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Nov 14, 2007 2:50 PM

Monavie Juice

I've been reading quite a bit about this product. Their website claims, "to deliver the essential phytonutrients and antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy." There is also an 'active' version available that includes glucosomine for healthy joint support.


I have also reviewed many accounts of customers saying that the product contains mostly ordinary fruits and the most significant fruitacaiis so minimal in this formulation that the consumer would not reap the benefits that the real health-promoting acai berry can offer.


To make this product more intriguing, they take on independant distributors. As a MonaVie independant distributor, you are: "an entrapraneuer who, from day one, has a distinguished resarch and development team, a fantastic product that everyone can benefit from, a fully staffed sales and marketing team, and a friendly customer support staff dedicated to your succes."


But this has also been cited by many as a pyramid scam.


What's the story with this stuff??

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    1. Nov 14, 2007 3:04 PM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    I do not endorse Monavie.  But understand this...



    A pyramid Scheme or scam as you referred to it....usually involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered



    Monavie's primary "go-to-market" strategy is to utilize a Multi-level marketing businesses function by enrolling unsalaried salespeople (also called by MLM companies as Distributors, Independent Business Owners, Franchise Owners, Sales Consultants, Consultants etc) to sell products and meanwhile earn additional sales commissions based on the sales of people enrolled into their downline, an organization of people that includes direct recruits, recruits' recruits and so on.



    They are completely and 100% different.



    As far as Monavie is concerned.....a huge part of the margin needed to establish multiple layer payouts usually gets added to the end-user cost, thereby you overpay by incredible amounts for a similiar product sold at Vitmain Shoppe stores...there are many Green foods products out there with solid phytonutrient programs easily as good as if not better then your from Greens Plus, Balanced Greens or Now Foods 



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    2. Mar 11, 2008 9:19 AM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice

    well you don't know how much acai berry is in monavie unless you are one of the top researchers who made it . something that took 10 years to perfect you do not want people to steal the idea,I have tasted pure acai and movavie taste like it is mostly acai berry.ther are 18 other fruits but only a few are ordinary but important,You can't knock it till you try it! if someone offers you a drink take it then ask to keep the bottle I'm sure it will be given to you as a great gift

  • livefree Pro 85 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    3. Mar 11, 2008 12:04 PM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    I have no problem with the way Monavie is marketed. Those who call it a pyramid scheme have no idea what a real pyramid scheme really is. There are good and bad MLM business' out there. Monavie does not appear to be one of the bad ones. To understand the difference between good and bad, go to and learn how to distinguish between the two.



    As for the product, I am highly skeptical. We as Americans are easily enamored by the exotic. There are a number of exotic fruits like the goji berry, acai berry, mangosteen, Tahitian Noni,   gac fruit and seabuckthorn berry.  The more exotic they are, the more we are impressed. The acai berry is very impressive. According to Monavie's web site, it is almost a "perfect" food as it contains a balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that is rarely found in other foods. In the deep jungles of the Amazon, some mothers will use the acai berry to wean their children if they are not able to nurse. It's that good! And look at all the other exotic fruits that they put into their bottle. There is the wolf berry, aronia, camu camu, acerola, nishi pear and the lychee fruit.



    Açai juice was long known as a poor man's treat, nice

    tasting but nutritionally unimpressive. But thanks to sophisticated

    marketing, it has now become the latest contender in the "functional

    drink" category. Web sites hail it as a "phyto-elixir,"

    "the next nutritional breakthrough," "Amazon's

    Viagra," "the natural alternative to Vioxx and Celebrex

    for joint and arthritis pain, "a "veritable feast

    of antioxidants," to quote some over-the-top Web sites.



    Such was the basis of the phenomenal success in the 1990s

    of Tahitian noni juice (with allegedly over $2 billion in

    product sold), followed by the similar sales pitches for Mangosteen,

    XanGo, etc. But people quickly grow weary of any over-touted

    "cure" and the public now seems ready to let go

    of XanGo. It is last year's news. America (and, for a host

    of complex cultural reasons, this is mainly an American phenomenon)

    is ready for a new health drink fad. And it looks like açai

    is it.



    I'm sure Monavie is good for you but at $40 per bottle, is it really worth it? I've tried it and it is very tasty. They claim Acai juice has a high ORAC score (a measure of antioxidant activity) of  167 per

    gram of fruit compared to 106 for pomegranate and 32 for the

    one-time record holder, blueberries. As for me, I am going to stick with what works for me. I never was a Jordache jean or Calvin Klein fan either. By not following the fads, I have saved a lot of money. I will stick with antioxidant rich foods that don't cost an arm and a leg. I also take a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and drink pomegranate and unsweetened cherry juice which is loaded with anthocyanadins. But that is just me.



  • Jay Silvio We're Not Worthy 1,775 posts since
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    4. Mar 11, 2008 1:03 PM (in response to livefree)
    Re: Monavie Juice
    livefree wrote:

    As for the product, I am highly skeptical. We as Americans are easily enamored by the exotic.

    I agree.  There is no single "perfect" food.  Americans need to learn to eat a lot more fruits, vegetables (especially those dark green leafy ones), and whole grains and a lot less high fructose corn syrup.  If we simply ate a wide variety of whole foods in our daily diets we would be so much healthier.

  • livefree Pro 85 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    5. Mar 12, 2008 1:26 PM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    Just another thought about Monavie and some of the other exotic fruit juices. How do we know how much of the product is really acai juice and how much is made of other juices? Oh, that's right, it is a secret. Well, then, have any of these juices ever been tested by a third party independent lab like I was wondering if the ORAC scores (a measurement of antioxidant activity) for the acai berry were the same after it is freeze dried and/or bottled with other mystery ingredients and brought all the way from the jungles of Brazil to the United States? I was wondering if what they say is in the bottle, is really in the bottle?



