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Importance of Flexibility Training

Los Angeles, CA – 2/20/2014

A good fitness program is composed of three things:cardiovascular training, strength or resistance training, and flexibilitytraining.  Of these three things,flexibility is often the most ignored component despite its numerous healthbenefits.

A common misconception is that flexibility training is juststretching, like we often do in the morning or when we fill stiff.  Flexibility training actually focuses on easeof movement in the joints of the body, and works to improve range of motionwhen a person extends, flexes, and bends the body.  Reduced flexibility can not only lead tostiffness or soreness, but can actually reduce range of movement and restrictcertain everyday movement’s overtime.

For those looking to improve fitness levels, flexibilitytraining is essential for maintaining optimal movement in the body.  The more able the body is to move, the bettera person’s balance and coordination become. Flexibility training can also help reduce injuries that result fromquick movements.  Slipping on the ice cancause numerous injuries as the body moves quickly into odd positions to preventthe fall, but the easier a person can move due to their flexibility helps toreduce or even prevent these injuries.

Another benefit of flexibility training is that it feelsgood to the body.  Tight muscles andstiffness translate into pain, and lengthening these muscles and connectivetissues can provide a relief from the ache. Many fitness programs that focus on flexibility training (yoga, Pilates,and Tai Chi to name a few) are also associated with a reduction in stress dueto hormonal benefits that happen during the exercise.

Conscious breathing practiced during flexibility trainingcan also help the body remember certain movement patterns.   It helps resting muscles keep the body inproper alignment, which increases muscle tone and overall fitness.

When creating a balanced fitness program, don’t forget toinclude some aspect of flexibility training into an everyday workout. The bodywill move better, perform better, and the mind will feel more relaxed andbalanced when all three physical fitness components are worked on.   

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