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Mega Blog: How Sweet - A Collection of Hermès Themed Cakes

We at the Hermès Purse Forum, just like most women, have anoccasional sweet tooth craving. Unfortunately, it always seems to come duringswimsuit season. *sigh* Well, looking at these gorgeous cakes won't cause us togain calories, right? My! Look at that first image! We love this cake as itwent all out for two huge Hermès lovers, Singaporean actress, Joanne Peh andfamous hair stylist, David Gan. Joanne surprised David for his birthday withThis gorgeous gem! Not only do we see a perfectly wrapped orange box with aribbon, but also an Hermès boutique bag and the crowning jewel of this cake isthe fairly new Hermès Leica camera surrounded by edible tissue paper! Whomade this gorgeous cake? Muffinsare Ugly Cupcakes, a self taught baker from Singapore. What a talent!Amazing! She did such an amazing job adding detail to the camera. It came outbeautifully!

What, another masterpiece for David Gan?! Believe it or not,the whole reason Joanne Peh had a cake made of the Hermès Leica camera isbecause of the cake in the second image. Joanne had planned to get David aBirkin cake and even selected the color and details. However, when she spokewith the Chef, they mentioned that they had learned that Dr. converse shoes cheap Georgia Lee justpresented David with this very Black Birkin cake at the surprise party that she had for David! This cake features a Black Hermès Birkin bag cake surrounded by avariety of cupcakes with Birkin bags, baseball caps and symbols. We found thisbeauty on BirkinWatcher. Could you imagine going to a party with this gorgeous dessert?Better yet, could you imagine eating your own personal bite-sized Birkin? Whatcolor would you choose? Would you stick to a classic Black or Orange or wouldyou branch out to something a bit more unique? We have to say, David is a verylucky person to have such fabulous friends!

The third hermes bag replica cake is a very romantic, beautiful cake! On thetop of a Paris, Eiffel Tower Fondant cake, is a gorgeous pink Birkin Handbagwith Gold Hardware, with a "Happy Birthday" ribbon that offers hermes birkin handbags thefinishing touch. (Seen onFaradyscake) We love the intricate detail on the stitching of converse shoes sale this cakebag, and the hearts at the very base of this fantastic birthday cake. We haveto ask though, would you dare put a birthday candle into a cake such as this?Where would toms shoes sale you put it on this cake if you wanted a candle? Hopefully not onthat Birkin!

In the bottom left corner, at a quick glance, this cakealmost looks like the real deal. We love the detail in the scales, hardware,lock and key. The shine of this Birkin cake is exactly what you expect whenlooking at a shiny crocodile Birkin bag. This bag would of been fabulous on itsown, however, it is finished off with a pearl necklace made of presumablyfondant and a happy birthday sash at the base. We could not contain the fullbeauty of this cake in just one image. Make sure to head over to Celebratewith Cake to view more!

The last cake we will feature today is a classic Hermèsorange Birkin Handbag cake with Palladium Hardware.  This cake has agorgeous eye catching color combination of orange, purple, green, pink andblack. There's no question where the candles would go on this cake as there arethree candles standing. (Huh, what a smart son or daughter! We are sure theyonly put one candle for every "decade" since their mother's birth.After all, one must never reveal a lady's true age!) The cake is framed by agorgeous purple ribbon and roses.  (Seen at CakeCentral) Can you imagine that this cake only gets better on the inside?This sponge cake is made with a strawberry and cream filling. The base is achocolate cake with mocha filling. ...Maybe a one piece swimsuit wouldn't be sobad this summer? Hmm?

We're not entirely sure if we could bring ourselves to eatone of these pieces of art.. Could you? We would like to offer a tip for allthe guys out there... The next time you want to surprise your love with anHermès Handbag, how about presenting them with one of these gorgeous cakesfirst? Just when they think they are not getting their dream bag as a gift, pulltheir brand new Hermès Handbag out its hiding spot! Give them the bag of theirdreams and let them eat it too!

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