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Impact and Strength Training Workouts Build Bone Density

Women especially needto pay attention to their bone strength as they age, and exercise is one of thebest ways to increase both bone density and overall bone strength.  There are two specific forms of exercise thatassist in strengthening the bones: weight-bearing and muscle-strengtheningexercises are both important to stave off osteoporosis and other illnesses.


A high-impact exercisehelp build density in the bones for overall strength, and unless an injury ispresent or a person has been advised to stay away from high-impact workouts,these workouts are the best ways to begin strengthening the skeletalsystem.  Dancing, jogging, jumping rope,tennis, and hiking are all examples of high-impact exercises that will buildoverall bone density in participants. 


But even if a personmust avoid high-impact exercises, there are low-impact options that accomplishthe same goals.  Elliptical trainers, low-impactaerobic classes, stair-step machines and fast-walking are examples of workoutsthat minimize impact but still impact bone density levels.


Just as important asimpact exercises are those that build strength in the muscles of the body.  Muscle strength assist in balance, corecontrol, and enhances the density of the bones built during impactworkouts.  Lifting weights or usingresistance bands are excellent forms of strength training for any person, asare yoga poses and tai-chi movements which require the participant to supporttheir own body weight. 


If looking fornon-impact movements and exercises that can increase bone density, seek outPilates, yoga, stability ball classes for a non-impact workout that both buildsbone density and increases strength. Strong bones make for a strong skeletal system, and being activeincreases cardiovascular and mental health as well.  There’s no limit to what being active can do,so get started on a workout routine today.


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