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You know you're a XC runner when...

...the mile in P.E. becomes your warm-up.
...your Saturdays for the next 4 years are ruined. can see your ribs thru your shirt. are always hungry. are running in your dreams. have no life besides running.
...your weekends are shot. wake up with cotton mouth. can sharpen an axe blade on your calves. can maintain a 5:30 pace while throwing up. own spandex in more than 1 color.
...track is the other "sport".
...a 12 mile run is an easy day., pasta, pizza, & pasta are your four food groups.
...your watch is more expensive and complicated than your car.'re running and you don't know why.
...your spit hits everything but the ground. have 3% or less body fat. laugh at sprinters while they run. talk to your coaches more than your parents.
...watching the New York Marathon on T.V. made you get up and go for a run.
...more than half the people you know don't know what X-C is.
...your calves are bigger than your biceps. can't go a day without some little brat saying "Run Forest Run."
...some little kid wants to know why you're running in your underwear. refer to puke as a bodily function.
...people always ask you what events you are running. can say more names of your runs than names of your friends. always win in your sleep but never in a real race. drink more water than Free Willy.
-you spit
-you have been spit on, and not cared
-you run through goosepoop like it doesnt exist
-you have been spiked
-you use frozen peas/vegetables to ice
-taping is heaven
-you know carbs are good
-you have a warm up mix
-you know the ammount of time to digest before you run
-you know what PR's are
-you get mad when people dont know what a 400 is, or any distance for that matter
-you own more running shoes than regular shoes
-you enjoy running in the rain
-you get excited when a new flavor of gatorade comes out
-theres no such thing as too much pasta
...your shoes have more miles on them than your car does. need a magnifying glass to see your name in the paper.
...people say, "You run three once?" run farther in a week than your bus travels for meets.
...your mom tells you to run to the store because it takes too long to drive. find yourself running between classes just because. combine phrases like "10 mile run" and "Easy Run" in the same breath. can eat your weight in spaghetti.
...your spit strings from your chin and you don't even care.
...a meal involves more than 3 servings. spend more on training clothes than school clothes.
...your christmas list includes more than one pair of running shoes. feel lost without your water-bottle. have running withdrawl if you don't run everyday. eat spaghetti three times a day.
-you won't drive by any running store without a quick look inside.
-you know exactly how far a kilometer is.
-you have more old dirty shoes piled by the door than a farmer. .
-you not only know how you did in a race, but you know exactly how every other runner finished.
-you drive by a golf course and think what a nice place it would be to run.
-you know splits are something that not only cheerleaders care about.
-your friends know to never call you after 8:30 at night.
-you get up earlier to run on the weekends than you do for school/work.
-you think that the inventor of Powerbar should have his likeness engraved on Mount Rushmore.
-you have hundreds of safety pins scattered around your house. (from meets)
-you have more T-shirts than a souvenir shop.
-you check out the running stores for the new styles.
-you know that cotton is not the best fabric for running!
-someone asks you how your run was, you go into a 10 minutes description of every factor of it.
-you could watch a whole marathon and not be bored.
-you think of distances in terms of mile repeats.
-you don't care what the temperature is, 0 and snow or 100 and 100 humidity
-you can convert miles to km and back in your head in a second
-people think you disappear into the woods
-you wear multicolored socks for no reason
-when someone asks you what you did today, you respond with a number
-you run 2 miles for practice and tell your coach that was a nice warm-up
-you've mastered the evil eye to give to all competitors before a big race
-you enjoy racing your shadow.
-your wardrobe consists of at least 1/2 race/school team t-shirts.
-your "nice" shoes are your new running shoes.
-You've considered calling your child speedy, prefontaine, bowerman, bullet, unna, olympia, etc.
-You drink water as quickly as a fat child eats cake.
-you look dumbfounded when everyone asks you how long your marathon was. (26.2 miles... duh)
-instead of candy bars you keep energy bars in your desk.
-you don't blink an eye at $100 for running shoes, but you have to think about $100 for any other shoes.
-you save bib numbers in a scrap book
-you know to the hundreth of a mile how far it is around your neighborhood
-you have imaginary lines on the ground (start/finish)
-you look at other people's running shoes to see if they really can tell
-any parking spot is never too far away....
-you know every runner in you're community
-when you run a mile in school, you finish at least a lap before everyone else
-when you run a mile in school and you critisize the way other people run
-all you can talk about was you're run from the day before
-you think frisbee is the ultimate workout !|src=|border=0!

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