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Aug 18, 2013
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Aug 18, 2013 10:13 PM

7th week of running and i'm running 9 miles

i need 3rd party perspective -

i started the C25K July 1st of 2013 and yesturday i finished a 9 mile run.  - (background: - i''m pretty short (5'3" and super lean (108lb) and no heart/health issues/and super clean diet - no health issues.) i just. destroyed the c25k training plan and by week 3 i was able to run for 30 minutes,  i just kept going and it felt good.

as i kept going i started pushing a little bit more as i go and now i'm in week 7 and i can comfortably run 6 miles 5 times a week with a 8 or 9 miler on the weekend.  i feel good.  i don't feel sore for very long or anything.  i'm not interested in doing speed work yet because i was advised to just get used to running - which is what I'm doing. i'm just wondering can you run too much without knowing your running to much or do some people progress differently than others?  i do know that as my runs get longer, so does my stride and the run becomes more...hypnotic and so i really really enjoy it - maybe that's why - but my runs last an hour.  and one the weekend for my long run; an hour and a half.  i feel good -  i don't feel like i'm pushing too fast (but what do i know, Ii'm new). 

am i good to go or is there some sort of hidden injury waiting to happen?  i'm kind of inlove with long runs.  so i'm hoping i'm good to go and that i can just keep going and slowly add the minutes on - but. i don't want to hurt myself if i'm progressing faster than my body cares for.  and i really can't tell since my body feels like its recovering just fine from my runs i'm kind of assuming i must be ok and so forth. i really am quite fond of endurance running and i want to spend the rest of my life building my run.  thank you for any input and advice -


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    1. Aug 19, 2013 5:21 AM (in response to jesonpiano)
    Re: 7th week of running and i'm running 9 miles

    IMHO what's odd about this sport and injuries is that it's not a science - especially because each of our bodies can handle different things.  Do people progress at different rates?  Absolutely.  I've seen people on both ends of the spectrum here:  Some go way faster than recommended and do just fine.  Others attempt the C25K and have to double the time they take to complete it because it's too painful or they have a problem.


    So I don't think there are absolutes - just "averages" and "typical".  In my opinion your rate of adding miles is way above average and typical.  I'm not saying "You need to slow down." or "You're definitely going to get injured."  I would give advice to be very careful.  In all things in life things "were going great" right up until they weren't.  "The car was running great until the engine blew."  "The roof was doing great until it sprang a leak."  "My running was feeling great then I all-of-a-sudden got a stress fracture."  In almost all instances the problem started occurring before we experienced the failure - we just didn't know it was going on.

  careful.  And if you do start to feel something out of place don't let your new-found love of running cloud your judgement too much when deciding whether you should ease off.


    Good luck and congratulations!



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    Aug 9, 2013
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    2. Aug 19, 2013 6:43 AM (in response to Haselsmasher)
    Re: 7th week of running and i'm running 9 miles

    I couldn't agree more with Jim's comments.


    The fact is, muscles get stronger a lot faster than the ligaments and tendons do, and it is not at all uncommon to push a bit too hard and suddenly start suffering from tendonits.  Long story short, perform a constant "systems analysis" while you run, and if you feel something out of sorts, keep very close tabs on it.  I know once you get rolling into a running program, it can be hard to take a break, but resting is just as important as running when getting into shape.


    Keep us posted on your progress.

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    3. Aug 19, 2013 6:46 AM (in response to Haselsmasher)
    Re: 7th week of running and i'm running 9 miles

    I agree with Jim.  My brother in law, an extremely fit guy, took up running last year.  Within 2-3 months he was competing in 1/2 marathons and winning in his age group.  Everything seem fine until three months ago when his feet and his achilles tendon started to be so painful that he can't run now.  While he ran with the running group, he sorta did his own thing, instead of the prescribed programs.  But you did C25K and you are not him. 


    You may just be one of those fortunate people born with a Kenyan inside you that has just been waiting to come out. LOL 

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    4. Aug 19, 2013 8:13 AM (in response to jesonpiano)
    Re: 7th week of running and i'm running 9 miles

    I agree in general with the comments you've gotten so far. Shipo is right that the tendons/ligamnent/joints/bones take longer to strengthen than the muscles. I would suggest that you take more than one day off each week to give your body more time to recover.  The fact that you "don't feel sore for very long" means you DO feel sore so perhaps more recovery time is needed.  As others have said, at the first hint of an unusual/unexpected ache or pain, back off. 


    My personal opinion, given your description of your physique (and likely female), is that the biggest thing you may need to be careful of is stress fracture.  I have a friend who started running a couple years age, found a good coach, has BQ'd each year (Boston Qualified), but keeps having injury issues, mostly stress fractures.  And every time she gets clearance from the doctor to run, she jumps right back in with distance and high intensity, and it's seemingly one injury after another.  You don't want that happening to you.  So take a little time now and give your body time to adapt.


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