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What to Look For in a Weight Loss Program

Los Angeles, CA – 2/20/2014

Achieving a weight loss goal takes a lot of work andinvolves changing diet and engaging in exercise.  Many who are taking on this difficult taskoften look for a weight loss program to follow that will offer encouragementand support for them on their journey. But, with so many weight loss programs to choose from it can bedifficult to know which is best for each individual.  To help with this, here are some things tolook for that show a weight loss program is of a good standard and will helpachieve better health for individuals looking to reduce body weight.

The first thing a weight loss program should be issafe.  Crash dieting or diets thatrestrict calorie intake to below 1200 per day are unhealthy and should beavoided.  For individuals with medicalconditions, a doctor can help in choosing which program would benefitthem.  In general, a weight loss approachshould include balanced meals from all food groups and supply adequate foodintake to keep up energy and still lose weight.

Along with being safe and providing guidelines, a weightloss program should be flexible as well. Programs that follow strict guidelines without any wiggle room set aperson up for failure.  Look for programsthat allow flexibility and integrate personal preference for foods into thechoices for meals.  This will help aperson adopt lifelong changes to their eating habits.

It’s been shown that those who successfully lose weight monitorboth their progress and caloric intake on a daily basis.  This helps keep individuals on track andmakes one think about what they are eating and can lead to healthier eatingdecisions.  Look for programs that teachindividuals how to self-monitor and offer support during the learning process.

Along with support, a good program will provide education onhow to make cognitive changes in the way we approach foods in addition todietary ones.  Reputable, trustworthyprograms will help teach individuals how to replace unproductive or unhealthyeating patterns with more positive approaches to food and a healthylifestyle. 

Above all, a program should fit into each individuallifestyle and make the person feel supported and successful without adding alot of pressure to be perfect.  Keep allof these tips in mind when entering a weight loss program and reaching forthose health improvement goals. 

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