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  • David Hollingsworth Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 18, 2008

    At 52, my biggest challenge over the past year has been getting my weight down to a healthy I did, I found that other goals became much easier....especially my goal of 'smaller pants'.


    This year, I did:


    8 5K's (best time 24:27).

    10K - 53:00

    10 Miles - 1:27

    1/2 Marathon - 1:53

    Two century rides - best time 6:04.


    In 2014, I'm setting some more ambitious goals....


    I'll do a few 5K's (mainly to see how fast I can do one...and hopefully win my age group in my neighborhood race).

    C.R.A.S.H-B sprints rowing in February

    Empire State Building Run-Up

    1/2 marathon in the spring as a MCM qualifier

    ???Assault on Mt. Mitchell in May

    Sprint Triathlon in the spring

    1/2 IM in late summer

    Marine Corps Marathon in the fall

    Couple fall century rides (more for fun than time)


    Shooting for a full Ironman in 2015.


    I'm faster now than I was the first time I ran Marine Corps in 1994.....I'm still not fast...but Im faster than I used to be.

  • shipo Legend 455 posts since
    Aug 9, 2013

    It looks like you and I are of a similar age (I'm 56) and relatively similar levels of fitness.  Based upon some of the events you've listed it kinda looks like you're on the east coast; if so, you may also want to consider adding one of the Reach the Beach relay events to your "To-Do" list.  While this was something I wouldn't have even considered before this last September, I got recruited to run on an "ultra" team (meaning six runners split the 200+ mile distance instead of the more common twelve) at the last minute and I have to admit, I had a blast and cannot wait until next September's RTB-NH event.


    For more info:

  • DaveVause Community Moderator 1,447 posts since
    Jul 9, 2007

    Boston qualifying time would be so nice....but so elusive.

  • shipo Legend 455 posts since
    Aug 9, 2013

    Yeah, a BQ for David would be 3:30; pretty fast for many of us old farts. 


    I just noticed that a BQ for me would be 3:40, something that I might actually be able to do right now if all the stars aligned properly, but I'm not interested in even trying.  Why?  I ran one marathon in 1979 and said, "Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt."


    Oddly enough, while I have zero interest in running another marathon, following my first (and so far only) ultra relay event in September, I am looking forward to doing as many of those in 2014 as I can manage.


    Another item on my "to do" list, (or should it always be called a "bucket list" for those of us north of 50?), is what is called a "Ride and Tie" event.  Such events are almost always organized around teams of 3, two runners and a horse; at the start one runner is on horseback and the other is on foot, when the gun goes off, all three head out at best possible speed for the planned distance, and when the rider has gone a pre-planned distance, he or she stops, ties the horse to something, and takes off on foot.  The other runner then mounts the horse when he or she reaches it, rides past their team-mate for some pre-planned distance, ties the horse up, and heads out.  I'm currently looking for a team to join for the 55 mile/24 hour even next year. 


  • BillWolf0 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 3, 2013

    OK, so I wasn't a c25k dropout, but more of a casualty.  I am male, was 58, 306 lb, 6 ft tall.  I got no farther than week 2 and my knee ballooned up.  I guess trying to start running when that overweight and old can be problematic.  I joined a gym and used the eliptical.  Then I started attending cross fitclasses.  I was usually the only male, but that is ok by me.  They nearly killed me but I kept at it.  Pretty soon I was doing 90 minutes of cross fit at a time, 5 or 6 days a week.  When I was down to 270, I signed up for a Spartan Race that was 8 months away.  I knew I needed to be down to at least 235 to survive, but preferably 220.  By race day llast August, I was at 215!!!  I continued to lose down to 200 lb.   Along the way, I discovered trail running.  I absolutely love it!!!! So much more fun than pounding the pavement.  I started a trail running meetup group in my hometown (Salem,Oregon).  My only problem now is that I got too obsessive and pushed to hard, running half marathon distances with steep elevation changes on mountain trails and strained my achilles tendon.  Then, stupidly, I refused to rest it and continued running until it was a big knot and I was walking like a zombie.  I have not run for 1 1/2 months and have gained 15 lb.   I can't wait to get back to running to lose it again.  I am not going back to my old ways!!!


    I guess all that I can offer is that to get the weight off, you have to watch your food. I logged my food, striving for balance between carbs, protein, and fat (40-40-20) keeping to 2200 calories a day) and lots of hard exercise.  If you exercise a lot, you can have quite a few calories and still lose.  It gets easier as you go.   You just got to get into the habit.   It is worth it.

  • timbrown7573 Rookie 2 posts since
    Aug 25, 2013

    Age 57 - weight 146 at recent PR for my age range . Won overall a couple times.  Nowadays so many races mean slower win times, SOMETIMES, so i lucked out.


    Ran an 18:26 last July. 5:27 mile, 24:56 4miler, after not racing since the 80's . Missed 17 years due to plantar fascitis.  did a couple of 84 mile weeks, but averaged about 56 / week this year, UNTIL achilles tendon 11 days ago - from over exuberant wood splitting / preparation. one day, plus not taking it easy on indoor CEMENT track with too tight of corners , plus a 5k trail race in snowy/icy conditions....all added up.   Will take a few weeks off. That is a tiny challenge. 


    Main challenge: MOTIVATION at times, because working painting houses and businesses is quite tiring along with running. Could do it easily 30 years ago. 


    2ndary challenge: Frustration at slow times that feel fast.  75 second quarter mile x a measly 6-8 reps , now 400 meter, repeats are very difficult and require way too long to recover. 83.1 x 12 indoors was not hard, with 200 meter jog/rest.  Back in the day sub 60's were not impossible for up to 8.  Videos of races make it look like I am jogging, not racing. Oh well, someday i will concede age is a factor. But for now reality is on the back shelf.


    Lost 25-30 pounds without trying. Had to eat a lot more than usual to not feel starved, but with 11 days off gained 5 .  Too much Coke/Pepsi/Faygo.... sugar bombs.


    Ed Labair, look that name up on , he is 53 and ran a 17:11 last year. YEOWZERS.  He won the 5k at the Crim in Flint.


    Like the saying in the movie : Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER

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