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Weekend Indulgences Are Not a Cause for Panic

Los Angeles, CA – 2/10/2014

Ithappens to the most diligent of eaters every now and again – a weekend ofindulgence.  Maybe it was a birthdayparty, or work event, but Monday has come and the scale is calling and guilt issinking in deep.  However, one needn’tjump to harsh self-criticism after a simple weekend away from a traditionaldiet.  A study released by CornellUniversity has suggested that weekend bloat or a sense of overindulgence canactually be a normal part of the weight loss cycle, and can play an importantrole in long-term weight management.


Newfindings show that weight loss occurs mainly during the weekdays advised BrainWansink, the study’s lead researcher. “It’s less important what happens during the weekends.”  This conclusion was reached after researchersexamined two different sets of data regarding groups who weighed themselvesevery day prior to breakfast.


Subjectswere divided into three categories: weight losers, weight gainers, andmaintainers.  It was found that themajority of participants experienced their heaviest recorded weights on Sundayand Monday despite what group they fell in. But people who were able to lose weight in the long-term had a “strongercompensation pattern” after the weekend was over.  They managed to lower their weight down totheir lowest numbers by Friday, just in time for weekend indulgences.


Whilethis doesn’t give anyone license to go crazy on indulgences over the weekend,it should assuage some of the guilt that can follow a fall off the dietbandwagon due to parties, busy schedules, or simple cravings.  The bottom line, Wansink says, is to not getdiscouraged by the weekends.  “Weekdaysare when you get stuff done, and it’s time to get back to business” and back ona healthy diet plan.





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