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Dec 22, 2007 3:03 AM

The Wristband Project

The Wristband Project

Per CCRoz’s suggestion, I’m looking into getting our own little batch of motivational silicone bracelets made. For those less interested in bracelets, there’s also an option to easily turn them into nifty key chains as well.

The notion first surfaced during IMWI last year, with the idea being to do WWTD? (What Would Thor Do?) bracelets. As evidenced by some folks making their own “Make It Happen!” bracelets, I’d suggest we include that as an option as well.

Frankly, there are so many inspirational stories in this group, that the possibilities could be endless… “Ronbo It!”  Or any of his various creeds:  “If it doesn’t hurt, speed up!”  “If you can breath, speed up!”  “If you’re not dead yet, speed up!”  Charlotte’s inspired “I am Strong,” or perhaps a PH inspired:  “Shut up and ride.”  (We could even order bracelets with nothing printed on them to signify our support of IMGomie’s determination to avoid internet stalkers.    )Which is to say, we’re at no loss for inspirational folks here.  Just because Thor’s somehow gotten himself in the cross-hairs right now, don’t think that you might escape inspiring a merry band of your own down the road.

There are TONS of companies making silicone wristbands. Here’s one that has a good design generator, allows for text on the front and back of the bracelet, and will allow us to order any quantity and mix and match colors. Their order page currently predicts a June 14th delivery date, which would give us a shot to get them redistributed before IMCdA (not essential, but nice). Here’s the site for Wristbands Now[/URL" target="_blank">.

The little kits to change them into key chains are 10 cents a pop and would likely come from
this place[/URL" target="_blank">… if you scroll down on that link you’ll see the key chain option.

So, there are lots of choices.

First, which style of printing. The most common is “debossed” where the letters are cut into the band surface; with “embossed,” the letters stand out; with “silk screened,” the letters are printed onto the surface of the band in a contrasting color, and with “color fill,” the letters in a debossed or embossed band are filled with a contrasting color. The “color fill” bands require a 300 minimum. (This is okay by me, since I’d lean toward something more subtle.)

My instinct is that most of us would lean toward the Livestrong-like debossed version. But please chime if you feel differently.

Next choice: what exactly to have printed… here are some options
-WWTD? (only)
-WWTD? (on front) and Make It Happen! (on back)
-What Would Thor Do? (only)
-What Would Thor Do? (on front) and Make It Happen! (on back)
-Make it Happen! (only)

Heck, KC might want some that say Team Woodhead on one side and Make It Happen!    

When I talk to the company, I’ll find out if we can mix and match some with one or two sayings. For example, if some folks want the WWTD?/Make It Happen! front/back combo, and others want the Make It Happen! only version, can we count all of those toward our total for the various price-break options. (There are no minimums, but there are price breaks for greater quantities.) I’ll also find out if we can mix and match adult and kid-sized bracelets for free like we can the various colors.

We’d also want to agree on a font.  Personally, I’d gravitate toward Copperplate…. Both because it’s bold and easy to read, and because I like the strength of small caps.  But let’s hear what everyone else likes.

Happily, we don’t have to reach a consensus on color! We can all order different colors, or even each order multiple colors.

So… please chime in, especially on:



: debossed, embossed, silk screened, or color fill


: pick from above or suggest your own


: see Wristbands Now[/URL" target="_blank"> for choices.

Please bring up anything else you think I missed.

Oh! Almost forgot, cost. You can see the price breaks by clicking on the Pricing option on the Wristbands Now site. We'd easily be looking at under 2 bucks each. Probably more like the $1.39 each plus a little something to cover the cost of shipping.


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