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2014 Fitness Trends – HIIT Training

A recent surveyconducted by the American College of Sports Medicine revealed that one of thetop two fitness trends for the coming year is the HIIT Workout Program.  HIIT is an abbreviation for High IntensityInterval Training and is a quick, efficient way to burn calories and improveoverall fitness in a short amount of time.


Numerous studies havebeen released regarding the effectiveness of the HIIT program and how it worksto improve physicality in participants. The workout raises heart rate to maximum levels quickly, and burns morefat in less time than a slow jog or even a run. The workout also requires the body to consume more oxygen during thebrief periods of recovery, thus triggering an afterburn effect that promotesmore fat burning capabilities in the body.


Other benefits fromthe program include increased metabolism through keeping the muscles constantlyon edge, the workout can be done anywhere and no specific equipment isnecessary, and it’s a quick and convenient way to get fit and improvecardiovascular fitness. 


The workout ischallenging, however, and it’s important to maintain proper form and watchfitness levels in the beginning to prevent injury.  Trainers can teach the exercises and help aperson develop a program, or there are numerous applications for smart phonesand tablets that can help format an appropriate and effective workout for eachindividual’s fitness level. 


The HIIT Program is estimatedto pop up in fitness centers across the country in the coming year, andattending a class a few times can also give a person a feel for how the programworks and how they can adapt it outside the gym.  Keep eyes open for this exciting program, andtry it out if one is looking for a change to their daily workout routines. 


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