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Jul 16, 2014
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Jul 16, 2014 2:08 PM

numbing sensation on bottom of foot

I'm a newb and have not been running for a long period of time, and have been noticing either a numbing sensation or like a hot feeling, im not quite sure, occuring near the lower part of the ball of only my right foot. When I first noticed this, I assumed it was the new shoes I bought, but decided to do some research online about the problem. Well, this led me into different arch types of feet and needing the proper shoe to accomodate a particular arch. In doing a home test, involving a shallow pan of water and a piece of paper, I found out I have a high arch. I took the shoes back the next day only to find out the place has no shoes specifically for high arches, and I could not get a rufend, even though the woman that was helping now knew that nothing in her store was going to work for me......Famous Footwear. I did end up exchanging the shoes for the Nike Flex 2014, as I read that a shoe with good flexability is good for high arches. I then went to a different store to purchase high arch support inserts. I have been running in the updated shoes with the inserts for a week now and have noticed positive changes, although the heating/numbing sensation does still come, it comes later in the run then before and with not quite the ferocity as before. I have a feeling that as my training starts to require me to be running for longer lengths of time, that the same intensity of the heating/numbing will return.  Does this sort of problem sound familiar to anybody?

Also, my right calf tightens up. Streching issue, or associated with the problem on the bottom of my foot?

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    1. Jul 16, 2014 6:50 PM (in response to zeppelin390)
    numbing sensation on bottom of foot

    Not saying your shoes aren't causing your numbness, however, the first place I would look is how the shoe fits the foot width wise and how tight you lace it up.  In addition to my own experiences, the folks I've coached have complained of numbness from time-to-time, and so far, it has been due to tying the laces too tight.  Loosen the laces all the way down to the base and only snug them up enough to keep the shoe on the foot and see if the numbness improves.

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    2. Jul 18, 2014 10:06 AM (in response to zeppelin390)
    Re: numbing sensation on bottom of foot

    High arches are a risk factor for Morton's Neuroma, a perineural fibrosis usually found between the 3rd&4th, 4th&5th, or 2nd&3rd metatarsals. I haven't heard of it happening between the 1st&2nd, or in the same location you suspect, but sensation of pain is often misleading. You should be examined for neuroma because it often starts as a numbing or burning sensation inside the forefoot that is hard to locate exactly.


    On the other hand (or foot maybe), the tightening calf could be a symptom of some other problem, even the cause of what you feel. Muscles in the rear of the calf extend all the way to the toes via long tendons, helping with plantarflexion and arch support. On the subject of support, I'm not sure why an arch support would be needed for high arches. They are usually prescribed for low arches, and along with arch-spreading supports to relieve neuroma, are only a temporary fix to provide relief for specific types of symptoms. They can also create enough pressure on the metatarsals to produce stress fractures.


    If your problem does turn out to be a developing neuroma, your chances of recovery are much higher when you act early. There can also be problems with fat-pad degeneration at the ball of the foot, usually with a congenital predisposition. This could be your chance to consult a professional who really knows foot problems, the effects of athletic activity on them, and other contributing factors.

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    3. Jul 18, 2014 11:54 AM (in response to shipo)
    numbing sensation on bottom of foot

    Here's a great lacing site I haven't shared in a while...

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