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Apr 16, 2013 11:47 AM

Broken Ankle Parachuting



I use to use these forums back in '05 when I started running, a lot's changed huh?


Anyway, I have now been running for 8 years, I am 24 years old, I generally do it to connect with myself and to keep fit/stay in shape. My standard routine was 8 miles three times a week, which I could do in 50 minutes, so it wasn't amazing but it was ok for me.


Running has always been my past time, and an important part of my job as a police officer (UK).


In 2010 I joined the army part-time, alongside being a police officer, and joined an airborne unit.

On my last training jump (a night jump), I broke my ankle in three places, I then developed compartment syndrome and was a few hours off losing my leg. (Not the compartment syndrome you can get through overuse obviously).


This was in July 2012, I was in hospital for two weeks, and I had surgery 6 times.


It took me until Dec time to walk without a limp.


In January I started running again, twice a week on the treadmill (before this I was still using the rower/cross trainer).


At the start of March I upped it to 3 miles twice a week, and I am running 7:00 minute miles.


However, I just wanted to know if anyone else out there had suffered a broken ankle and their experiences? Basically my main worry is that I'll never be back up to the 10 miles with a full backpack again in my life, I was due to deploy to Afghanistan and this is still a priority for me.


At the moment I can run without a limp or the need for painkillers, but it still feels what I would describe as uncomfortable. If you touch the skin on my lower leg, above the ankle, it all feels bruised, and sometimes after running, my ankle is quite stiff which causes me to limp again.


I have kept up with my physio who is overall impressed, but the doctors just tell me eventually I will make a full recovery, but it certainly doesn't feel like that.


Any comments would be welcome.


Thank You



I have attached a picture of my leg which was cut open to counter the compartment syndrome, it is graphic.

I have also attached an x ray of my ankle.

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    1. Apr 16, 2013 12:54 PM (in response to AirborneConstable)
    Broken Ankle Parachuting

    I broke both tib and fib in a motorcycle accident many years ago. It appears that your injury was mainly to these bones as well. I was young (18), but it took years to completely get rid of the discomfort, and many years before I would really test the bones by becoming a runner. Eventually I added some marathoning and did pretty well for my age.


    It sounds like running means a lot to you, but your comeback is more of what I would expect from somebody whose paycheck depends on being able to perform. I suppose that is the case, but you have to expect some discomfort when the integrity of your leg was disrupted by the accident and subsequent surgeries as much as we see here.


    Absent any complications from the metal interfering with the normal movement of muscles and tendons, the pain will probably eventually go away like mine did.


    I am in awe of your resolve to run and to serve, and wish you the best in your complete recovery and continued success as a runner. Good luck!


    BTW: I'm not sure you should directly post your medical records on the internet. It might affect insurance later if you ever relocate to the States.

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    2. Apr 16, 2013 6:41 PM (in response to AirborneConstable)
    Broken Ankle Parachuting

    Be sure to add proprioceptive training to your routine. Not only will it help in recovery, but it will help prevent (or at least minimize) reinjury.



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