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Aug 4, 2014 6:35 AM

Quick question...

So, I posted this in the beginner runner thread and one of the guys there suggested I post it here....I'm just doing a quick copy paste of the section that he called out.  Quick word, I'm having some lower leg aches (I wouldn't say 'pain', more ache...) and I was curious what the thought was.  My boss and co workers who are all runners say its shin splits, but the person on the other forum thread didn't think so....


<begin quote>

Tried to get back into the mix again today.  Ran into a wall at about 15 minutes.  Its the muscle on top of my foot up to just below my shin, on the front/top of the foot on the outside....if that makes sense.  Looking at WebMD I'm gonna call it one of these muscles...


Extensor Hallucis Longus Muscle

Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle (but the strain/pain doesn't go as far up the leg as that muscle looks to go).

Peroneus Brevis Muscle (but that looks to be to far to the side ofthe leg for what I'm feeling).


And its not really a 'pain' its more of a 'thats it, I got no more' type of deal.  Once I start walking again I'm good, its just when I'm jogging.  It's really frustrating!


I'm going to go this weekend and talk to the guys at our local running store, do a proper fitting and make sure I'm in the right shoes in case its something with the way my old cheap shoes are worn, I'm fairly sure its not that, but if I'm going to do this I might as well do it as safetly as I can, and that includes making sure I'm in the right shoes to support all of this weight while I'm slamming my feet down on the treadmill/pavement.


If anyone out there has any ideas on what I can do to try to either build up these muscles, or get them to stop stopping me, let me know.


THanks all for your encouragement, I do appreciate it.

<End Quote>



I did go out and get tested at the LRS, they put me in some Guidance shoes (My feet turn in a little when I walk/run)... thats a whole new ache, but I'm pretty sure thats due to walking/running on my foot like I"m supposed to and not like I've done all my life.


Any advice on what the issue might be would be appreciated!

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    1. Aug 5, 2014 4:16 PM (in response to FoxPaws)
    Quick question...

    I'm going to hazard a guess that you are fairly new to running, or have recently returned to the sport. Shin splints are common, but not everyone knows why they may occur. One reason of particular interest to a new runner who may be losing weight, is how tight your rear calf muscles will become after pounding the pavement for weeks. They will get so tight that these strong plantarflexor muscles will overpower the slender dorsiflexor muscles on the other side (some of which you named), and wear them out to the point of soreness and stiffness. The result? "Shin Splints" on the anterior leg.


    While it may seem to make sense that you need to focus your treatment on where the pain is, you will actually be better off treating the tight rear calf muscles, particularly the large Soleus muscle, which covers most of the rear calf, and is deep to the bulbous Gastrocnemius on the upper rear calf. These two muscles start morphing into the achilles tendon about 2/3 down the lower leg from the knee, so the most effective treatments will target the mid rear calf. If you don't relax the rear calf, a healed anterior calf will continue to self-destruct. With a relaxed rear calf, the anterior compartment will probably heal on its own.

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    2. Aug 5, 2014 4:40 PM (in response to JamesJohnsonLMT)
    Quick question...

    JamesJohnson - just want to tell you that I think that your response is probably the best explaination I've read wrt shin splints....

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