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All You Can Eat And Still Lose Weight

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What do you think of when you hear the word diet? I’ve always found it ironic that the word diet has ‘die’ in it and that’s what most of the diets I’ve been on feel like—death. By definition a dieting in its verb form means restricting oneself to small amounts or specials kinds of food with the purpose of losing weight. But what if there is a diet that allows your body to shed the pounds without restrictions or limitations? We’ll get back to that later but first let’s talk about how we put those pounds on.


How did we gain weight?


Aren’t you tired of people asking about ways to lose weight? Aren’t you tired of asking yourself how you can lose weight? One morning (about every 3 weeks) you commit to never eating sweet baked goods or anything fried. The very same day you find yourself at a party with an irresistible chocolate mousse in the smallest bowl and you think “That little thing isn’t going to hurt”. And the cycle goes on. That’s how we gain weight. For some of us, we don’t remember ever being skinny anymore.


The first step to losing weight loss is recognizing that there is a problem with your eating and exercising lifestyle. No one wants to hear it and no one wants to talk about it. It is much easier to think about how you’re going to change than really list the things that you are doing wrong. You don’t have to run yourself down but look at yourself in the mirror and really acknowledge that you are not just a victim but have also played a part in where you are right now.


We gain weight when we eat more calories that we use. The solution is not to stop eating or going on a crash diet. There is a diet that allows you to lose weight without restricting the amount of food you eat.


How does the Dukan Diet work?


Dukan Diet


There is no catch.


The diet works in 4 phases. In the first phase you’re introduced to 72 high-protein foods along with oat bran that gives you the fiber your body needs. Protein naturally suppresses hunger so they claim that by day 3 on the diet, you will not feel as hungry as you used to. You will lose a lot in the first phase and you might feel some side-effects but that’s just your body cleansing itself from all that you’ve put into it over the years.


Over the second phase you will continue to lose weight but at a slower rate and you will be allowed to eat more foods.


The third and fourth phases are crucial to making sure you never, ever regain that weight.


By the end of it, the possibilities of what you can eat are amazing and you’ll have probably learned a ton of new recipes. It’s not just another low-carb diet but rather this is the kind of lifestyle change that needs to take place for long-lasting weight loss.


Those of you that want to get amazing results should definitely check out Biswanath's blog over at Obesity And Weight Loss - A blog deals with Obesity and Weight loss

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