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Half-Marathon Training

Los Angeles, CA – 2/20/2014

Once beginner runners get through their first few races,they start to think about how they can increase endurance, and maybe a few evenplan to run a half-marathon race as a step before a full marathon.  But even to those who’ve been running awhile, 13.1 miles can seem a daunting distance. But with a proper training focus and know-how, this distance isachievable for any runner willing to take on the challenge.

Before beginning training for a half-marathon, it’s a goodidea to invest in a pair of quality running shoes.  This is often the first line of defense ininjury prevention.  At many runningstores, there are also training guides for half-marathons available or you canrun into other runners and get suggestions on shoes and how to begin trainingfor a race as well.

When starting on a program, build up the distance and pacegradually rather than doing too much too soon. This could lead to burnout or injury and can make many give up beforethey really get started.  A good plan isto build up endurance over 10 weeks, and not increase the distance of a longrun by more than 10 percent each week. Most training plans included running at least 3 times per week, eachwith a different focus.  Plan for a shortrun for speed, another easy run for tempo, and a long run to improve enduranceon long distances.

Don’t neglect other forms of training in the build-up to therace.  Resistance and flexibility willhelp balance the body, and can help improve speed and endurance as well asstrength to prevent injury.  Cross-trainingwith other programs will help a person become a better runner overall.

In addition to the training, be sure to maintain a balancednutritious diet to keep up energy levels, and stay hydrated.  The National Athletic Trainers Associationrecommends drinking 17-20 oz. of fluids prior to exercise, and 7-10 duringevery 10-20 minutes of exercise.  Keepinghydrated and fueled with nutrition will help with training focus and recoveryon resting days.

Finally, don’t stress in the days leading up to the race.  Remember that these races are not about whowins – set a personal goal and push towards it to finish strong and happy withpersonal progress.

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