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Boosting Metabolism with Food

Metabolism is theprocess by which the body converts food and drink into useable energy, and itis an important process in both weight loss as well as maintaining energylevels for everyday life.  Many factorsinfluence metabolism, including age, gender, genetics, current body size andactivity level, but there are a few foods that can help speed up metabolism andprovide the body with more energy for more activity, thus encouraging weightloss.


Eggs have a badreputation for being high in cholesterol, but it’s the good kind of cholesterolyour body needs, and they can also help provide a boost in metabolism throughtheir protein and vitamin D content. Boiled, poached, or scrambled are the best methods of consumption, buteggs are an overall healthy choice for any diet. 


If looking to add somespice to your egg dishes, consider adding chilli peppers for a double boost inmetabolism.  These spicy additionsprovide compounded vitamins and minerals that can help push metabolic rates higher,and all it takes is a tablespoon a day to assist in the process. 


Whole-wheat productsalso assist the body in raising metabolism by forcing fat-burning processes towork harder to break down the grains and fiber inside the wheat.  Brown rice, oatmeal, and 100% whole grainbreads are the best choice.


Drinks also counttoward food consumption, and milk has been suggested to improve metabolic ratesby adding much needed vitamin D to the diet in addition to calcium andprotein.  Green Tea is also veryeffective in raising metabolic rates, and is good for blood circulation andheart health as well.  And as always,water is essential to all body processes and should be consumed whenever one isthirsty.


While a raise inmetabolic rate won’t deliver instant weight loss results, it can provide onewith more energy which can lead to more workouts and better food choices, thecombinations of which will ultimately lead to all over body changes in healthand physique.




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