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Nov 22, 2013
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Nov 22, 2013 10:35 PM

Training Schedule Opinions

Id eventually like to run 5 - 6 minute miles, for miles.


Which training schedule works better for this?





Running 800m per day at 5 minute mile pace one week, next week running 1000m at 5 minute mile pace etc



Running 200x5, 400x2 per day one week, 200x7, 400x3 next week etc (at 5 minute mile pace)


Looking for suggestions and advice, thank you for your time.


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  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
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    1. Nov 23, 2013 9:42 AM (in response to TriforceOfWisdom)
    Training Schedule Opinions

    What you need is a full training plan.  What you've listed might work as one small part of a plan.  You might also look into finding a coach if you don't feel comfortable designing your own plan.


  • markcdavid Amateur 9 posts since
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    3. Nov 23, 2013 1:30 PM (in response to TriforceOfWisdom)
    Re: Training Schedule Opinions

    Hi TriforceOfWisdom


    That is a great goal you have set yourself, and with time and alot of effort you can achieve it.

    Unfortunately, our bodies don't work how your planning here. with assumed progression in times and volume. ( getting faster all the time,or/and doing more and more intervals)

    Why? because ultimately you have a set of genetics which will determine what your capable of, the purpose of training is to realize those genetics.

    Maybe you have exceptional genetics and can progress very fast, most of us don't, but even then, you can't predict sickness, injury, outside life distractions.


    When I was around 16 ( now 46) I would write myself schedules kind of like this, all it did was make me push too hard, overtrain, feel frustrated as I fell behind

    these goals, which i'd bascially randomly selected because how can we know how our bodies will respond to training, until we do it and see!


    Most top runners do the opposite, they train to maximize potential, don't train much to 'times' (except nearer races), then push to limit in races.

    If your training to potential, you wil be tired and less than 100% in most sessions, so constant time/volume progession is impossible ( and not a goal).


    It really would take alot of space here to give you a plan for what you want  ( and lets face, every runner wants!), so finding a coach or running club is good advice, or do some googling on training method-  for this goal you will need

    - good genetics ( only abou 1% of people are likely even capable of your goal)

    - a large 'aerobic base' ...lots on internet about this and how to build it

    - lactate threshold training ( well, its more about your 'ventillatory threshold'...but)....this is key for 'speed endurance' you want

    - some speedwork ( along the lines of your plan ...but much smaller volume)


    I would look at example plans for something like 5K ( 3.1) because that requires all of these, look for plans aiming for sub 18minutes and what's required i.e 3X sub 6 minute miles ....  most people need at least 30miles a week including elements I gave above.


    [fyi-I started out in half marathons as teenager, moved to run 'the mile', and race 10K for my college - I was pretty decent ...along lines of what you want, 33min 10K, high 15's for 5K, 4:30 for mile .......believe me, it is not easy ! ...I was running 40-70 miles a week for many years..]


    There is no way to predict what your capable of, you might infact be olympic potential, only by training with good method will you find out, there are no 'short cuts' to running those kind of speeds. [ er, well no legal ones! ]


    Best of luck


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