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Suggestions for Staying Active during Holidays

Whether it’s Christmasor another holiday, a change in routine can wreak havoc on the most dedicatedof exercisers.  To prevent this, here aresome tips to fit in regular workouts when schedule changes and holidays make aperson feel rushed and tempted to skip out.


Consider changing thetime of a workout for a few days.  Trytaking a morning jog rather than waiting until noon or after work, or jump intothe morning cycling class rather than waiting for the evening one.  Morning exercisers are more likely to stickwith a routine as once they are up, it’s over and done with and they can goabout their day no matter what happens to their schedule later on.


Find a friend who isalso struggling to stay on their exercise plan and workout together.  This helps with accountability andcompanionship, and could turn into a long-term physical activity relationshipthat will benefit both parties mentally, socially, and physically.


Many holidays offerthemed races to encourage people to stay active.  Try one out even if running isn’t a regularactivity.  Many races offer the option towalk, and training for the run can be a motivation in itself to fit activityinto a busy schedule.


If a person knowsthey’ll be travelling during the holiday, look at city running, walking, orcycling routes and make a plan to hit them up when time allows.  Again, early morning is the best as thesetimes are usually not interfered with by holiday activities, and they’re easierto stick to in the long-run.


Finally, while it maysound clichéd or frowned upon, don’t hesitate to think of a healthy bribe thatencourages one to stay active.  Ifcompany is coming, plan to clean and as a reward go for a run.  Or, bake items ahead of time then as a rewardhit the gym for a cycling or dance class. This will not only accomplish social tasks, but will enable a person tostay away from the temptation of sampling their baking goods ahead of time.


The most importantthing to remember is to stay committed no matter how many times the wagonbreaks and a person falls off.  If aworkout is missed, don’t spend time on guilt. Fix the wheel and get the wagon moving again, and the routine that wasestablished will be back on track in no time.


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