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Dan's Run Blog, thoughts, and trots

I've been writing alot about my running and thought it may be better to just create my own thread. Mainly because when I start writing, I'm a bit more prolific than most

and end up writing multiple times more verbage than most other people. Nevertheless, I'd rather put my thoughts in one thread and package than all over the place. Alot of my posts have

been about my recent races, getting back into racing, my ups and downs, and weight loss. But I may want to write about other things, and tired of fishing thru all the threads to talk about it. So the heck with it, I'll just have my own thread. Hence this thread blog. How long it will last is anyones guess. If anyone wants to share something, feel free. However, this is a dumping ground of my thoughts in and around running. (I keep thinking about Gary Busey for some reason. Was watching him on you tube the other night, loved him playing Buddy Holiday, but once in a while the crazy actor says something that makes me go when he said "Now...No other way." Simple, but think about it, and it's like, yeah, makes sense.)

To sum up in a nut shell up to this point, this is my second time as a beginner runner. The first time was nearly 20 years ago when I went from an overweight waiter couch potato to running the 1994

LA Marathon in less than 3:30 and running 6 minute per mile 5ks. Then of course life took me other directions and here I am, 20 years later, overweight, couch potato (not anymore) starting to run again. Basically starting again about 6-8 months ago at 5 foot 8, 216 pounds. Now I find myself at 163 pounds and close to getting under the 22 minute mark for 5k. My ultimate long term goal is to get back to running 18:30 5k's (6 min per mile) again. Then moving it to the 10k, and pretty much being a good 5k;10k runner. At the moment, I'm not there but I admit it's fun to set short term goals and achieve them up to the main goal. What do they say, the pleasure is in the journey, not the destination?

So I recently finished up the Cirque Du Soleil race (can never spell it right) at Springs Reserve and not to repeat my post about it (under talk about your race) thread, but logged in a time of 7:35 pace per mile. I could of run faster than that I think but I started out too fast, which is easy to do if anyone has runned that race, the beginning is a slight decline. But I'm feeling good and just two days ago was able to do a 3X1 mile at a 6:58 pace per mile with a 3 minute rest between.

At any rate, just signed up and running the Douglas Green Memorial 5k in Summerlin, for a cause that means something to me being a Navy Vet of 8 years, military care packages for overseas U.S. members. So I'm looking forward to that, and with proper training, a good day of weather, hopefully a new PR.

More to come,

Happy running,


P.S. I think I'll re-paste my posts only of my other races to my thread here, but keep the others out. It's my main writing on the site so far anyway and contributes some to where I'm heading.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep."

Robert Frost

Los Angeles Marathon on March of 1994: 3 hr 28 min 9 sec

Run with Santa 5k on 12/22/12: 25 min 19 sec

Mardi Gras 5k on 02/09/13: 24 min 50 sec

Cirque Du Soleil 5k on 03/16/13: 23 min 33 sec

Douglas Green Memorial 5k on 05/18/13: 22 min 47 sec

4th of July 5k Blast on 07/04/13:???

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