    My last run was yours?

    OC- I am pretty sure I'll end up over that for the year.  Even with my training programs and on weeks I don't have a running plan running 20 a week, I should end up over over 1100.  I'm also going to be running some to help train my husband for his first 5k.  (I also don't know how much time I'll slow down after my first marathon.  I'll probably dial down my running for several weeks after it.)


    I got in a 35 mile run today which totaled 3.32 miles for me. This is my first week back to running. I was hoping my sinus' would finally drain so I can go back to breathing but they wouldn't so I forged on without waiting. I think it was more of allergies than a sinus infection. 


    I know everyone has been talking about the end of the world but I knew today isn't the end of the world because I haven't run a marathon yet.   


    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend runs and I want to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!!


    "Your story is your power, not your shame." ~Ryan Blair~

    Started 12/19/2011- Nike program

    Nike+ chell622

    Soles for Education 5k- 36:29

    Armed Forces 5k- 36:14

    Christie Clinic Illinois half Marathon 4/27/2013

  • justrundan Legend 202 posts since
    Jul 22, 2011
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    4,632. Dec 21, 2012 6:47 PM (in response to chell730)
    My last run was yours?

    OC- I was low on the snow estimate- we got anywhere from 16-18" of wet snow over a 24 hour period, along with lots of wind.  More schools closed in south central WI than I've ever seen for one storm, and for 2 days!  No running outside anytime soon!


    Chell- great job on the drop in your running time!  Excellent.  It will be great to see your progress in the next year.


    OshCat- I looked at the Hal Higdon site, those look interesting. I'm thinking about doing Novice 2 for the May HM and perhaps Intermediate for the one in September.


    az2mn- thanks for the tip; with the way this winter is shaping up, I just need to research some different ways of using the TM so it isn't so boring.  Embrace it and make it work for me.


    Family arriving tonight through the weekend, looking forward to great family time.


    Run strong and safe!

    Dan-started running 1/29/2011 at age 57

    notable 2012 runs:

    Crazylegs Classic-Madison-8K--4/28/2012--00:52:14

    Roxbury Rural Run--5K--5/5/2012-- 29:32-PR

    Haslanger Classic--10K--8/4/2012--1:06:19 PR

    WO-ZHA-WA Run--HM--9/15/2012--2:37:45

    Honky Tonk Marathon- Wisconsin Dells- 10/21/2012-5:39:09

    2013 runs:

    Fleet Feet New Year's Day Dash-8K-1/1/2013--54:23

    Door County HM- 5/4/2013

    Fox Cities HM- 9/22/2013 (60thBD!)

  • NHLA Legend 354 posts since
    Feb 23, 2012
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    4,633. Dec 21, 2012 7:39 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    7.2 miles 52 min. cold  40mph winds. Feel like I have been beaten up.

    I have run 2700 miles this year so far.

    sorry you are snowed in Dan.

    fran nice pace,

    CK Hi glad you are back.

  • Debm2011 Legend 361 posts since
    Jun 12, 2011
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    4,634. Dec 21, 2012 7:44 PM (in response to justrundan)
    My last run was yours?

    jmsab - ouch, don't do that again!  My yoga instructor makes a point to say each class "don't do something because I tell you to, only do what feels good for your body."  Sometimes I even listen to her. 


    az - I need to get some TM routines too - I hate hate hate the TM.  I have a feeling there is going to come a time very soon when weather conditions will not permit outdoor running here.  I have a 5 mile race scheduled for New Year's Day, but nothing beyond that yet.  Insane work schedule isn't helping my motivation or my sleep levels.


    chell - wow you certainly believe in planning ahead - look at that race schedule!  Can  you bottle that motivaion?  I'll take 2.


    francesmom - I've been having login problems too but usually get in afer a couple of tries.


    CK - hi!  nice to hear from you.  your weather sounds dreamy


    MelodyLea - talk about bottling energy - I'll take 3!  Whoot on your super 5 mile run!!


    OldCoyote - 7 days a week - wow.  Just make sure you get some rest here and there.


    Dan - that's a lot of snow!  Have fun with your family


    no run today - ankle is taped and unhappy.  Yesterday was 2.5 miles - no sleep, tired legs, twingy ankle.  I'm not setting the alarm tonight - if I wake up for my water aerobics class, good for me but I'm not pushing it.


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