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I can't seem to commit to clean eating, it makes me gag!! Why??!?

So I began working out consistently about 8 months ago, and for some time my eating was a lot better than it was in the past. However, I never seem to enjoy "clean food" of course it isn't as tasty as everything else you can cook that isn't very healthy. I continued working out but stopped eating healthy and of course I gained all of the weight I had lost... I started doing CrossFit about 4 months ago and have been able to build muscle and what not, but my eating totally sucks and I feel it holding me down in my workouts. As of January 2nd I committed to eating clean once again, but unfortunately EVERYTHING makes me gag!!! I don't understand why??? The food isn't nasty to me, but the texture of just about everything is constantly making me gag and it makes me dread the time for another meal. I really want to focus on getting abs and a healthy body, but I know it mainly comes from the kitchen... I'm just out of options, I try adding different veggies to my food and spices but it doesn't work. It takes me about 45 mins at the very least to finish a meal opposed to the 5 minutes it used to take me to absorb a plate full of my previous meals. I know it's all mental, but does anybody have any tips on how to overcome this? It is driving me nuts and stressing me the **** out !!!!



I'm a 23 year old female

currently 156# 24% Body Fat


the lowest weight that I was back in September was 138# 19.8% BF ... YES I managed to gain that much weight in 3 months... LOL.


**I have been attempting Paleo for 4 days now, and unfortunately I had a few pieces of orange chicken today haha... SO HARD

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