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Vitamins C and E can Inhibit Physical Performance

Los Angeles, CA – 2/11/2014

Nutritional supplements are meant to do as their nameimplies – supplement missing pieces of a person’s nutritional intake to enhancehealth or physical performance.  But onemust exercise caution when choosing supplements as a recent study from theNorwegian School of Sports Sciences has found that some supplements canactually impede physical development rather than promote it.

A study consisting of 54 healthy participants who wererandomly assigned to take vitamin C and E supplements or a placebo showed thatthose on the placebo had better results in muscle growth from training thanthose who were taking the supplements. It was suggested that vitamins C and E actually blunt the endurancetraining-induced increase in hormones and proteins that are responsible formuscle development.

The supplements did not alter or hurt the participantscurrent performance levels, and both groups showed improvements in their levelsof oxygen intake, which indicates improved cardiovascular endurance.  However, despite this the group taking thesupplements did not experience an increase in muscle development, whichovertime could impede or inhibit performance enhancement in those training forendurance.

Determining exactly how supplements can interfere withmuscular endurance will require further research, but the findings of the studycan provide a guideline for those currently looking to enhance their physicalperformance.  Vitamin C and E supplementscan help increase health and prevent illnesses during winter months, but shouldbe used with caution by those looking to enhance physical performance in asport or just in their personal lives.





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