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Sep 3, 2013
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Sep 4, 2013 2:37 AM

I can't take it anymore!

I'm fat and by fat, I mean a bloated whale. I'm disgusted every time I look in the mirror. The thing is, I'm just so used to it that it seemed pointless to change. I like food and don't like to excercise. I love food, really. I'll eat almost anything that will sit still long enough. It's sad but it's the truth. I recently took my two sons to the nature trails and we walked nearly a mile. I enjoyed it. So much so that I took them back the next day and we doubled the walk. I'm very active and I can keep up but I'm just lazy. I can't run very well at all. I'll make it about 15 feet and my knees will start hurting and I run out of breath. Walking briskly is a completely different story. I can speed walk like you wouldn't believe but I want to run. I want to shed these 800 layers of excess fat rolls and be thin. Well, at least thinner than I am. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 305 pounds. I'm very muscular and I really only carry the majority of my fat in my stomach. My arms and legs are solid rock but my gut is massive and sagging. I'm not saying that I want to look like The Rock but man, I sure don't want to look like this anymore. So, I've decided that I'm going to go back to the nature trails 3 times a week and briskly walk at least 2 miles each time and work myself into a jog. My goal is to jog 3 to 5 miles 3 times a week. I'm also cutting my intake by.... A LOT! Well, wish me luck.

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    1. Sep 4, 2013 9:37 AM (in response to Smokie0903)
    I can't take it anymore!

    I'm new here as well, just started doing the C25K program last week. I think your plan is an excellent start and I'm sure your sons will be great motivation for losing the weight


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    Aug 9, 2013
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    2. Sep 4, 2013 9:39 AM (in response to Smokie0903)
    I can't take it anymore!

    Smokie0903 wrote:


    Well, wish me luck.

    Good luck; it sounds like you have a plan which will work.  I am a "nature trail bigot" as nature trails are pretty much the only place where I run.


    As someone who just shed over 50 pounds in the last five months from running on nature trails, I have a few tid-bits of advice:

    • Stay on the dirt if at all possible; you're far less likely to get injured compared to running on pavement.
    • As your conditioning improves, resist the temptation to run faster, run further instead; this too will help you avoid injury and it will burn extra fat in the process.
    • For at least the first few months, try to avoid running on consecutive days; give your body some time to recover.
    • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
    • Stretch after you run, not before.
    • Go to a reputable running store and get fitted for a pair of running shoes; not all runners have the same physiology and running style, and no one shoe can meet the needs of every type of runner.  You'll probably pay more for the shoes compared to buying a slick looking pair from the mark-down rack, but your legs will thank you.

    Fat old man PRs:

    • 1-mile (point to point, gravity assist): 5:50
    • 2-mile: 13:49
    • 5K (gravity assist last mile): 21:31
    • 5-Mile: 37:24
    • 10K (first 10K of my Half Marathon): 48:16
    • 10-Mile (first 10 miles of my Half Marathon): 1:17:40
    • Half Marathon: 1:42:13
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    Jun 8, 2011
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    3. Sep 11, 2013 4:46 AM (in response to Smokie0903)
    I can't take it anymore!

    A few things, first your in a great place you sound like your ready for a change and willing to do the work! Second you have family support at least for the exercise which is wonderful! Now some of the hard stuff (this is from someone who also "LOVES food" and I've lost 80  lbs). I was talking to a family member one day and said "but I love food" this person looked at me at said "so what, grow up" and it hit home for me, yes I love food but I'm not a 5 year old anymore I'm an adult who needs to show restraint and control, loving food is not a good enough reason to be unhappy and miserable. My "job" is to provide a healthy example for my children so they don't grow up with the same unhealthy habits I have.
    You will hear this a LOT here, go get fitted for a proper pair of shoes from a running store, yes they are expensive so is being unhealthy. I would suggest you continue with the trail walking for now since you enjoy it so much. Once you can go the same distance as your goal for running (5 miles 3 times per week) you should probably by then have lost some of the weight (remember that each pound of weight on your body exerts 3 pounds of pressure on your knees - 900+ lbs on your knees is likely too much for them to handle right now and combined with footwear might be the reason for your knee pain) and at that point I would suggest beginning the couch to 5k program. Keep a close eye on your shoes as time goes on, the heavier you are the quicker they will wear down as well as any knee pain when you start. And GOOD LUCK!

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    4. Sep 11, 2013 6:08 AM (in response to Smokie0903)
    I can't take it anymore!

    I see some very good advice above.


    I struggled with weight loss even after years of building up my endurnace and mileage. I didn't have to loose as much as you are considering but still it's a challenge the older we get.  The running advice to start slow has been given and it's true.  Just keep walkig/running and it will build and inspire you.  Just keep getting out there consistantly.  You will never get back home from a run/walk and regret the effort. 


    After causully running for 5 years (and not loosing any weight) I got serious a couple of years ago and started training hard.  I was running an average of 30-40 miles a week and not dropping any weight (for two years).  RUNNING MAKES YOU HUNGRY.  But almost two years ago I picked up a book my wife bought me called "The Blood Sugar Solution" by Dr, Hyman.  The intro had me hooked so I decided to read it and give the 6 week cleanse a try.  This is not cutting calories.  I was eating as much as I wanted of the right foods.  This has a lot to do with balancing your gut bacteria and metabolism.  Gut bacteria is getting more and more attention these days.  For the first time I started to drop weight in a very encouraging way.  I started dropping 2-3 pounds a week and soon lost the 25 I wanted to.  I found other benefits to this plan as more acid reflux and my blood sugars went from 130 to 88.  I am not affiliated in any way with Dr. Hyman or his products but this was the only thing that helped me and it was huge.  After following this advice and dropping the weight my speed and endurance made me very competative.  I was always a 9 min mile runner and struggled to hit 8:30 once in a while on a 5k.  Last season I was running half marathons at a 7 min pace.  I never thought my 50 year old body could do that.


    Best of luck.

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    5. Sep 11, 2013 5:13 PM (in response to Smokie0903)
    I can't take it anymore!

    You don't have to run to lose weight. Just increase the intensity and duration of your hikes. Running well over weight with bad knees is just goingto give you worse knees. If you can start a strengthening program along with your hkes you will get much better results. Lastly, keep a food journal and don't cut calories below 2000 - 2400 or you'll just needlessly suffer, lower your metabolism and make it less likely you will stay on your program.



    Hollywood Personal Trainer Los Angeles.

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