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Aug 8, 2007
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Oct 8, 2007 4:03 AM

IT Band Issues?








Has anyone here experienced IT Band issues during training or a race?  I am trying to figure out what the main cause is.  It happened to me in a race after 35 miles and has been lingering ever since.  I finally broke down and went to the doc and got a referral to an ortho.  What I am concerned about is bike set-up, could this be the culprit???  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Also, how long does this injury usually last?  Will it ever go away entirely?



Ok, 20 questions is over,



Thanks in advance,









  • BethRingo Rookie 6 posts since
    Oct 8, 2007
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    1. Oct 8, 2007 9:41 AM (in response to Anthony_All3)
    Re: IT Band Issues?

    I've had IT band issues since I started running 6 years ago. I guess it really depends where you feel the most pain. Is it on the side of your thigh, hip or knee?

    Orthos are ok to go to. You might want to consider PT or going to a Chiropractor or someone who will do graston/ultrasound/etc on it to remove the buildup in your band/muscles. Its not something that will just go away on its own since the ITB doesnt recieve a very good blood supply to clear out what is bothering you. Biking can be a major cullprit due to the band rubbing on the lateral condyle.

    As far as how long treatment will take... it depends on the severity. I personlly prefer graston to breakdown the "bad" tissues. This needs to be done multiple times.

    An easy self-treatment that gives some temporary relief is rubbing a frozen cup of ice over the area or even buying The Stick.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    Good luck!

  • Starlight Rookie 8 posts since
    Sep 12, 2007
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    3. Oct 8, 2007 7:19 PM (in response to Anthony_All3)
    Re: IT Band Issues?

    Hi Anthony, I have experienced IT band, and have finally tried something that has made it go away without having to wait months to recover.  I put oil on the side of my leg and my husband takes a stick(homeade smooth stick) and rub it from my hip down.  It hurts like CRAZY!  However, it will loosen up the tightness.  The more he rubbed it the more tolerable it was to lie there.  Have someone massage it for you for about 10 min or until it loosens up and everyday if possible.  Also, I think that since I mixed biking and swimming in with my running workouts has helped me get rid of this pesty injury.

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    4. Oct 19, 2007 2:00 PM (in response to Anthony_All3)
    Re: IT Band Issues?

    I had ITB several years ago training for a marathon.  It took along time to get rid of it completely.  While part of my issue was over use (not ramping up mileage at appropriate rate)  its sounds like you have added miles carefully.  My next question would be do you stretch regularly?  I NEVER did until after this injury.  I have a friend that is a certified sports massage therapist and went to her.  Should could not believe how tight my leg muscles were.  If you are doing PT then I am sure they have shown you stretches to target this area.  But I am wondering if a lack of stretching prior to your injury is maybe what caused it.  Now I stretch my quads, calfs, hams, and IT Band streches prior to and after each work out.  Never had a problem again.  Just a thought.  Good luck!

  • olive77 Rookie 2 posts since
    Aug 31, 2007
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    5. Oct 19, 2007 3:53 PM (in response to Anthony_All3)
    Re: IT Band Issues?


    Have you ever used a foam roller?  I've experienced pretty severe pain associated with my IT band, but since combining some IT band specific stretches and using a foam roller after workouts and sometimes before going to bed has pretty much eliminated the problem.  Foam rollers cost about $8-20, depending on size, and you can probably find them at any major sporting good store.  There are some useful web sites on how to use them as well.



    Here's one with pictures:



    An IT band stretch I commonly do involves getting into a deep lunge position with one foot forward with the opposite knee on the ground.  Hold stretch for about 10 seconds. You should feel the stretch in the quad of the leg on the ground.  Then move the forward foot from the starting position over to the left by about one-two inches.  You should feel the stretch in the quad and outer thigh area.  Hold stretch 10.  Then move the forward foot past the original starting position by one-two inches and to your right.  Hold stretch for 10.  You should feel the stretch in quad and groin.  Switch legs and repeat.



    Hope this helps!






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    Oct 24, 2007
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    6. Oct 24, 2007 5:23 AM (in response to Anthony_All3)
    Re: IT Band Issues?


    Hey, I've been there.  I went for a 20 mile hike (that I wasn't ready for) and the following day my leg was swollen straight.  After much physical therapy, I had surgery on my IT Band.  I do not recommend anyone having this surgery.  The doctor said it was due to too much muscle around my knee and not enough every where else.  After the surgery, it was as if I had no muscles.  I had to learn to walk again and eventually how to run.  It has been two years and I'm still really weak in my right leg.  Everyone's suggestions are right on target and is exactly what will happen if you decide to go to PT = which I encourage greatly!!!  Do everything in your power to prevent further injury and of course surgery!!!!  Oh, concerning your bike set up, as long as you are extending your legs (meaning your seat height is where it should be & your not going to knee yourself in the face) then the bike should be good.  Stretch more than you usually do before and after.  Ask the doctor (ortho or pt) for some stretches, because not streching can be a leading cause of IT pain.



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