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Foods to Ease Muscle Soreness after Activity

Getting started with an exercise regimen is tough for several reasons:making the commitment, finding the time, and dealing with the inevitablesoreness that accompanies new styles of physical exertion and movement.  A key suggestion is to keep moving no matterwhat, but the pain can be eased with proper pre- and post-workout nutritionchoices and foods that have been proven to speed up recovery time.


Amino acids are essential to muscle development and recovery, and a veryspecific amino acid can be found in watermelon. Not only does this sweet fruit help quell cravings, but it is naturallyhydrating and filled with L-Citulline – the aforementioned amino acid linked toimproved blood flow and reduced arterial pressure.  Blood flow plus adequate hydration can reduceoverall muscle soreness and quicken recovery time, results showed a 24-hourimprovement when those who ate the fruit or drank watermelon juice compared toa placebo group.


Another fruit known to help reduce muscle soreness throughanti-inflammatory agents are cherries. Cherry juice in particular has proven to be a helpful agent in reducingpost-workout muscle soreness when consumed regularly.  Long-distance runners consumed cherry juicefor one week prior to and during their runs and reported less sorenessafterward than those who drank other supplements.  Both watermelon and cherries or cherry juicecan be enjoyed in smoothies, raw, or in other low-calorie dessert forms for asweet treat that also provides a health benefit. 


In addition to amino acids, protein is essential to muscle growth andrecovery.  Tempeh is related to tofu andpacks 30 grams of protein per serving. It can be used as a meat substitute in various dishes, mixed with eggsand salsa for a breakfast burrito, or added to soups or stir-fry dishes due toits flavor. 


These three foods, when added to any diet, can not only provide numerousnutritional benefits, but can make beginning or changing a workout regimeneasier by decreasing muscle soreness and improving the results of aworkout. 


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