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Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

The Holidays are hereand it’s time for presents, get-togethers, parties, and of course food.  While indulgence in a few favorite holidaytreats is okay, many worry about falling off track during this season andsabotaging their health efforts.  Whenentering the party and approaching the snack or dinner table, keep these tipsfrom the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in mind to stay ontrack and avoid overeating during this festive season.


We know thateventually someone will bring snacks into the office, and to combat this makesure that most of the choices made for meals are healthy, low-calorieoptions.  Try not to nibble whilewatching TV at home and stick with nutritional meals in preparation forsplurging at the various parties that will be attended. 


Speaking of parties, aperson should always watch their portions and try to eat only what theyabsolutely love.  The trick is to consumelarger portions of healthier, more balanced choices and smaller portions of theindulgences.  A person can still indulge,but if they’ve filled up on healthier meals they’ll be less likely to overeatwhen the dessert trays parade out.


In addition to thedessert tray, try to snack from the veggie and fruit tray as well.  These items are not only savory with theright portions of dips or sauces, but will keep nutritional integrity in thediet and fill the body with healthier items.


Being watchful is important,but so is keeping up on other routines. Don’t abandon exercise plans simply because of the holidays.  Try altering routines to incorporateworkouts, and this will help fight off the indulgent calories before they’reeaten.


Finally, ditch the guilt.  If a person overeats, it’s done and overwith.  Feeling guilty about overeatinghas been shown to actually increase weight gain.  Everyone falls off the diet train; theimportant thing is to get back on the tracks as soon as you can.  This will not only help during the holidays,but will keep a person on track all year long.


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