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Jan 7, 2013
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Jan 7, 2013 11:59 AM

Struggling newbie!!

Hi all, I've just signed up to this site today in hope of gaining some inspiration to continue on my struggle to become a regular runner.


I've always been quite a sporty person but when it comes to running I cant seem to get into a rhythm. I can run for very short lengths of time then have to walk again to gather my breath.


Does anyone have some tips on how I can overcome this first barrier?





  • edensacres Pro 197 posts since
    Jun 19, 2010
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    1. Jan 7, 2013 1:57 PM (in response to PaulaMediaStudent)
    Struggling newbie!!

    Hi Paula,

    You have come to the right place.  You will find lots of support here.  I have a question for you-  are you committed to running a certain distance/are you committed to giving running a serious (and honest try)?  It can be difficult, but if you thrive off of challenges this may be for you!  A few thoughts/suggestions 1)  I would recommend the C25K program (or some other plan).  You can download it on a smartphone and it takes all the thinking out of it for you.  I started the program 3 times before finally completeing it.  Injuries stopped me twice, but each time I came back it was a little easier. 2) Feel free to repeat weeks, or days.  3)learn to be content at any pace.  As long as you are moving faster than a couch you are doing great.  What I mean is, running can be lots of things, including my personally best -slogging (slow jogging).  You don't have to be fast. 4) Walk breaks are acceptable, schedule them and use them, even when you don't think you need them at first.  Your body, heart and lungs, have to get use to this.  5) the Pace/rhythm will come eventually.  Oddly enough it took me till I built up to the "20 minute run"  to find an rhtythm (it lasted from about minute 12-15) but it felt different and I knew there was something to look forward to.  6) strech well after your run.  7) find something positive after every run - (I ran longer, farther, stretched better or my personal favorite - damn that shower felt great).  and lastly 8) find a place, here or a different thread and keep in touch and keep reaching out. 


    Good luck and happy running!


    Started C25K 3/29/11 for the third time - Graduated 7/1/11 - some of us take longer

    Completed Races

    Webster Co. Woodchopping Festival 5K (5/28/11) 38:03 "Holy crap! Did he just say 38 something? I was hopinig for 45 minutes"

    Never underestimate yourself!

    That Dam Race 5K 7/23/11 44:46 - a challenging route & a hot day- but I will do better next year!

    "Run for the Ta-Ta's 5K 10/29/11 39:54 in the snow!

    Woodchoppers 5K 5/26/12 36:08 My 5 year old was 5 minutes behind me. Way to go Liat!

    Fly By 10k 6/16/12 1:24:12

    And the dream race...

    "Flying Pig Half Marathon" Cincinnati, OH (May 2013)

  • helloitsanne1 Rookie 6 posts since
    Jan 2, 2013
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    2. Jan 7, 2013 2:13 PM (in response to PaulaMediaStudent)
    Struggling newbie!!

    Hi Paula,


    I'm in the same situation as you (though it looks like our weight categories differ significantly lol).  I've had a much harder time cardiovascularly with running than with anything else. 


    I've just been keeping with it, hoping that soon it'll pay off.  I guess I can say that my max running time of 30 seconds has increased to 3 minutes, so technically that's a big increase, though it can seem so puny sometimes. 


    Also, I've been told that fast walking is still a very good workout, and I have noticed that I make up a lot of lost ground when I walk faster than people who can technically run faster than I do.  I just have to keep reminding myself of those facts when I want so badly to be able to run the whole thing.


    I look forward to seeing more experienced runners' replies to this thread!



    Determined to lose 100 pounds in a healthy way, thinking long-term. Run/walking 5ks as a part of the process. Follow my progress at The Little Blue Dress.


    10/27/12 - Celia Hays Elem. Spooktacular 5k - Rockwall, TX - 49:49:93 - my first 5k!

    12/1/12 - NFHS Jingle Bell Run 5k - Garland, TX - 45:23:00

    2/6/13 - Dash for the Beads 5k - Dallas, TX - 44:34:00 - holy crap, the hills!

    3/2/13 - Jones Elem. Jag Jog 5k - Rockwall, TX - 45:27:14 - this was not my day

    4/6/13 - The Color Run 5k - Dallas, TX - just for fun

    8/3/13 - Melon Dash 5k - McKinney, TX

    11/9/13 - Urban Dare - Ft. Worth, TX

  • ultimatehlth Pro 118 posts since
    Jul 13, 2009
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    3. Jan 9, 2013 6:55 PM (in response to PaulaMediaStudent)
    Struggling newbie!!

    Actually interval training (running for say 30 sec followed by walking for 2 minutes) is more effective for fat loss and conditioning. I would start by jogging for 30 seconds and walking for 1 - 2 minutes repeating for 20 minutes in total. Gradually try to extend the jogging segment but stay at twenty minutes total. When you can job the full 20 minutes a whole new worl of training possibilities will open up for you. Like all exercise do this everyother day.


    Personal Trainer Hollywood - Studio City

  • danhouse1 Amateur 8 posts since
    Jan 16, 2012
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    4. Jan 19, 2013 1:02 PM (in response to ultimatehlth)
    Struggling newbie!!

    Many people will disagree with the effectiveness of interval training for fat loss. It takes a warm body to metabolize fat. It might take as much as 15- 20 minutes of slow running before a person begins burning fat. This is an issue of the persons condition and ability to burn fat. Women have a slight advantage over men in this department. The important thing for the OP is to keep the heart rate elevated long enough to burn fat. The important thing for a beginning runner to think about: run really slow, for as long as possible. Try and keep your heart rate elevated for as long as possible with a combination of running and  walking.

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