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Apr 16, 2014 12:09 PM

What else can I do for runner's colitis?

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic. It may be lengthy so thanks in advance for anyone who reads through it. :-) I've read many of the comments in other threads on this site, however didn't find anything current. 


I am 60 and began running 2 years ago. I started with running 5k races and although most always needed a potty after the race, I never had an accident.In July 2013, I started training for my first half marathon. Since that time, I have run 6 half marathons and my situation seems to plague me each race. I have bloody diarhhea during each race - sometimes more than once. I have paid close attention to nutrition, however nothing seems to help. My last race last weekend, I ran on an empty stomach having eaten nothing from 6:30 the previous evening until mile 7 when I felt I needed some energy. I ate 3 peanut m&ms (I read someone had success with that) and at mile 11 I was in the potty. I've moved away from any Gu / gel product other than Huma (an all natural gluten and dairy free product with 7 natural ingredients.) I've used it in 2 previous races and don't think it caused the problem, but it didn't prevent it either. I normally hydrate good 2 days before a race and graze the day before rather than having large meals. I eat some sort of carbs the day before, but no dairy, veggies, fruits or anything with a lot of fiber.(Learned this the hard way.) I take 1 Immodium the night before and 2 two hours before the race. It doesn't prevent the problem. With the exception of the last race, I usually have an English muffin, peanut butter and a 1/2 cup of coffee the morning of the race and almost always empty my colon at least once before the race.


I saw my PCP this morning who knew nothing about "runner's colitis." He immediately did what I feared when he heard
bloody diarhhea and immediately referred me to my GI doc within the week. I'm not opposed to the scope - I have a colonoscopy every 5 years and other than the condition I described when running, my gut is normal. I have no pain - only the urgency, diarhhea and mess during the race. It is so frustrating!!!!! Because neither of these docs are runners, I fear getting caught in the cycle of investigating  a larger issue when it may have a simple solution. I' ve also thought about finding a sports nutritionist to consult about what to eat when, but haven't gotten to that route.


I am on a relay team and will be running 4 legs from one town to the next in a rather remote area. I'm looking for any magic tricks anyone can offer or ideas that have worked for you.


Thank you in advance!!!

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