    Don't let Vitamin Shoppe fool you either. Their Acai juice is not pure acai juice. Here are the ingredients : Reconstituted Acai juice from whole

    (Euterpeoleracea) fruit, pomegranate juice concentrate, raspberry juice

    concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, triple filtered water, citric

    acid, natural flavor and potassium sorbate.



    They are seeing an opportunity to make some money off of the exotic juice fad too. They water it down and put some other common fruit juices in there and charge half the price of most of the expensive juices. Great move. I can buy some Langers grape juice or Pomegranate juice for $4.99. It also has a high ORAC value.



    Acai berries are very common down in Brazil. It is a nice flavoring for them. They put it in their soda pop. Nothing special. Then a group of North Americans decide to market it as an exotic life enhancer. Don't get me wrong. The acai berry has some great vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids in  it. How much of it is really in Monavie and whether or not it has survived the trip and the processing is debatable. And what about the fact that the "Scientific" information and studies that they tell us about are all done by the exotic juice companies themselves? Where is the objectivity of a respected third party lab that can verify what they are saying? Where are the independent clinical studies that can check out all the health claims that are put out there by zealous network marketers? Can you say, "Marketing Hype."



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    6. Jun 16, 2008 6:33 AM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    Monavie is amazing! I can only say that because of what it has done for me and have seen what it has done for other people!  I work for UPS and lifting boxes does irritate my back quite a bit and all I do is go home take a shot of Monavie and sleep for a couple hours, wake up and its all better!  I used to take pain medication but if I don't have to do that then well I'm not going too!  You don't have an opportunity to make money buying pills do you?



    I know Monavie can be very skeptical at first because it's so different from everything else but it truly is amazing, and the difference between acai juice from the store in Monavie is yeah of course price but the stuff in the store is like 80% water, it has a lot of filler products where Monavie is all juice!  For people that have actually drank Monavie before, you probably might sometimes get some little chunks! Those little chunks and seeds are actually 90% of the nutrition so you are getting all of the fruit that your body needs!



    There is A LOT of testimonies for Monavie, where is all of the testimonies for the acai juice sold in stores? I do agree that this costs quite a bit of money but gives you a HUGE chance to make that back and A LOT more! Who wouldn't want to help people and make money?



    Check this video out and then type in Monavie Doctors and click on the 1 that says Dr. Niles and look for the one that is 10 minutes long! Some of you just might change their opinion!



  • LA Runner Rookie 1 posts since
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    7. Jun 16, 2008 8:52 AM (in response to mcarey07)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    I'm not quite sure what all the hype is about with Mon A Vie. Perhaps that since they use independent people to sell their products, all those people are doing a lot of marketing/advertising so you can find them and then shell out $40/bottle.



    I think this stuff tastes like lipstick. I also find it, comparable to other companies, to have a LOT OF CALORIES...something I'm definitely not into when drinking my fruit.



    When I need the boost that Acai gives me, I drink One Natural Experience acai...but now that i'm trianing, i'm just drinking their coconut water...that only has 60 calories, and doens't fill me up too much to do my runs.



  • mcarey07 Rookie 4 posts since
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    8. Jun 16, 2008 9:34 AM (in response to LA Runner)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    Well it's definitely not for everybody! It is pretty expensive the active kind is 30 dollars per bottle when you are a part of it! Not everybody likes the taste either which I don't think there is one product that every single person on this planet likes which is fine! I don't think the Monavie company expects everyone to like their product! All i'm sayin is if you want to live a healthy and active life and have a little bit of money to just set aside for whatever then I think Monavie is the best company to get with!



    I'm not telling people to hey message me and sign up under me! I'm NOT saying that at all, I'm just expressing my opinion and if you want to be healthy then it can get the job done, THAT I know for a FACT!!!



    The reason it's not sold in stores because the guy that created this actually cares about people and if people haven't noticed our economy sucks! Why not create more opportunities for people to create income? I pay 130 bucks every single month but I like the stuff and i'm doing well at it! I''m only 19 years old and and a restaurant by me is now selling a smoothie with the Monavie that I came up with and i'm doing well at this!



    4 bucks a day is what this costs, if you think about it most americans spend 4 or 5 bucks a day on Starbux coffee or Mcdonalds! It's a lot of money but its definitely worth it IF you like the drink! 



  • livefree Pro 85 posts since
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    9. Aug 24, 2008 11:56 AM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice

    Ten Times The Antioxidant Power Of Monavie



    Monavie costs any where between $27 and $40 per bottle. It would take 13.8 bottles of Monavie to equal the antioxidant power (ORAC value) of a box of TenX bars . That means that buying a box of TenX Blast bars instead of the 13.8 bottles of Monavie would also give you a savings of at least $340.


    Which is more convenient to carry around with you? A glass bottle of Monavie or a TenX Blast bar?


    What could you do with the extra $340?

  • Revup09 Rookie 1 posts since
    Jun 1, 2009
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    10. Jun 1, 2009 6:01 PM (in response to Trish18)
    Re: Monavie Juice


    Regardless of whether you think the MLM is good or bad (there are good arguments on both sides to be truthful), the product is great.  The biggest issue is the cost of it.  Due to the MLM aspect, everyone who sells it has to adhere to minimum prices....however I have found a "renegade" website that is selling it for way less than anyone else.






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