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Enjoying Cycling During the Winter Months – Safety and Suggestions

Avid outdoor bicyclists may view the upcoming season change with sadnessor even irritation; seemingly forced from their beloved outdoors by colderweather and driven to find other activities to maintain their health during thewinter.  Depending on where a personlives, winter weather can vary from snow and ice, to drizzling rain and coldertemperatures.  Regardless of this, thereare safety precautions and preparation a person can that will enable them tokeep riding throughout any season.


Some cities make paths for bikers during the winter months, which helpswith safety, but if a city doesn’t have these adaptations there are still stepsa person can take to ensure safety on the road. Stick to sidewalks or cleared streets, but if planning on riding throughthe snow there are specialized tires one can buy to increase traction.  Check with local cycling stores for pricesand information.  When moving, expertsrecommend starting slowly to gauge road conditions, and make smallcorrections if the bike begins to waiver. Over time, an experienced cyclist will learn the sounds and texture ofdifferent types of ice and how best to adjust their riding technique.


Bicycles do not need to be “winterized” as cars do, but a small amountof low temperature grease on the chain and gears might be needed if the bikehas trouble moving.  If it seems to workfine as temperatures drop, this step won’t be necessary.  Test the bike as temperatures lower to see ifany adaptations will be needed.


While the air outside may seem initially chilly, cycling generates a lotof body heat; ensure clothes are warm yet comfortable to control the buildup ofsweat which could lead to hypothermia if a person is exposed to the air for toolong.  Layers are a good idea, as well aslight boots to protect the feet.  Again,checking with a local cycling store will provide excellent ideas on how toadapt this outdoor activity to any weather condition or environment one maywish to ride in.




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