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May 29, 2013 1:26 AM

Howdy. I'm new.

Not just new to the site. New to running, period.


I mean, yeah. I ran when I was in school. I remember I really liked it. Then I got fat, and I didn't like running so much anymore. But I still remember what it felt like to enjoy it, and I wanna do it again.


I started a c25k in November, stopped after one day when I realized there was no way I could run with 225 pounds on my 5'1" frame without causing some serious damage. So I started walking. Then I stopped, then I started again, and then life got insane and I stopped again. My schedule is still stupidly erratic, but I've decided to just make the best of it and start again. I think it might be different this time. Things Have Happened.


I was browsing through various 5k races that were coming up in my area, and saw one of my favorite causes was having their fundraising run. The St. Louis Zoo, if you're curious... free to the public, so they find other ways to make money, like Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k. I LOVE ANIMALS, so I was all over this... and then saw that the race was less than a week away. And I hadn't been to the gym in weeks. Didn't care. Paid the fee, planned to walk it, and my only goal was "finish without collapsing". I managed to do that, and I felt so fantastic that I want to do it again. Only faster. And with less pain.


Found out the 5k kinda screwed up my foot. Apparently, an overpronator walking/running in cheap $10 tennis shoes does some damage. So now I have a proper pair of running shoes on order, and focusing on strength training while I wait. The kind, helpful Doug at Missouri Running Company helped me pick out a pair that will correct my stride, lessen my pain by a LOT, and maybe even help me to RUN instead of walk. Alas, I have to wait on them because a friend who runs (and works in a running store on the other side of the country) wants to help me get them, and they'll need to be ordered in my color and size.


And the final Thing is that I got a FitBit. Entirely too high of a cost for such a tiny little thing that's not a lot more than a glorified pedometer. But I adore it. And it helps motivate me, because if I drop $100 on a random gadget, I intend to USE it.



Next 5k, I'm still not running, but I'm gonna chase runners, because it's a Zombie Run, and I'm on the side of the walking dead. I expect it to be awesome.


My next proper 5k will be the GloRun in August. And then likely the Glow Run 5k and Electric Run, depending on when they end up scheduling them. I like blinky flashing lights and electronic music, so that's another bit of motivation. I don't want to be too tired to enjoy it.



So that's me. That's my story. I might start a blog because, frankly, I'm a bit verbose, and I'm pretty sure most of my facebook friends are kinda tired of hearing about my fitness goals.

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    1. May 30, 2013 5:08 PM (in response to lunameow)
    Howdy. I'm new.

    Ok. Heres my story. Five years ago at age 47 my mother gave me her treadmill (which she had never used). I kept looking at it in my couch potato way and decided to use it since I had it. I lost 55 pounds and now run 5 miles /day.  The key to making this work for you is to establish a routine and make it habit. It has to become part of your day (your erratic schedule is not an excuse).  Start small do a few core exercises (situps/pushups) and walk for say five mnutes a day (every day). Each week add say 30 seconds to your walk and another rep to your exercises and add in a few stretches. Slowly increase your speed over time.  Review your diet as diet is going to be as much a part of your success as the exercise. Start slowly tweeking your diet. You can do this but give it time .


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