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5 Reasons Men Do Not Want To Say Love

How many times he's said "I love you"? can be counted on the fingers huh?

Well, believe that the attitude he showed it was not because he does not love you know. For men, the feeling of love is not necessarily always demonstrated through words.

So, if they are in love, why do they refuse to express in words? Turns out there's a reason.

Less expressive!

Some friends Vemale admit that saying the phrase "I love you" or "I love you" is less expressive. For them, the feeling is much more appropriate expression when delivered via # attitude. Whether it's a time of hugs, kisses or cuddling, and so forth.

"If you just say I love you wrote all men can, but who patiently accompanied him everywhere and he ngertiin'm just someone special. And that love," Arief - 31 years.

It sounds fake

Nah! He feels that 'I love you' is not enough to prove that someone really loves. Moreover, if only limited via SMS or chat. Well, it could be just autotext deliberately kept.

Not that if there is a man who uttered this phrase means all false love ya, but for men this sentence is sacred and can not be any pronounced.

"Bit-bit says 'I love you' instead liar will say ..." Rully - 29 years.

Sometimes so annoying

Whether it was already full poisoned movies, romance novels and soap opera drama, he becomes exasperated and feel utterance 'I love you' so a bit annoying and makes ears itch.

Especially if their moment as I said it is not appropriate, in addition to feel like a lie, it felt really very disturbing.

"Never before in the office and the fit was really busy, he insisted on the phone and I said 'I love you' at the end of the phone. Spontaneous me angry. Why should ya a little bit saying 'I love you'?" Zul, -29 years.

Less memorable

It seemed a long time so ordinary when spoken continuously. Try if for example pronounced at certain moments, so it must make chilling goose bumps and a deep heart.

Part of the male ego

It is part of the ego that makes him so proud to say that sacred phrase. Some men feel weak and desperate when he said the words 'I love you'. Men want to still look tough, hard and soft, that's why they are reluctant to do the girls thing or something sweet.

Even so, it does not mean saying 'I love you' is something bad impression. Because actually it says 'I love you' is a phrase that discharge from the heart.







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