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Powerful Pomegranates

Los Angeles, CA – 1/23/2014

Looking similar to an apple on the outside, but inside appearing morelike a seedy tomato, the pomegranate is a versatile fruit.  This versatility makes it a powerful ally in improvingoverall wellness in the body while tasting sweet and savory all at once.  The skin is the largest organ in the body,and is also the most exposed, but by consuming pomegranates or usingpomegranate derived products, we can protect and improve the condition of ourskin through this fruits numerous benefits.


Pomegranates are loaded with vitamin C and this essential nutrient isexcellent for the skin.  Applying vitaminC topically can decrease dryness and roughness, and pomegranate oil is an excellentway to keep the skin moist and smooth during dry months.  In addition to smoothing skin, antioxidantsin the fruit can help reduce redness and inflammation from acne breakouts,leaving one with a more glowing appearance.


Not only can antioxidants reduce inflammation from breakouts, but thosesame nutrients can assist in protecting the skin from UV rays andpollution.  This protection happens at acellular level, and pomegranate derived products have been found to actuallyassist in repairing DNA damage from sun rays.


In addition to protection and reducing inflammation, pomegranates arealso full of an antioxidant that specifically helps reduce collagenbreakdown.  Collagen is what keeps theskin soft and supple, and reducing this breakdown will decrease the tired appearanceour faces often get, and can also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinklesthat happen as we age.


All of these vitamins and antioxidants have benefits for the body aswell, but in the focus to improve heart health or fitness levels, we oftenneglect our skin.  Using the powerfulingredients in the pomegranate can assist in reducing this neglect, and provideother health benefits at the same time.



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