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Sep 30, 2013 12:49 PM

Security and carrying water

Ok, nobody's brought it up here, but I suspect I'd best get it out of the way.


Last week, MCM made some security changes. As of now, ALL BRANDS OF HYDRATION BACKPACKS (CamelBaks, etc) are PROHIBITED on the course. HYDRATION BELTS and bottles are still allowed, but DISCOURAGED. You will still be able to bring your Nathan/FuelBelt/ Whatever belt and refill bottles on the course, or carry whatever electrolyte replacement drink works for you in them (some people can't stomach Gatorade) but you are discouraged from doing so if not completely necessary because it will increase lag time at security checkpoints before the race.


Apparently there are also some security changes for spectators near the finish line, but I've only gotten that information second hand from someone who went to a presentation with RD Captain Nealis over the weekend, so I can't really speak to those. It sounds like security might be tighter around the finish than it has been in years past--but this person hasn't run MCM before so I'm not sure if the details are accurate.


Sadly, that effing hill will still be there at Mile 26. Heh.




That's what I know.


UPDATE: Here is an official update on the website's runner info page:


For marathoners, 10K participants and spectators, the following items are prohibited from entering any MCM event location: hydration vests and backpacks like CamelBaks; glass containers; masks; and flammable liquids. Runners may continue to bring a personal supply of fluids. All items are subject to search and add to the volume being screened, possibly resulting in delays and personal inconvenience.

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

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    1. Sep 30, 2013 12:03 PM (in response to thefirecat)
    Security and carrying water

    It is ridiculous that it only takes a very small number of crazy people to ruin life for the masses... The only way to combat that is to live on, i.e carry on with one's life as normal as it might be, and not allow these few boneheads to force change on the rest of us. What is going to happen next - body scans at every block? c'mon man....  These idiots will self-destruct themselves on their own.

    - k - off my soapbox...

    It will be a great event regardless and I'm looking forward to it !



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    2. Sep 30, 2013 12:15 PM (in response to justamaniac)
    Security and carrying water

    We would have no need for any laws if the world/US were free of dumb As-es!  Sorry to say it is full of them!  I will be missing the MCM this year not because of this but I am running the Peak to Creek on Sat and did not think I could drive 6-8 hours after one and run another one.  Enjoy it's  a great great race!

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