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Jul 14, 2013 3:34 PM

Washington, D.C. Biggest Loser RunWalk 5K/10K/Kids One Mile Fun Run Reviews

Share your experiences with the Washington, D.C. Biggest Loser RunWalk 5K/10K/Kids One Mile Fun Run below Back to event details page.

  • CrystalRiley0 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 4, 2013

    I had very high hopes for this race and was excited to do it. Unfortunately, it was horribly disorganized, and a lot of the race resources that SHOULD be provided at a race this size and cost were simply not there.  Poorly marked race milestones, confusion on waves and runner paths, bathroom cups with 1/4 inch of hot water at ONE hydration station, and a very late start in the middle of summer with a course set on a completely unshaded asphalt parking lot.  Absolutely awful and dangerous.  Only the people made the experience good.

  • TraciJohnson9 Rookie 1 posts since
    Mar 17, 2013

    Apparently they're deleting negative comments from their Facebook page, which is bad and indicates how they operate.but I will post those same comments here. I agree with the previous comment and will add my two cents.


    First, the 10k course was only 5.5 miles. They clearly were too cheap to pay the permit to take the course outside of the parking lot so the course was a double circle inside the stadium parking lot (which was not shaded at all) and we didn't know until 5 days before the race. It started at 9 a.m. in the middle of July (most races start at  7:30 to beat the heat) and there was ONE water station along the course.


    Poor directionals on the course, no course Marshall's and the water station volunteers, who were great, didn't know which was to direct runners, so there was mass chaos among the 5k,10k, runners and walkers. because of the poor guidance and heat, many 10k folks quit at 5k, which also skewed the results when they crossed the finish line.


    I registered early and paid the lower fee but I feel bad for those who paid last minute and were duped out of $50 for this race. They deserve a refund.


    Biggest Loser was the BIGGEST BUST. Poorly planned and organized fiasco. Never again.

  • ManuelRun Amateur 12 posts since
    Feb 7, 2011

    Since they deleted my comment and several others from their facebook page, I'll post here.


    This was my third 5K.  So I was wondering if some things were normal hiccups.  But too many things went wrong.


    First, as I was running the first mile marker I saw said 2 miles.  I knew I had not been running fast enough to get two miles at that point.  Later I saw the 1 mile marker.  Obviously someone had placed the mile markers incorrectly or they did not give good course direction.  My GPS says I ran 3.1 mile, but better signage/direction would seem like a basic thing.  According to many people who ran the 10K, that course was not 10K.  We crossed paths with other runners twice.  Even if keeping the course in the parking lot, seems the course could have been designed better.


    As a new runner, the flat parking lot course allowed me to easily shave 2 minutes off my previous 5K time, however, a course outside of the parking would have been more interesting.  A few grade changes won't hurt anyone.


    I received an email a few hours after leaving stating that the results were up.  I looked and my results were not there.  And apparently, many others didn't see their results.  All results are still not there as of 8pm the day of the race.  The results for the 5K run abruptly end with a single male listed for the 35-39 age group and no times for that guy.  No other results for that age group or any older age groups.  As I mentioned above, I have my own GPS results, but I'd like to have the official results recorded by the sensors on the bib.


    Obviously, I would not recommend that anyone register for their races.  It seems like they felt we would be so starstruck with their "reality" tv "celebrities" that we wouldn't mind a poorly organized race.  I don't watch that show and I certainly won't be registering for any other races they have.  I hesitated when my friend suggested we run a race associated with a lame reality tv show.  I should have went with my gut.

  • ManuelRun Amateur 12 posts since
    Feb 7, 2011

    So this morning, it appears that the rest of the results are posted.  A heads up in the email that some results would take longer would seem courteous.  But I guess you can't expect that when they won't even acknowledge all the other problems and are deleting comments from their facebook page.

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