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Sep 14, 2013 1:23 PM

Need a little marathon training advice

I THOUGHT I was hitting the wall at early points along the way (14 miles, 16 miles) during long runs. I posted and two people explained that I was actually bonking and not hitting the wall (I had always thought they were the same thing) and advised I slow down.

I ran 30-40 seconds per mile slower than I had been running and I ran 20 miles without any issue whatsoever. THANKS!

Not only was I able to run the 20 but I had plenty of gas left in the tank to run the last mile 30-45 seconds faster than the first 19. Due to all the bonking this was my first 20 miler in training. My heart rate was at about 130-135 BPM without increasing until about 15-16 miles (at the faster pace it usually starts to rise at about 7-8 miles).


I had been training at a about a 10 minute per mile pace. Today I ran about 10:40 per mile. I have about 5 weeks left before tapering and I'd love to train to run the 26.2 at around 10 minutes per mile. What is the best way to train to have the best shot at running a little faster on race day?


Should I:

a. work in as much "easy" mileage as possible between long runs

b. increase the amount of tempo and speed work I'm doing between long runs

c. keep the long runs to 20 miles but increase pace each time

d. increase the long run to 22-23 miles at the same pace

e. some combination of teh above or some other option

f. forget it - since today was my first 20 miler and the race is 8 weeks away, it doesn't make sense to try and knock 45 seconds per mile in that short a period of time


Related question. Most/all training programs have you do long runs slower than your target race pace and have you magically running faster on race day.

How does that work? Seems like it is a recipe for bonking.


THANKS in advance!

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    1. Sep 16, 2013 6:37 AM (in response to dbernarducci)
    Need a little marathon training advice

    The best way to have a great race is to pace correctly early!  Also the most important thing for you now is to show up healthy!  With 2 months left you can still gain some fitness, but if you overdo it you will likely end up with a overuse injury or over trained.  Not sure what plan you are on but this far into your training I would stay on your plan.  What level runner are you if this is your first stay the course you are on.   My plan this cycle I am doing a 1/2 this week-end all out, then the next week end 16 miles easy on rolling hills, then I have a 18 mile run with 10 @ MP and two at LT pace!  These are very hard workouts that you need to have a very good base to do.  Another more advanced way on LR's is do two easy @ 60-90 sec slower the MP and the third one you run the last third of your run at MP.  Good luck and trust your training!   PACE CORRECTLY on race day!

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    2. Nov 27, 2014 10:00 PM (in response to dbernarducci)
    Need a little marathon training advice

    Whether for marathon or multisport, building run volume and knowing how to pace yourself are essential to success.

    Learn the secrets of the long run and magic mile pacing in marathon training.

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