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What You Need To Know About Web Remote Support Applications

Many companies set up offices in different locations and require a WebRemote Support tool for management of their operations. Such tools, no doubt,help companies to work more efficiently. The resources that WebRemote Support tools help saves can be used for other important businessfunctions.

Remote desktop tools are hugely popular, and probably that’s why oftenmalicious programmers attack them to get through a company’s network. While thesecurity threat is real, you can successfully avoid it if you have goodknowledge about remote desktop tool and how they work.

Simply put, remote desktop tool is exactly what it names say. It allowsyou to access and take control of another pc remotely. To remotely accessanother pc, you can either use the application built-in in Windows or use athird-party application.

The built-in Windows application has strong limitations. The mostsignificant being its inability to connect you to a non-Windows computer. Withthe default Windows application, you can only establish a connection betweentwo or more Windows computers.

If you need to remotely connect two different types of operating system,you must opt for a third-party application, like the ones provided by Cisco,Appliances, RHUB, UltraVNC, TeamViewer, etc.

Companies providing managed IT services usually use remote desktopapplications for different purposes such as for management of securityapplications, desktop applications, command line programs, and shared drive,installation of new software and security patches, and troubleshooting pcerrors.

Employees who need to use RemoteSupport applications must have some knowledge about them. To access acomputer remotely from another computer, it is not necessary that bothcomputers be on the same network. However, the settings and permissions of thecomputer that is being remotely accessed should allow a remote connection.

A user can login into another computer remotely by entering its IPaddress and feeding in the login credentials. The user can access any file orapplication installed in the remote computer. If the remote user is an systemadministrator, he/she can also fix any application that is not working.

To perform such functions, a user does not have to access a machinephysically. By incorporating remote desktop tools, an organization can empowerits in-house IT support team, who can use it to troubleshoot computer issuesremotely.

While remote desktop softwareis mostly used for providing remote computer support, they sometimes are alsoused by hackers. Unscrupulous people may mislead you to gain access to yourcomputer and the data stored in it. Hackers may use different tactics formisleading unsuspecting users. For example, someone may call you and tell youthat your PC is infected and necessary action must be taken immediately.

Given the security threat that hackers pose, it is recommended that youcheck the credentials of a user before giving him/her Web Remote Support toyour computer. This way, you can safely use remote desktop tools. 


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