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    Water Vs. Sports Drinks

    Here is some interesting information from a Certified Sports Nutritionist on hydration and electrolyte replacement. Thought we'd share:


    Athletes, particularly runners and those participating inendurance activities, will often go out and exercise without drinking anyfluids until after their workout. But these athletes should be aware that when you become dehydrated yourperformance diminishes.  With justa 2% loss of water in the body, heat regulation in the body is impacted.  A 3% loss of water decreases musclecell contraction.  And with a 4% dropin water, there is 5-10% drop in overall performance that can last up to 4hours.


    Also with loss of fluids there is a loss in the body’selectrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, as well as essential traceminerals.  According to Certified Specialistin Sports Nutrition, Nina Anderson, “trace minerals are very important becausethey help restore proper blood volume and the blood sugar levels and they arenecessary for enzymatic reactions that promote proper blood volume. Withoutthem the performance of the athlete is going to diminish, especially if you arelifting weights or doing endurance exercises. “


    Electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, are essentialfor the body.  But many athletesdon’t realize that 4% of the body is composed of 21 macro and electrolyteforming trace minerals, that are essential for life.  If you don’t have these you will eventually die because thebrain will short circuit and stop working.  When these mineral levels are insufficient and can’t meetthe demands of the body, especially when you’re exercising a lot, you’re goingto get substandard levels of performance.


    Nina states, “If you don’t have the trace minerals in thebody it diminishes your body’s ability to react, it also increases the risk ofserious injury as well as recovery rate. Ultimately, it’s going to reduce the recovery rate after strenuousworkouts.”


    Athletes, particularly endurance athletes, need a broadspectrum of electrolyte forming trace minerals, these will support all of theelectrical impulses going to the muscles and organs during exercise.  Most sports drinks do not havethese. 


    There are few electrolyte products on the market today thathave all of the essential minerals your body needs.  An athlete can replace the salts in their body with most electrolyteproducts, or even table salt, but you can’t get trace minerals like boran,celenium, and chromium.  And youcan’t just buy these minerals separately.  However, a sports nutrition company, EnduroPacks, Inc. offers a concentratedelectrolyte spray that has not only the salt and potassium, but all of theessential trace minerals that your body needs to recover from injury andstress, boost your immune system and energy levels, and enhance the uptake ofvitamins and proteins.  These traceminerals also help to re-establish healthy pH levels, you have to have analkaline pH level for it to stay healthy. You can put the electrolyte spray in anything, water, tea, or even coffeeto do it all for you so you don’t have to think about it.  And it has none of the harmful sugarsand caffeine that other sports hydration products often contain.


    You can find out more about this interview with Certified Sports Nutritionist Nina Anderson on soundcloud or by listening here: http://

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