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  • uber-lo-mega-lo Rookie 2 posts since
    Oct 27, 2007
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    105. Oct 27, 2007 4:07 PM (in response to amkwick)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    I like ska and punk, too.  "No Face," "Insecurities," and "Vans Song" by The Suicide Machines are my current faves.

  • Ryuwulf Rookie 2 posts since
    Oct 27, 2007
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    106. Oct 27, 2007 6:17 PM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    i really like



    get myself into it - the rapture



    nobody move - we are scientists



    pain - jimmy eat world






  • jpijloo Rookie 3 posts since
    Oct 12, 2007
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    107. Oct 27, 2007 9:52 PM (in response to Ryuwulf)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    Little Bit of Sympathy - Robin Trower



    Day of the Eagle - Robin Trower



    In My Time of Dying - LedZep



    Lean on Me - LimpBizkit



    One Step Closer - LinkinPark



    Crawling - LinkPrk



    Runaway - LinkPk



    The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd



    Doomsday Clock - Smashing Pumpkins



    Stranglehold - Ted Nugent



    What can I say? I'm old and eclectic....


















  • threecutekids Rookie 3 posts since
    Oct 26, 2007
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    108. Oct 27, 2007 10:25 PM (in response to jrosenhahn)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    Old too I guess...I listen to a lot of Prince.

  • stuartelliott001 Amateur 12 posts since
    Oct 27, 2007
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    109. Oct 28, 2007 4:24 AM (in response to threecutekids)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    Your not old!!!

    Prince Rocks for a run!

  • Runin on empty Rookie 4 posts since
    Oct 27, 2007
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    110. Oct 28, 2007 5:38 AM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    There are a lot of great music suggestions posted! Here are a few of my favorites:



    Feelin' Satisfied - Boston

    Armageddon It - Def Leppard

    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

    Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson

    Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

    Live - Selling the Drama

    The Warrior - Patty Smyth



  • Runner67 Amateur 13 posts since
    Oct 22, 2007
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    111. Oct 28, 2007 10:27 AM (in response to Runin on empty)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    There's lot of good stuff in this thread. Love Beautiful dy, U2. but fav last 1/2 mile song - "Clocks" Coldplay - good rhythm/cadence for my stride & pace, soothing in a way.

  • runner_dh Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 28, 2007
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    112. Oct 28, 2007 11:44 AM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    I listen to anything from Linkin Park, SOAD, My Chemical Romance or Green Day mostly. I have all downloaded on my ipod. I just gotta have my music unless I'm running with my friend.  Peace out..

  • girlnamedlindalou Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 29, 2007
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    113. Oct 29, 2007 6:11 AM (in response to runner_dh)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    New to running.  Songs (mixture of genres) that help me run include:



    Survivor-Destiny's Child



    Crazy B___-Buckcherry



    Fat Bottomed Girls-Queen



    It's Only Love-Tina Turner and Bryan Adams



    American Girl-Tom Petty



    Tough Guys-REO Speedwagon



    Cecilia-Simon  and Garfunkel



    It Just Comes Natural-George Strait



    High Maintenance Woman-Toby Keith



    It's Your Love-Tim and Faith (little slow but good song)



    Brand New Man-Brooks and Dunn















  • girldawg Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 29, 2007
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    114. Oct 29, 2007 11:06 AM (in response to girlnamedlindalou)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    FREEBIRD!!   BUT, it has to be the Live Atlanta version. (-;

  • Kevlarc23 Rookie 2 posts since
    Oct 23, 2007
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    115. Oct 31, 2007 8:47 PM (in response to girldawg)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    This song seems to get my second wind and finish pretty strong at the end of a long run:



    Climbatize by Prodigy



  • saraallent Legend 1,063 posts since
    Oct 2, 2007
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    116. Dec 12, 2007 4:34 PM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    "Showdown" - Electric Light Orchestra

    "Mad World" - Tears for Fears

    "Black Betty" - Ram Jam

    "Juke Box Hero" - Foreigner

    "No Not Now" - Hot Hot Heat

    "Stuck in the Metal" - Eagles of Death Metal

    "Fox on the Run" - Sweet

    "Blinded by the Light" - Mafred Mann

    "Sweet Lullabies" - Jason Michael Clark & Chris Youkum

    "You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC

    "Back in Black" - AC/DC

    "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC

  • ActiveBelmonte2 Amateur 35 posts since
    May 27, 2007
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    117. Dec 12, 2007 4:55 PM (in response to uber-lo-mega-lo)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?


    Might want to find the "clean" version of a few these on iTunes'...



    Lose Yourself - Eminem



    Beautiful Day - U2



    Yeah - Usher



    Kryptonite - Three Doors Down



    Hot in Herre - Nelly



    Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen



  • ArmyNurse Amateur 28 posts since
    Jul 9, 2007
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    118. Jan 2, 2008 7:04 PM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    While I listen to alot of upbeat music while running (particularly 80's rock), I've got to admit that my all time favorite running jam is Bon Jovi "Living On a Prayer."  I sometimes hit the repeat button and listen to it over and over again.  Just when I think I cant run any further, that's the one song that keeps me moving!

  • jeffbc94 Expert 45 posts since
    Oct 11, 2007
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    119. Feb 9, 2008 8:45 PM (in response to helen82)
    Re: favorite running song(s)?

    It looks like my original post in this topic has disappeared - or it's in another thread and I can't find it. Either way, here are some of my favorites from my playlist, in no particular order. I apologize if some of these songs have already been posted, and for cross-posting since there seems to be a few similar threads.



    In addition, check out "marathon," and Running through the hits, Running through the 70s, Running through the 80s, Running through the 90s on i-tunes Essentials Playlists.  Great collections!


    Missed the Boat - Modest Mouse

    Lose Yourself - Eminem

    Stolen - Dashboard Confessional

    Read My Mind - The Killers

    Numb - Linkin Park

    Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio

    Survivalism - Nine Inch Nails

    White America - Eminem

    Keep the Car Running - Arcade Fire

    Points of Authority - Linkin Park

    Santa Monica - Everclear

    Into Your Hideout - Pilot Speed

    Signal Fire - Snow Patrol *Great for fartlek running!

    The Idea of You - Dave Matthews Band

    Soldier - Eminem

    It Hurts - Angels and Airwaves

    The Crane Wife 3 -The Decemberists

    The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves

    Tessie - Dropkick Murphys

    Square Dance - Eminem

    Politik - Coldplay

    Powerless (Say What You Want) - Nelly Furtado

    Slow Decay - Dashboard Confessional

    In the End - Linkin Park

    Where the Streets Have No Name- U2

    Do It For Me Now - Angels and Airwaves

    Move Along - All-American Rejects

    God Put a Smile on Your Face - Coldplay

    I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys

    Everything to Everyone - Everclear

    Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

    Speed of Sound - Coldplay

    From the Inside - Linkin Park *great tempo run!

    Living in Your Letters - Dashboard Confessional

    Dashboard - Modest Mouse

    Hailie's Song - Eminem

    The Gift - Angels and Airwaves

    This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy

    Trip Like I Do - Crystal Method

    AM Radio - Everclear

    Konstantine - Something Corporate

    The War - Angels and Airwaves

    Such Great Heights - Postal Service

    Down - Blink 182

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